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My Servant System
Chapter 589 588: Dastardly Plot (3)

Chapter 589 Chapter 588: Dastardly Plot (3)

The guards led us straight towards the throne room, where we found the three robed figures bound and left to kneel before the Empress, who was looking down at them curiously from her ornate marble throne, her large frame more imposing then ever as she rubbed the side of her forefinger with her thumb, the rhythmical movement incredibly worrying for all parties involved as her head briefly turned towards us as we entered.

She wasn't the only one in the room either, as the Marquess stood off to the side, her face carved from stone to match the hard ruby eyes that scanned over the bare features of the three henchwomen that had targeted us, while Lady Lorelei, Lady Igna, and surprisingly Lady Fenryas as well were seated on their thrones.

Of the three women we had captured, one of them was awake while the other two were out cold, and I couldn't help but shake my head at how weirdly surprised she seemed to be with where she was at.

Her long ginger hair and two fluffy for ears spoke clearly to her race as a Foxkin, while her smooth pale skin and plump lips gave her a softer look, not too sexy but definitely above 'cute'.

She was looking around the room in bewilderment, her pale red eyes eventually returning towards the stoic face of the Empress, who was quietly observing the kneeling Foxkin.

The other two were also Beastkin of some kind as well, with one having the rounded ears of some kind of predator Catkin while the other had floppy ears that were some variation of Dogkin.

All three were good looking women and not exactly who you would assume would be stupid enough to target the Empress' daughter's lover, but the world is full of all kinds of mysteries.

The guards saluted the Empress and bowed deeply to the Empress' wives before turning and leaving the room, their boots rather quiet against the marble floor as they walked away, returning to their posts.

Silence reined inside the throne room for a moment more, only to be pushed away as the Empress focused back on us and asked "Who, pray tell, are these three? What are they doing inside my Palace?"

Her voice was flat as she focused on Leone, who gulped and wrung out her hands for a moment as she noticed that her Mother was also staring at her closely, the older Vampire's bright crimson eyes almost boring a hole into her daughters head as she awaited a response.

"They... We got ambushed inside Zhu'Rong Caverns earlier today when we were leaving by a large group of bandits - the Cowkin behind us was apart of them, but she helped us... A-Anyways, apparently these three are working for a Noble House and hired said group of bandits to find us and... well, try to steal the great sword that Jahi uses. For the Celestial Gold, is my assumption..."

The Empress turned to look at the Cowkin, who flinched and tried to hide behind me, acting like a child who got caught stealing from the cookie jar and not a former bandit who robbed and killed people.

Though, if all of the Cowkin's ramblings were to be taken as true - even with a grain of salt - she had only 'joined' with the group because she had been seduced by Esmerelda and was looking for a thrill.

She somehow thought that the group was more so a party of adventurers then bandits since they spent most of their time doing Requests for the Guild, so...

Again, not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but... she can still be held accountable, hence her hiding behind me to the best of her ability.

"Ambushed? Hah, cowards. And I assume that they're all dead save for the dairy cow that you brought back?"

Bessie shuddered behind me at Lady Fenryas' words, who just sneered at her before looking towards Leone, who nodded as she replied "We... took care of them all. Kat... interrogated a few of them and learned that these three were the ones responsible, but we thought it best to return here before doing anything else."

Lady Lorelei snorted as she stood up, stepping down from her throne and approaching the three kneeling women, two of whom were still unconscious thanks to the heavy fists of Jahi.

"If you hadn't come back as soon as possible, I'd have been angry, Leone. The last thing I want is for you to think you can navigate the political quagmire so early on by yourself... especially with something as sensitive as an assassination attempt. One wrong move and you begin to push certain Houses away for a lack of knowhow and general repercussions with the public. Now..."

Leaning down in front of the Foxkin, Lady Lorelei tilted her head as she stared at the woman directly, mere inches separating their faces as she whispered "Shall we do this quick and easy, or do you desire to be unraveled entirely? Pick not just for yourself, but for your comrades and your Lady..."

Her pale red eyes widened at the threat, though hesitation clouded her gaze as she glanced towards the two others before looking back to Lady Lorelei, who had a small smile on her lips as she gave the woman a moment.

"Boring... just rip off an arm and leave her to bleed out for a bit... usually works wonders for getting answers. Ooh, or take a knife to their back and carve away like they were a turkey~! A piece here, a piece there~! They usually acquiesce quickly after the first few cuts..."

Lady Fenryas' sharp grin made everyone shiver, though Lady Igna shook her head as she replied "That's boring as well, Fen. So... basic. Unimaginative. Where's the fun in that? Why not let them boil from the inside out? Set their mana ablaze and watch as they squirm around on the ground like the worms they are, hmm? Not everything requires a blade or brute force, you stupid Wolf."


Growling at the Dragon, Lady Fenryas glared at her before sighing, her lips curling into a smile as she looked back towards the three women, her single silver eye alight with amusement and curiosity as she muttered "Perhaps both then? See how swiftly they break from internal and external wounds..?"

Lady Lorelei just sighed as she glanced over her shoulder, looking at the two older women and saying "The both of you are so barbaric. Why inflict pain when it isn't necessary? What is there to gain?"



Lady Igna and Lady Fenryas spoke at the same time, smiling slightly as Lady Lorelei rolled her eyes, only to stiffen as the Empress finally said "Love, I do believe the most twisted one out of the three of you would - in fact - be you. Are you not planning on dissecting her mind utilizing an Ancient Magic? To wipe her clean and leave only what you want behind? I do think that is far crueler than the suggestions of the other two... not that I care. Targeting the Asmodia's for a metal that is so easily tracked is plain stupidity, especially when said metal is connected to me. Speak now, fox, or you can find yourself at the mercy of any of my wives. You've already heard how they want to deal with you..."

The Empress leaned forwards and tilted her head, her voice containing such power and demanding attention that we all gave her, our breaths stopping in our throat as she added "Targeting my daughter was a mistake, even if it was by proxy of the one she loved. Above table too to make this far simpler than ever as well... So make your pick. Speak now, or someone in this room shall make you talk."

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My Servant System Chapter 589 588: Dastardly Plot (3)