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My Wives Are Too Overpowered
Chapter 87 Panties Shopping Gone Wrong

Chapter 87 Panties Shopping Gone Wrong


Fallen Nightmare and Flying Raccoon crashed onto opposite walls.

The two groaned in pain and lay limp for a few minutes.

Coming to their senses, Nightmare asked, "hey… we're fighting over the girl… but where is the girl?"

Flying Raccoon looked around and frowned. A second later,


[Failed to obtain the pendant…]

[Quest failed!]

[Brace for punishment!]

"Blergh!" Flying Raccoon puked and his expression turned grace. "Oh no…"


Raccoon clenched his butt cheeks as his bowels threatened to spill their contents out.

Holding onto his butt, he ran away to find a toilet.

Nightmare who didn't understand what happened to this guy, suddenly did a second later when a similar notification rang in his mind.


[Failed to sleep with the jinx…]

[Quest failed!]

[Brace for punishment…]


"AHHHHH!" Nightmare rubbed his butt as a bolt of lightning made him have a sharp sting.


"AHHHH!" Nightmare ran away while holding his butt, hoping no lightning strikes hit him again.


Nix's house.

Nix was done giving the girl a bath and she was sitting on the bed in her room with a towel wrapped around her body.

Her face was flushed red as she felt really embarrassed. Nobody had ever given her a bath and she was all on her own for as long as she could remember. Of course, she didn't voice things out as she didn't hate this.

She didn't know who to thank for such an opportunity. Not to mention, for the first time in her life, she was feeling some happiness.

Just as she was getting happy…

Nix stopped rummaging through her closet and turning to the girl, said with an apologetic smile, "oh dear… it seems we don't have clothes of your size."

The girl froze on her spot hearing that. She had put away all her dirty clothes in the washing machine before taking a bath and now she had no clothes!

The girl's face turned beet red knowing she'd have to stay with just a towel and her body shrank in shame.

Nix could feel the girl's troubles and chuckled. "Don't worry, we'll get you some clothes."

Nix rummaged through the suitcases present near her wardrobe and fishing out Alex's t-shirt which she stole before coming here, she handed it to the girl.

"Here, this should cover you up quite well." Nix said and made the girl wear it.

As expected, the t-shirt covered the girl's small stature quite well. Her upper body was covered and the hem of the t-shirt reached half her thighs.

Nix was happy with this, but then she saw the girl clench her thighs together and sit back down. Her face flushed again.

"What— oh…" Nix suddenly realized the problem and giggled.

She went to the girl and patted her head. "Sorry about that. Hold on for a while, I'll get honey to bring the necessities."

Nix sat beside the girl and dialed Alex's number after saying so.

Alex, who was chilling in the living room of the big mansion, suddenly got a call. Checking the number, it was Nix. Wondering what she might be calling for from upstairs, he picked it up and asked.

"Darling… you need to bring a few things asap. I am sending you the list." Nix instructed.

"Now? My dear, it's 10 pm…" Alex didn't want to go out anymore and said.

"Darling, it is urgent. You must go. I am sending you the list, check it, you'll understand." Nix didn't talk more on this topic and hung up.

Alex got a message notification and checking it, he stared at it with a stupefied gaze. The message read:

Nix: Darling, I gave the girl a bath, but sadly, she has no clothes and none of mine would fit her. The poor lass is sitting without panties, wearing just a t-shirt of yours. Go to the store, I'll send you the measurements of her. Oh yes, there's also some hygiene products needed as well. I'll share the list of them too. Now, go go! I love you! (*^▽^*)

Alex couldn't help but think, 'never knew there would come a time when I'd be asked to buy these things…'

Shaking his head and thinking this was probably normal after getting married, Alex called a cab to the nearest 24x7 convenience store and left.

As he reached the store and went inside the women's section, a few ladies who were shopping for undergarments looked at him.

They weren't disgusted or anything, just surprised to see that a fine young man like Alex would step in this place.

They were all smiles when they saw Alex trying his best to appear confident and not get embarrassed.

Alex, who was feeling really embarrassed, couldn't help but curse his luck. This feel too shameful!

He felt like a peeping Tom walking all around the store in search of panties. It would've been fine if it were for his wives, but it was for a girl in her late teens! What would the people think of him when they see this!?

Alex tried his best to keep the stupid thoughts aside and searched for the panties. He couldn't find anything whatsoever and was lost.

He kept his head lowered as he passed an aisle where a few ladies were checking out some laced panties. It felt just too pervy for some reason…

Not even a few steps to a different section and,


"Ah… sorry…" Alex looked up to apologize, only to stare at the person with a stupefied look.

"Miss Blahnk?" Alex asked. He bumped into the cold beauty who had saved him yesterday?

"Ara… you seem to know me, it seems." The lady said with a smile.

'Eh?' Alex was dumbfounded. 'Did I get the wrong person?'

Didn't this lady have a cold expression all throughout? Why did it turn so gentle all of a sudden?

Alex looked at the lady, who was slightly taller than him with the heels she was wearing and asked,

"You're Miss Blahnk, right?"

The lady covered her mouth and giggled softly. "It's Mrs. Blanc."

"Oh. I didn't think you were married…" Alex said. This lady seemed really young from the looks of it. Probably just a little older than Alex.

"Oh, my… what a flirt…" the lady softly giggled again after being told that.

Alex looked at her and was really surprised with the sudden change of emotions. But oh well… it didn't matter much.

Alex's gaze fell on the bags the lady was holding and then something clicked him.

Looking at the lady in her eyes, he asked, "I know this might not be appropriate and we don't even know each other, but uh… can you please help me out? I have a few things to purchase but can't seem to find them. In exchange, I can hold Mrs. Blanc's bags."

The lady smiled. "You're here to purchase something? In the women's section?"

Alex nodded. "That's right. I was asked to buy a few things. Here's the list."

The lady had a look at the list and then softly giggled again. "Fufufu… interesting. Whoever asked you to buy these things is doing a great job. Come with me, young men like you should definitely know about the basics of women's hygiene."

The lady held Alex's hand and dragged him into an aisle.

Alex was amused by this situation and looked at his hand that was being held by the lady. 'Damn… so bold…'

The lady stopped walking after she reached a certain aisle and handing her bags to Alex who promised to hold it for her, took a pack of trimmer and then a cleanser.

She showed the two things to Alex and explained with a smile, "just like men, ladies need a trimmer too to cut down the longer hair first and prepare. This trimmer helps in that. Then, one needs to apply a pH-balanced cleanser and exfoliate gently. After it comes—"

"Wait a second, lady." Alex couldn't help but interrupt. With an awkward smile, he said, "is this necessary for me to learn? I don't think I'll ever be using this knowledge."

The lady chuckled hearing that and gently patting Alex's head, said, "oh, silly. You may find it handy someday. What if you have a daughter in the future and she doesn't have her mother with her?"

Since the mood was lightened up, Alex said while shaking his head, "that won't be possible. But if there ever comes a time, I guess I'll just call you."

He was joking when he said that, but the lady seems to have found this amusing and giggled heartily.

"Sure, sure. I taught my daughter this so teaching your daughter won't be a problem either. I'll be a granny by then, hehe."

"Eh?" Alex was surprised. "You have a daughter?"

The lady smirked. "Of course, honey. Do I not look like a mother to you?"

Alex shook his head. "You don't look a day older than 24."

Alex unknowingly flirted with the lady.

"Oh, stop it." The lady gently hit Alex's shoulder and chuckled. "You young boys don't know the consequences your words have on old ladies like us."

Thinking it's just a joke, Alex decided to play along. He smirked and said, "I indeed don't know. Though I'd say, being a responsible young man, I'll take responsibility for my actions."

"Hahaha!" The lady laughed out loud, almost alerting the whole store and grabbing everybody's attention.

'Oh shit.' Alex slightly panicked thinking everybody would be looking at him, but thankfully he was in the middle of two big shelves and there wasn't anybody.

The lady patted Alex's shoulders and said, "I really like you, young man. I hope you live upto your words and don't chicken out."

Saying so, the lady held his hand again and said, "come, let's finish shopping. You're coming with me then to thank me for the help."

The lady didn't give Alex a chance to respond and the next thing he knew, in just a few minutes, he was done shopping everything and was now being taken inside the ladies bathroom.

'What, what, what!?' Alex thought to himself as got dragged inside by the lady, who was using quite the force while pulling his hand.

The lady then sneaked inside one of the bathroom stalls and grabbed putting her hands on Alex's shoulders, said, "now... I need my gratitude."


Things had backfired for Alex!

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My Wives Are Too Overpowered Chapter 87 Panties Shopping Gone Wrong