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Chapter 8: Dear Lord God Slayer, I Have an Ancestral Treasure For You!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Under the watchful eyes of many players, Mike unhurriedly walked towards the butcher.

At this moment, a player named Sunflower frowned slightly and stopped Mike. The player said coldly,

“Fellow student, don’t you know to queue up?”

Those who would appear here at this time were basically students of the same batch, so there was no problem for Sunflower to address Mike as a student.

Mike shrugged and smiled, “Sorry, it’s not that I want to cut the queue, but... you all may not be able to talk to butcher anymore.”

Hearing this, Sunflower was confused and was unable to understand what Mike meant.

The player at the front exclaimed, “What happened? Why is this NPC ignoring me?!”

Sunflower was slightly shocked. Then, Sunflower turned around.

He saw that the player was anxiously controlling something, it seemed that he was trying to talk to the butcher.

However, the butcher ignored him. He was still waving his hands while looking at Mike with an eager expression.

Sunflower turned around again and looked at Mike. Mike had a helpless smile on his face.

Finally, Sunflower stepped aside and made way for Mike.

Mike nodded slightly in thanks and walked toward the butcher.

“Dear Lord God Slayer, are you here to deliver the chicken?”

Mike nodded slightly and handed ten portions of chicken to the butcher.

Then, he saw the butcher bow excitedly, “Thank you for your contribution to our village, my lord. Here’s a small gift to show my respect!”

[Completed Kill the Chicken mission. Reward: silver coins * 10, iron sword * 1, 20 EXP]

At the same time, a golden light suddenly appeared on Mike’s body. 𝗶𝚗𝘯re𝐚d. 𝑐𝗼𝙢

He leveled up!

Seeing the system notification, Mike smiled.

As expected of a blue mission. The rewards were of extreme generosity.

After all, other people would only be given 10 copper coins to complete the Kill the Chicken mission.

The treatment was entirely different.

The butcher continued, “Sir, the village chief probably has something else with which he needs your help. Can you go and look for the village chief when you’re free?”

Originally, the other players were already surprised when they realized that only Mike could talk to the butcher.

They were definitely not expecting the butcher to actually give Mike another mission.

The school had never mentioned that the butcher had a follow-up mission!

This was obviously a hidden mission!

For a moment, the faces of the nearby players were filled with excitement.

Mike smiled, nodded his thanks, and went to look for the village chief.

The nearby players ignored Mike and immediately tried to talk to the butcher.

“Hello, may I ask if the village chief has a special mission for me?”

The butcher turned to look at the player who had just spoken, and a hint of contempt appeared in his eyes,

“You? You’re only at level 2 and you want to do a special mission? Do you think you’re worthy?!”

A hint of surprise appeared on the player’s face, and then it was replaced by anger.

“Why is God Slayer able to do a special mission while I can’t? Isn’t our difference in level just one level?”

Upon hearing this, the butcher’s expression changed drastically.

[You have angered butcher, and your friendliness has decreased to indifference!]

[You have angered butcher, and your friendliness has decreased to hostility!]

With a furious expression, the butcher picked up the kitchen knife beside him and directly slashed at the player.

In the next moment, that player was actually cut in half by the butcher’s knife. Then, the player turned into a white light and disappeared into thin air.

“Are you even worthy to be compared to that lord?! You’re just asking for death!”

Seeing this scene, the other players were dumbfounded.

Sunflower, who was behind the crowd, swallowed his saliva as he looked at the angered butcher.

‘What’s going on? What happened?

‘Even if that player was a little rude, the NPC shouldn’t have attacked immediately, right?

‘Am I really playing Second World?

‘Why is it completely different from what the teacher said??

‘This game is too difficult!!!’


At this moment, Mike was already near the village chief.

The village chief was just as before as he looked at Mike with enthusiasm.

“Lord God Slayer, you’re back!”

Similarly, the player at the front could no longer talk to the village chief.

Everyone turned to look at Mike, but the player at the front did not mention anything about being ignored.

It seemed that word had spread and this matter was already known by everyone. If God Slayer was nearby, then NPCs would prioritize and only talk to God Slayer.

Although they did not know why, everyone still accepted it. After all, it was a game, so it was not strange if things happened.

Perhaps, the player called God Slayer had obtained some special item.

Seeing that no one stopped him, Mike undeviatingly made his way to the village chief.

The players in front even voluntarily made way for him.

After coming in front of the village chief, Mike smiled and said, “I heard from the butcher that you have something to ask of me?”

The village chief immediately nodded, “Respected Lord God Slayer, I have an ancestral treasure to give you!”

Hearing this, everyone was shocked.

‘What the f*ck?!!!’

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