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Naruto: The Strongest Kakashi
Chapter 337 Leaving

Chapter 337 Leaving

After Kakashi killed those five Shinobi, he wiped the blood from the corner of his eye and looked at the battlefield.

The two clans are still fighting hard.

The Hatake Clan is the one who has the upper hand.

After Kakashi's training, these people have obviously made great progress.

However, this is only the beginning.

With the continuous mastering the Hatake Clan Sword Technique, their strength will continue to improve.

The battlefield is full of blood, this is war.

Swinging the sword, defending, and sudden use of Ninjutsu, every confrontation will leave blood.

"Not good! The Clan Head is dead!"

The people of the Mizuoni Clan have been watching the battle on Kakashi's side. When they saw that the five experts of their clan are all died, fear spread among the Mizuoni Clan.

In less than half an hour, the war came to an end.

The Mizuoni Clan is almost completely annihilated.

The members of the Hatake Clan stood still for a while.

They have been oppressed by the Mizuoni Clan for so many years. This is the first time they have achieved a complete victory in a true sense.

But perhaps the victory came so suddenly that it made them feel that they are dreaming at this time.

Some people are sobbing in a low voice after they understand this hard-won victory is not a dream.

Sosu's expression was equally excited, the sword in his hand trembled slightly, and the shame he had suffered over the years seemed to have finally disappeared.

"We… won!" Sosu shouted excitedly.

The voice echoed on the empty battlefield, reaching every Hatake Clan's members' ears.

'Yeah, it's our victory!'

'Victory that is worth celebrating!'

"Victory! Victory! Victory!"

The original silent battlefield then starts to become louder and louder.

The victory they have been dreaming all this time is finally happening.

Sosu walked towards Kakashi and solemnly said: "Gintoki, thank you very much. Without you, there would never be this victory."

Kakashi smiled and said: "You're welcome, Sosu-san, after all, this is what I should do."

"Gintoki! Gintoki! Gintoki!"

At time, the members of the Hatake Clan start to chant Kakashi's name, with eagerness in their eyes.

This is their admiration of their clan's hero.

Seeing all of this, Kakashi felt a sense of belonging.

'This is what the Hatake Clan should be!'

That night, the Hatake Clan partied all night to celebrate this victory.

Of course, there is never a lack of vigilance. There are too many stories of extreme joy turns to sorrow and Kakashi will not make such mistakes.

A huge bonfire illuminates the night of the Hatake Clan's members.

They drink and compete and entertain themselves.

It feels like they are not living in chaotic times, but is singing and dancing in prosperous times.

Kakashi watched all of this silently, with joy in his heart.

'What is a clan?' He seemed to feel the original thought of Itachi and Shisui at this moment.

The hustle and bustle eventually stop, and everything will return to tranquility.

Kakashi drank a lot of alcohol and now he is drunk.

At this moment, he didn't deliberately keep himself awake, but let the drunkenness hover in his mind.

Over the years, he has done so many things. He clearly felt that he is a little tired.

This drunkenness may be what he should have to release his tiredness.

In a daze, Kakashi was helped back to the room by Hanatsuki.

Kakashi seemed to see Mei who he hadn't seen for a long time, and whispered softly.

"Mei, wait for me okay."

Hearing this, Hanatsuki's body shook a little, and then she murmured: "Is she called Mei? It's a very nice name. Gintoki-san, I will bless you."

Hanatsuki put Kakashi on the bed, gently covered him with quilt, and turned away.

After a long time, Kakashi who was lying on the bed sighed and went to sleep.

A few days later. 𝒾𝗻𝓃𝐫eα𝚍. 𝒄𝐨m

"Gintoki, are you really leaving?" Sosu said reluctantly.

Although he knew that this day would come, he didn't expect that it would come so soon.

"Yeah, Sosu-san, I did everything that should be done, and I did the things that shouldn't be done. There really is no more reason for me to stay."

Sosu sighed and said: "Okay, Gintoki, I wish you a smooth journey. I will take care of the things you told me."

"Sorry to trouble you, Sosu-san."

"Haha, it is no trouble, after all, everything is for the Hatake Clan."

"Well, Then I'm leaving, please tell the other clansmen that I said goodbye," Kakashi said.

"You didn't want to say it yourself?"

"It's the same anyway, there's no need to do that."

"Don't you have anything to say to Hanatsuki?" asked Sosu.

"Sosu-san, you know, continuous interaction will only make Hanatsuki more hurt."

"Okay, then I will talk to Hanatsuki later."

"Thank you, Sosu-san. Then I will leave now."


Kakashi then disappeared, disappeared from the Hatake Clan's residence.

No one knows how he left, and no one knows where he went, except for Sosu.

However, since then, Sosu would never mention this person again, and even told the clansmen not to mention this person again.

The name Hatake Gintoki is like a firework, which disappears after it emits a dazzling light among the Hatake Clan.

Even their history scroll does not record such a person.

When Sosu rewrote the Hatake Clan Sword Technique into a book, he thought about it for a long time, and finally wrote on the first page of the opening chapter.

'During the Warring States Period, the Hatake Clan met a mysterious expert who taught them the Hatake Clan Sword Technique, and the clan has risen since then!'

After more than a decade, Senju Hashirama and Uchiha Madara formed an alliance, uniting the two strongest clans in the Shinobi world and establish the village of Konoha.

After learning the news, Sosu, who was very old at the time, was shocked.

Later on, no one knew that a small number of the Hatake Clan's members were separated by Sosu, being told that they are on a secret mission, and leave towards another place. Even the Konoha's Hatake Clan did not know about it.

The leader of this team is Hatake Hanatsuki!

They are waiting for a person, a person in the legend.

Of course, these are just all words.

Kakashi left the Hatake Clan and traveled for several months in the Warring States Period, and finally returned to Rōran when he sensed that the Ryūmyaku Vein was almost restored.

Seeing the familiar Ryūmyaku Vein, Kakashi murmured: "I can't make any more mistakes this time, otherwise, my plan will failed."

After arriving at the familiar stone platform, Kakashi formed a hand seal to evoke the energy of the Ryūmyaku Vein. A burst of white light flashed, and it shot through the sky.

Kakashi disappeared from the Warring States period, heading to the timeline he originally wanted to go.

In Shikkotsu Forest, Katsuyu seems to feel something, and murmured: "This person may…"

The latter words are inaudible, and no one knows except herself.

Twenty years after Konoha was founded, the Nidaime Hokage passed away, and the Sandaime Hokage took the Hokage Position. Konoha was in a precarious situation.

Outside the village of Konoha, a young man with silver-white hair murmured: "This time it's finally right."

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Naruto: The Strongest Kakashi Chapter 337 Leaving