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Nano Machine (Retranslated Version)
Chapter 483 (END) - Day of the Future

Chapter 483: Day of the Future

Inside the Time Jet was a man with thick eyebrows and a strong smile on his face.

He was the Blade God.

After being wounded by Chun Yeowun, he hid, but then he appeared and hijacked the Time Jet.

He had been numb for years, yet the corners of his mouth raised as he was unable to hide his joy.

‘Luck is with me.’

He was the one who had spent an entire night trying to drive away the vicious energy that was burrowing within his heart and body.

He had absorbed the five spirit beasts’ cores, gaining immortal life, so as soon as he released that black energy, he managed to recover his body in less than half an hour.

One-third of his body was destroyed, but now it’s back to normal.

‘I came here to deal with that demon before he completely absorbed the energy.’

The Blade God couldn’t let Chun Yeowun become any stronger.

The Blade God was pushed into a crisis before Chun Yeowun even stepped into the Heavenly Master Level.

He thought that all his plans to change the past would be destroyed if Chun Yeowun wasn’t dealt with quickly.

‘Time Jet!’

He never thought that a Time Jet would come to this era.

From then on, the Blade God quickly revised his plan.

Upon arriving there, he could see that Chun Yeowun had reached his level, the level he feared.

Which meant that the battle between immortals would unfold.

If both were immortals and on the same level, the battle would be difficult.

‘There’s a Time Jet. Do I need to fight the Demon God head-on? In the beginning, yes, but now, why not go back in time before he was born and then get rid of him.’

The thought of destroying someone who could be equal to him. There was no need for him to fight at all.

[The jet has crossed the stratosphere.]

The Time Jet’s AI informed them how much the aircraft had risen.

He never tested it before, but at that height, he thought it would be difficult for the opponent to keep up whether they had a Nano Suit or walked on air.

“The engine must have returned to normal as we climbed up this much... come on, move to those space-time coordinates.”

The Blade God threatened Allen, a member of the Dead Rose Special Forces, who was sitting in the cockpit.

Allen’s face was covered in blood as he bit his lip.

He was the one who controlled the ship, and his life was threatened when this enemy had entered the ship and asked him to go to specific space-time coordinates.

‘Kuek! What is all this?’

He knew that the man threatening him was a monster.

He killed Anna with just a snap of his fingers and cut Allen’s left arm off.

The suit stopped the bleeding, but it was still throbbing.

Behind him, the Blade God spoke in a spiteful voice.

“If you don’t want to lose another arm, move quickly through space...”

It was then,

Beep! Beep! Beep!

[The hanger on the right side of the aircraft has been opened. An unidentified entry!]


The warning from the Time Jet’s AI made the Blade God narrow his eyes.

He was convinced that it would be impossible to get into the Time Jet, which crossed the stratosphere.

Then, in his ears, he heard walking.

Step! Step!

The sound of metal ringing.

The Blade God slowly turned around.

There, he saw Chun Yeowun holding the Sky Demon Sword.

“I knew it was you.”

Intense energy flowed out of Chun Yeowun.

“Demon God!”

The hateful voice of the Blade God.

His eyes were dyed with extreme tension.

‘... if you look closely, I’m sure. The Demon God has entered the same realm as me.’

This would be a battle that can’t be won or lost.

The problem was if they competed in the Time Jet, it would break.

If that happened, the Blade God would lose his chance to head back to the past.

‘There is one way. I need to drive him out.’

There might be some risk and damage to the jet, but if that meant sending Chun Yeowun away, he liked taking that chance.

However, something he didn’t expect happened.


[Space time movement to unspecified coordinates.]



A strong shock, which shook the balance of the Blade God and Chun Yeowun.

Unlike the time pack, the Time Jet was an aircraft that traveled through space and time at a speed that exceeded the speed of light, so one had to be seated before the time of departure.


As Chun Yeowun and the Blade God were barely maintaining their balance with that speed, Allen, who was in the cockpit, shouted.

“Kukuk, do you think I will do whatever you monsters ask me to do! We will wander through space and time for the rest of your lives and die!”

With those words, Allen fired the gun which was on the board of the cockpit.



[Da...mage... to... the... main... system...]

The Time Jet’s AI was cut off.

The main system was really damaged, so the LED lights that were illuminating the jet’s inside didn’t stop flickering.


The jet, which had entered space and time, shook.

At that rate, no one knew where the Time Jet would stop.

“How dare you!”

The Blade God sneered with anger and tried to pull Allen close to him.

But before that could happen, Allen’s actions were quick.


Allen put the gun in his mouth and fired.

With a hold in the back of his head, his limp body fell to the floor of the jet.

The only pilot of the Time Jet was dead.


As if his anger had reached its peak, the Blade God shouted and looked at Chun Yeowun, who still had a calm face.

“Phew, nothing can be done. Demon God. Let’s stop this for now. If we fight in this kind of situation, we’ll end up losing every...”


The Blade God hurriedly brought out his sword to block Chun Yeowun’s black sword.

Looking at Chun Yeowun, he asked with a bewildered expression.

“Demon God! What is this?”

“Stop with the bullshit. There will be no truce with you.”


The Blade God spoke while grunting through his teeth.

“In this situation, immortality doesn’t work! Do you think that both of us dying is a light matter? If the jet breaks down and it’s swept away by space and time, our bodies will disappear...”

“Are you that afraid of dying?”


“You are afraid of death despite living this long. That’s funny.”

The eyes of Chun Yeowun, who said that, were twinkling.

It felt like something essential had happened to the man.

The Blade God thought something must have happened as he became immortal after reaching the Heavenly Master Level.

However, in the face of crisis, the Blade God asked for a ceasefire with his enemy, Chun Yeowun, to save his own life.

‘I am afraid of death? Me? Me, from the past and the future, who is like a god is scared of death?’

At that moment, his composure was broken.

He was no longer indifferent.

The Blade God’s emotional barriers burst as he yelled at Chun Yeowun.

“You bastard! Who do you think you are to judge me? In the face of death, the end, you talk as if you are differe...”

It was then,



The Blade God’s eyes went wide.

He slowly lowered his head and looked down at his body.

A black line starting from his right shoulder ran across his abdomen until his right thigh.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

The fingers of the Blade God’s severed right hand fell to the ground.

Thick red blood flowed out from the cut parts.

Drop! Drop!

“H... how?”

He couldn’t understand.

He was blocking Chun Yeowun’s sword with the Unification of the Blade, the highest blade technique.

It was the best way he could come up with.

However, Chun Yeowun had cut down that technique with his sword.

“Non-existent Sky Demon Sword.”

“Non-existent... Sky Demon Sword?”


It felt like his body was being split open and would fall at any moment.

Cold sweat ran down his face.


Something felt different.

The dark energy from Chun Yeowun, which he had faced before, was ferocious, but now it seemed like actual darkness as if he was entering the abyss.

It was like being eaten by darkness.

‘I... I... need... to.’

He tried to use the energy of the five spirits beasts in his body to heal himself.

The fact that the cut was tearing his body meant that he had to heal himself quickly.


“H... how?”

The cut didn’t heal.

From then, it was like he was waiting for his body to not fall down.

‘What should I do? If regeneration doesn’t work... should I cut the part off again?’

In an instant, something occurred in the Blade God’s mind.

However, the question was would Chun Yeowun give him the time.

He was confused.


And then, something like a gas was leaking out.

As if it wasn’t enough that the Non-existent Sky Demon Sword had slashed the Blade God’s body, its power ended up cutting the jet too.


The speed at which they were moving was so terrifying that the crack which formed was about to grow bigger.

“Cough... cough... you, are you really planning on dying together?”

With a pale face, the Blade God asked.

At the rate the jet tore, not just him, but even Chun Yeowun would die.

With a cold voice, Chun Yeowun spoke.

“Only you.”


Chun Yeowun kicked the Blade God’s body.




At that moment, the body of the Blade God, which barely stood together, split from the shoulder to the thigh and was dragged to where the hole had formed.



The Blade God tried to stop one part of his body from being swept away by the vacuum of space and time.

However, the Sky Demon Energy which had penetrated into his body had already spread.

Throb! Throb!

‘Ack! I am immortal! Immortal!!’

He was going crazy.

When his internal energy wasn’t working properly, the Blade God held whatever he could with his left hand and pulled himself into the jet.


“Demon God!!!”

The Blade God kept cursing and yelling out for Chun Yeowun.

Seeing that side of the Blade God, Chun Yeowun spoke in his usual blunt voice.

“You have lived enough. Die.”


Chun Yeowun drew his Sky Demon Sword.



This time he cut his throat.

Blood gushed out from the Blade God’s neck.


The Blade God, who was wanting to say something, fell backwards.


And the body of the Blade God, which was holding onto the rail near the hole, got sucked away.


The head and body of the Blade God were swept away by the space and time torrent and disappeared.

Even the immortal body was nothing but dust in front of the great flow of space and time.


The hole inside the jet was becoming bigger, and Chun Yeowun reached it.

As usual with yin, ice qi began to form and cover it.



The power of space and time, which was sucking in the contents of the jet, was blocked by the ice.

However, the pressure was so strong that the ice had to be thickened.

‘This is just a temporary solution.’


Chun Yeowun released more ice qi to make sure that the walls near the hole were frozen too.

He didn’t know the details, but he had to hurry.

Chun Yeowun ran to the cockpit.

‘Nano. Can you hack this and get me out of here safely.’

[There is damage to the main board, so it may be difficult to adjust with hacking.]

‘You have to do something. Or we’ll both die.’

[Will try hacking. Please place your palm on the cockpit board.]


Chun Yeowun hastily placed his right palm on the board.

The glove of the Nano Suit was on his right hand, and a line of light came out of it and penetrated into the broken board.

[Entering the back up system.]


Along with Nano’s voice, Chun Yeowun’s ears could pick up the ice cracking.

It could be dangerous if he didn’t hurry.

He was waiting with impatient eyes when the LED lights of the Time Jet, which had flickered continuously, came on.

Whoong! Beep! Beep!

At the same time, the buttons on the main board of the cockpit also lit up.

Some didn’t come on, but it seemed like everything was working normally.

‘Nano? Done?’

[It seems that the coordinate setting device has been damaged, so we will have to crash land out of the space and time flow.]

‘What are you saying?’

[Means to land in a different space and time than the user’s.]

Chun Yeowun’s face hardened.

As Nano said that, it meant that he could enter a time that he had no idea about.


The sound of cracking ice could be heard.

They were out of time.

At this rate, the jet would break apart.

‘Mun Ku.’

At that moment, in Chun Yeowun’s mind, he saw an image of Mun Ku with a child.

If he died, he would never get to see them again.

Biting his lip, Chun Yeowun determined, ordered Nano.

“Go ahead!”

[Yes. Escaping the flow of space and time.]


As soon as Nano finished speaking, The Time Jet shook.

The space flow was made up of five different colored lines that could be seen through the front glass of the cockpit. For a second, the Time Jet escaped.


Strong pressure rose, just like it did when the jet entered the flow.


Chun Yeowun grabbed the handle on the cockpit board and held onto it.

If he let go of the main board, the connection Nano had with the jet would break.

Clank! Clank!

He tried not to move as much as possible, and the space outside the window made of five colors changed.

It was then.


They exited the flow, and the ice broke.

At the same time, Chun Yeowun’s body, which was holding the board, was sucked out of the jet with tremendous force.



[Opening Gatelinium Nano Suit!]


The Nano Suit opened up around Chun Yeowun’s body.

He didn’t even realize that the suit had unfolded, but the suit seemed red.

And in some parts, it was a mixture of blue.

‘Where am I?’

[In the mesosphere at an altitude of 60km.]

Higher than the stratosphere.

The same area that the Time Jet had to be to enter the space and time flow.


He decided to go back to the Time Jet.

However, the Time Jet, which was becoming small as he was moving down, exploded.



If Chun Yeowun was a little late, he would have died in the explosion.

He had no choice but to go down now.

‘Nano, flight mode.’

[Switching to flight mode.]

Chun Yeowun’s body quickly moved towards land.

The outer part of the Nano Suit, which was dyed red, slowly returned to its original color as he got closer to land.


How long was it?

Chun Yeowun could finally see land.

However, it wasn’t the land of Jianghu which was full of greenery.

[Altitude 15km.]

[Altitude 14.5km.]

[Altitude 13km.]

As he descended, he saw large buildings.

‘What... the hell?’

There were grasses and mountains around.

There were trees, but it was more like a grey world.

Buildings which had square roofs, and not tiled houses, Chun Yeowun’s body was getting close to the ground.


[Altitude 300m.]

Upon entering that point, Chun Yeowun descended onto a huge building.

Chun Yeowun’s eyes widened at the transparent walls the building had.

He was moving quickly, but he could see a lot of people inside the transparent walls.

[Will land soon, altitude of 100m.]


Chun Yeowun’s body soon landed on the dark grey ground.

He stood up, straightening himself.


The helmet of the Nano Suit lifted up as he saw the new world, which was surrounded by buildings.

This wasn’t the world he knew.


“A-A man fell from above!”

“It looked like he fell from the building?”

“Now! A superhero landing? Are they filming for the Man of Steel?”

People in clothes which he had never seen before were looking at Chun Yeowun, who was equally shocked.

He was wary of their sudden appearance.

‘Where is this?’

As he looked around with confused eyes, Nano answered him.

[Detected Wi-Fi signal. The age of the coordinates is... AD. Year. 2069.02.19]

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Nano Machine (Retranslated Version) Chapter 483 (END) - Day of the Future