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Naruto: The Strongest Kakashi
Chapter 101 Knock Down

Chapter 101 Knock Down

The huge three headed dog is roaring wildly, and both of his eyes are red.

There are two humans in front of him, one man and one woman, compared to him, they are very small.

Human beings are small creatures, but they rely on their own wisdom and ability to overcome and defeat huge creature.

"Are you ready?"


"Let's start then."

After that, Kakashi and Terumi Mei disappeared from that place at the same time.

The three pair of eyes of the three headed dog trying to follow those two movements, but Kakashi's speed was too fast, so the three headed dog quickly lost Kakashi.

"Damn, where did that man go?"

"Puppy dog, look over here!"

At this time, Terumi Mei jumped up and she looks at the three headed dog.

Both of her hands are forming hand seals!

"Fire Release: Flame Bomb!"

A Flame ball burst out from Terumi Mei's lips, it looks quite spectacular.

The three headed dog coldly snorted and said: "Hah! You dare to show off in front of me using only that little flame!"

"Fire Release: Hellfire!"

A scarlet flame blast came out of the mouth of the three-headed dog as it is more than twice bigger than the flame from Terumi Mei's mouth.

The flame that the three headed dog launch destroy Terumi Mei's flame directly, sending out sparks toward the surrounding.

The flame is still there and moves towards Terumi Mei.

"Water Release: Water Pillar!"

Then a water pillar arises in front of Terumi Mei to protect her from the flame. Then only sound of the water and fire clashing was heard.

Steam starts to form and making the vision somewhat blurred.

At this moment, Kakashi suddenly appeared under the three headed dog, and he slashes the Millennium sword in his hand!

"White Fang Moon Slash!"

White crescent wave reappears and the target is the wound at the three-headed dog's belly.


Just when the white crescent wave was about to cut on the wound, a large paw smashed it directly.

"Human, do you think I don't know your plans? Hah, I have already noticed you!"

The three headed dog said as the paw didn't stop and move towards Kakashi.

The paw is huge, and its power must be really powerful. If he was hit by this paw, even Kakashi's body has train the Eight Gates, a few of his bones will still break.

Kakashi knows that he can' be hit by this paw, so he use Shunpo and left the place directly.

Only, no one found out that there is a strange kunai that fell into Kakashi's previous location and was deeply inserted into the ground.


The three-legged dog's huge paw landed, but it did not touch Kakashi.

Kakashi then stand beside Terumi Mei.

"Damn you human, you sure can run fast."

The three headed dog looked at Kakashi with an angry expression.

Terumi Mei looks at Kakashi and said with a smile: "Hatake Kakashi, it seems that your plan is not successful. This three headed dog is not very strong even if he was injured. It seems that it will be hard for us to get close to him."

Hearing this, Kakashi shows a smile and said.

"Oh? Really? I think that our plan is quite successful."

Terumi Mei is stunned, she didn't see any reason why it is successful.

"The three headed dog is still okay, how can you said that your plan is successful?"

Kakashi didn't answer, but quickly make a hand seal.

Then blue lighting starts covering Kakashi's right hand, and the sound of thousands of birds rang through the entire forest.

The three headed dog sees the chidori and couldn't help but gets cautious.

'That Ninjutsu is strong, I need to be careful.'

"Chidori? Hatake Kakashi, what do you want to do with it?"

Terumi Mei doesn't understand Kakashi's intention. Although Chidori is strong, it is a close range Ninjutsu. It makes no sense to use this to deal with the three headed dog.

After all, the two of them are unable to get close to the three headed dog.

"Yeah, I already said that our plan is quite successful."

Kakashi finished talking, and suddenly disappeared.


Terumi Mei's eyes went wide as she looks at this scene.

'He disappeared!

Where is he!

It's not that strange movement from before!

So what is it?'

Just as Terumi Mei was puzzled, Kakashi's figure reappeared, but this time he was not next to Terumi Mei, but below the three headed dog!

The sound of the thousands of birds rang again as Kakashi whispered.



The three headed dog turn pale with fright!

'How did this person suddenly appears here?!'

The three headed dog didn't have time to think clearly. The blue lighting has already hit his previous wound that is originally starts to recover!


The three-headed dog screams painfully as blood starts to spatter.

The lighting on Kakashi's right hand gradually dissipated.

"Chidori Nagashi!"

The blue lighting then emerges from Kakashi's body!

At this time, Kakashi looks like a huge Thunder ball!

As he was hit by the Chidori Nagashi, the three headed dog felt numb in his whole body. Except for his abdomen that is still in pain, the rest of his body is paralyzed.

His body starts to get soft and the three headed dog fell to the ground.

Terumi Mei was shocked at the sight of this scene.

'How can it be!

In just an instant!

How can this three headed dog defeated by Kakashi so easily?'

At this moment, Kakashi turned back and said, "I already said that our plan is quite successful."

"You can use Space type Ninjutsu?"

Kakashi shrugged his shoulder and didn't say anything.

"I didn't expect you to learn the Yondaime Hokage's Flying Thunder God Jutsu."

Terumi Mei shockingly said as she looked at Kakashi's eyes again.

'How strong is this man?'

Terumi Mei didn't know what to say for a while.

Kakashi did not care about Terumi Mei's reaction, but he go to the three headed dog.

The three headed dog is sluggish at this time, but his wound is not too bad.

"Damn humans! Even if I die today, I won't let you alive too as you all have genocide my Hellhound race!"

Hearing this, Kakashi was helpless and said: "It's not me who have kill your companion. The people who killed your companion are also my enemies. We don't have to fight anymore. If you promise me to leave this island, I will let you go."

"Human! You don't need to lie to me!"

Kakashi is speechless, 'How can this guy not listen to me at all?'

At this moment, Pakkun jumped from the tree and walked over to Kakashi.

"Kakashi, let me talk with him."

"You?" Kakashi looked at Pakkun suspiciously and said, "Okay, you can talk with him, I will leave you two alone."

Kakashi finished talking, and ignored the two dogs.

The three headed dog won't be able to move for a while, so he doesn't worry about Pakkun.

As Pakkun is also a dog, maybe it is better for him to talk with the three headed dog.

Kakashi walked to the strange kunai and pulled it out directly, then he put it back at the seal of his wrist.

"Mei, are you going to find your companion now?"

"Of course."

At this time, Shisui who is carrying Ao arrives at Kakashi's location.

"Silver! I finally found you."

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Naruto: The Strongest Kakashi Chapter 101 Knock Down