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Naruto: The Strongest Kakashi
Chapter 331 - 331 Ryumyaku Veins Origin

Chapter 331 Ryūmyaku Vein's Origin

"If you can do this, it's worth noting that I gave you this summoning contract. Okay, you can go back first. Come here again in three years, and I will teach you something interesting." Katsuyu said.

"Yes, Katsuyu-sama!" said Hashirama delightfully.

At this time, Katsuyu turned his gaze towards Kakashi.

"Who are you? Why do you smell of stinky snakes and toads?" Katsuyu asked suspiciously.

Kakashi was taken aback for a moment, and then came to understand that it was probably the aura of Mount Myōboku's Senjutsu and Ryūchi Cave's Senjutsu that made Katsuyu discover it.

It's no wonder that Katsuyu found it. After all, as one of the leader of the Three Great Holy Land, it is normal for the Katsuyu to be sensitive to the aura of the other two other Holy Land.

Hearing this, Hashirama also looked at Kakashi curiously.

'Stinky snakes and toads? What does it mean?'

"Katsuyu-sama is really amazing. You can see the aura inside my body with just a glance."

Katsuyu had no expression on its face, and then he looked at Hashirama and said, "Senju Hashirama, you can leave this place."

Hashirama realized that the next conversation was not something he could listen to, so he responded and said to Kakashi, "Gintoki-sensei, do we still have a chance to meet again?"

Kakashi laughed and said: "Of course."

Hearing this, Hashirama was overjoyed, and then said: "Then I will wait for Gintoki-sensei to come and see me!"

"Yeah. Remember the dream we three share."

Hashirama was taken aback, and then smiled: "Yes! I will definitely make it come true, that dream named Konoha!"


After hearing this, Hashirama left the place.

Katsuyu asked Hashirama to come back again in three years. Others might don't know what was going on, but Kakashi knew.

Katsuyu wanted to teach Hashirama Senjutsu when he comes back here again.

Although Hashirama was talented, he was only ten years old at this time, and there are still some qualifications he didn't meet yet to learn Senjutsu.

And three years later, Hashirama would become thirteen years old, and he would be qualified at that time.

Seeing Hashirama leave, Kakashi refocused his gaze on Katsuyu.

Katsuyu's eyes are also focused on Kakashi.

After a moment of silence, Katsuyu then said: "Human, you are not someone from this timeline, right? Are you from the future?"

Kakashi was taken aback. It never occurred to him that he would be exposed by Katsuyu in less than a moment.

Seeing Kakashi's expression, Katsuyu smiled and said: "It looks like I guessed it correctly."

"Katsuyu-sama is really amazing. You are able to see my origins with just a glance." 𝑖𝑛𝗻𝐫𝗲𝙖𝐝. 𝘤૦m

"It's not about seeing through, right now, the descendants of Mount Myōboku and Ryūchi Cave have not yet been born, but for you to have the Senjutsu from these two Holy Lands, it is very strange. Although I can't predict the future like Gamamaru, but I can more or less see the trajectory of time. Your body bears a mark that does not belong to this era."

Kakashi finally understood the reason, 'It turns out to be like that.'

"So, human, what is your purpose for traveling to this timeline?"

Katsuyu's tone was gentle and it feels harmless.

Kakashi pondered for a moment, and then said: "Katsuyu-sama, I come from the future. It was an accident for me to come to this timeline. I am waiting for the recovery of the Ryūmyaku Vein so that I can go back."

"Ryūmyaku Vein? Yes, only it has the power to travel through time." Katsuyu muttered.

Seeing that Katsuyu seemed to know something about the Ryūmyaku Vein, Kakashi asked curiously: "Katsuyu-sama, what is the Ryūmyaku Vein? Why does it have the ability to travel through time and space?"

"Ryūmyaku Vein? That was originally a failed product made by the Sage of Six Paths. But unexpectedly, it doesn't seem to be a failure." Katsuyu said with a smile.

"Failed product?" Kakashi become even more puzzled.

"Sage of Six Paths wanted to create something that can travel through time and space. He wanted to return to the past to change his mother's tragedy, but unfortunately, he failed at that time and left behind the Ryūmyaku Vein. The Ryūmyaku Vein can indeed travel through time and space, but it can't be used to travel to the time Sage of Six Paths wanted. There seems to be a faint power that is stopping him from doing so, even the Sage of Six Paths could do nothing about it."

Kakashi was taken aback. He did not expect that the Ryūmyaku Vein would be something created by the Sage of Six Paths.

"Human, the shuttle of Ryūmyaku Vein is not something that anyone can experience, it needs the approval from the will of the world."

"The will of the world?"

"The will of the world will not interfere with the development of the world, but if someone wants to change what has happened by traveling through time, and the change will have a huge impact, the will of the world will stop it. And what Sage of Six Paths wanted to do is something that is now allowed by the will of the world, that's why he failed."

Kakashi finally understood the reason, 'If the Sage of Six Paths stops Kaguya, then the world of Shinobi will no longer exist. Such a huge change is indeed won't be allowed by the will of the world.'

Kakashi was also a little relieved when he heard that. After all, his existence was originally not supposed to be here. But now that he thinks about it, as long as he doesn't die, there shouldn't be any problems.

"So, can you tell me, what is your purpose of coming here? Is it for the Shikkotsu Forest's Senjutsu?" Katsuyu said.

Kakashi nodded without denying it, after all, this is his purpose of for coming to the Shikkotsu Forest.

"You already own Mount Myōboku's Senjutsu and Ryūchi Cave's Senjutsu, but now you also want Shikkotsu Forest's Senjutsu, are you planning to…" Katsuyu stopped talking.

Kakashi was taken aback. 'Does this Katsuyu know everything?'

"Katsuyu-sama, I want to fuse the Three Great Holy Lands' Senjutsu to see what kind of effect it will have," Kakashi said.

Upon hearing this, Katsuyu smiled and said: "Human, you are very courageous, Three Great Holy Lands' Senjutsu are wild, and you actually want to fuse these three Senjutsu together, it is really unconventional."

"Is it impossible?" Kakashi said with a bit of disappointment.

"No, but only one person has done it!" said Katsuyu.


"Sage of Six Paths!"

Kakashi was taken aback, 'Could it be that the Sage of Six Paths are really related to the Three Great Holy Lands' Senjutsu.

"Human, I admire your courage, I am willing to give you the Shikkotsu Forest's Senjutsu. I am very curious, will you become the second Sage of Six Paths!"

Kakashi was overjoyed when he heard this, and said quickly: "Thank you Katsuyu-sama."

"No, I am just curious. Huh…"

Katsuyu said and suddenly become a little suprised.

"What's wrong Katsuyu-sama?" Kakashi asked in confusion.

"Human, there seems to be something interesting on your body," Katsuyu said.


"Open the two seal scrolls on your bag."

Hearing this, Kakashi stretched out his hand and took out the two seal scrolls from his bag.

"This is…"

Kakashi was surprised. The first scroll Katsuyu was talking about is actually the scroll that was given by Shishui before, and the content is the empty slate that was obtained by Ryuga inside a mysterious cave, and the other one is the mysterious stone box that his aunt, Miko has gave to him.

Kakashi has never found any information about these two things, so he can only put them in the seal scroll.

Kakashi remove the seals, and then, the slate and the stone box instantly appeared in front of him, it still looks the same as before.

Katsuyu looked at those two things with a trace of nostalgia in its eyes.

"Human, I really have to say that your luck is too good, or maybe it's the arrangement from the heaven." Katsuyu said in an erratic tone.

"Katsuyu-sama, what are these two things? I have got them for some time, but I haven't been able to understand the mysteries hidden."

"You will know one day. Keep them safe. That day won't be too far from now." Katsuyu didn't answer Kakashi's question, but instead said in riddle.

Kakashi was helpless, but if Katsuyu didn't say anything, he couldn't do anything about it.

'It seems that the leader from these Holy Lands like to talk halfway.'

'It's like Gamamaru-sama last time, leaving some inexplicable prophecy, but not to make it clear.'

Thinking of this, Kakashi was taken aback.


"The silver-white haired red-eyed boy, the traveler of the world, the fateful twin, the wheel of destiny begins to change and turn, and whether to go back home or not, it is all in the hands of the boy."

'The fateful twin?'

Kakashi was stunned. Originally he thought it was Naruto and Sasuke, but now, the former Asura and Indra's reincarnation seem to have become his students too. 'So which one is the fateful twin?'

'Does the wheel of destiny begins to change and turn was talking about I travel back in time using the Ryūmyaku Vein?'

'So, what did go back home mean?'

Kakashi suddenly felt that his brain was full of things, but he couldn't figure out a clue.

At this time, Katsuyu said: "Humans, you should walk the path ahead with your heart."

As Katsuyu finished speaking, it once again spit out a scroll from its mouth, but this scroll is a lot smaller than the one given to Hashirama.

"Human, this is Shikkotsu Forest's Senjutsu training method, take it."

Kakashi took it. He didn't look at its content immediately, but put it in his pocket.

"Thank you Katsuyu-sama."

"You're welcome. You can go now."

Hearing this, Kakashi turned around and left. At this moment, Katsuyu is the only one left in the huge cave.

"Haha, it looks like the future would be really interesting?"

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Naruto: The Strongest Kakashi Chapter 331 - 331 Ryumyaku Veins Origin