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Chapter 5: Time Is Money, Log Into Second World!

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Seeing the smile on Mike’s face, a hint of worry appeared on Teacher Peter’s face.

‘This kid Mike, did he develop a mental problem as he couldn’t withstand such a blow?

‘After activating the worst D-grade talent, he’s actually able to smile?’

He reached out and patted Mike’s shoulder to comfort him.

“Mike, don’t be too sad.

“Although D-grade talent isn’t strong, you can still succeed through your own hard work.

“Such examples...exist.”

When he said this, even Teacher Peter himself felt that it was not very convincing.

The advantage gained from level 1 could be endlessly snowballed.

Take the human’s passive skill, Good at Learning for example.

Do not underestimate its 5% increase in experience.

In the later stages, among the same batch of players, human players’ level would often be much higher than players of a different race!

It was entirely due to the 5% difference!

A small difference could add up and result in a big difference.

Not to mention the difference between A and D-grade talent.

D-grade Slight Passive Enhancement only had a 5% passive skill effect.

Contrarily, if it was an A-grade Excellent Passive Enhancement, it could have a 25% increase!

From this, it could be seen how important the activation of a gifted skill was.

Moreover, the difference between a D-grade and an A-grade was huge.

The difference was like heaven and earth!

At this moment, Blair’s mocking voice sounded once again,

“Mike, you really are trash. I’ve never heard of such a trash person!

“Your activated talent is actually a D-grade talent. Looks like you’ll never be able to turn things around in your life.”

“By the way, the talent that I’ve activated is the A-grade Excellent Flame Affinity, which increases fire magic damage by 25%.

“You can envy me as much as you want, hahahahaha!”

Blair laughed wildly, while Mike returned to his seat without saying a word.

Having faced Mike’s ignorance, to our surprise, Blaire actually did not mess with Mike.

In Mike’s eyes, Blair was just a clown-like character, there was no need to put him in his eyes.

Though in Blair’s eyes, Mike should be in despair, so it was normal for him to be speechless.

Mike was the last student to test his talent, so when he finished the test, it meant that the entire class had finished the test.

Teacher Peter said softly,

“All you need to do today is to complete the test. Everyone, go home and rest for three days. In three days, the school will grade everyone according to their grades!

“In these three days, everyone must improve their levels as soon as possible and apply the knowledge and skills that you’ve learned in school to the game.

“Remember, the importance of Second World. It determines the rest of your life so do not slack off!”

These words were actually just for show. 𝐢𝗻𝑛𝓇𝚎𝚊𝘥. 𝙘o𝓂

Some of the students in the class had only activated their C-grade talents. Once they were home, they would probably be in a depressed state for a period of time.

Consequently, their slacking would cause the gap between them and talented students in Second World to widen. Such occurrences were way too common.

After saying this, teacher Peter announced the end of school and especially took Blair away.

As the only A-grade student in the class, Peter had to bring Blair to the principal.

Although an A-grade could not be compared to an S-grade, it was still considered rare. The principal would probably give Blair a certain reward.

After Teacher Peter and Blair left, most of the students took their leave.

Some people were immersed in joy after activating their B-grade talent, thus were eager to head home and log into Second World to train.

There were also some people with dejected expressions. Having activated a C-grade talent, they felt as if their lives were over. They would probably lie in bed for the next three days, unable to recover from this setback.

As for Mike’s deskmate, little fat Tom, he was still seated in his seat.

He had activated a B-grade talent. Although he could not compare to Blair, it was still considered pretty good.

However, he was not in a hurry to go home and level up. He was very worried about his good friend’s condition.

“Mike, you have to pull yourself together.

“Although you’ve obtained a D-grade talent, I believe that you can definitely succeed through your own hard work...”

Although he said that, little fat Tom still had a worried expression on his face.

How could it be so easy to obtain success through hard work with a D-grade talent?

This was even harder than ascending to the heavens!

Mike turned his head and looked at his good friend with a smile.

He knew that little fat Tom was concerned about him, but he had no way to explain his situation.

How could he explain that he had received Mother Earth’s blessing and thus activated his SSS-grade talent?

Even a fool would not believe such words!

He patted Tom’s shoulder and said, “Don’t worry.”

Then, he left the classroom and went home.

He had to improve his strength as soon as possible!

After all, this was a huge advantage that he did not get in his previous life. Now that he had reincarnated, he would definitely seize this opportunity.

For the first time ever, Mike took the taxi.

Normally, he would never be willing to pay the expensive taxi fee.

However, he was no longer the same Mike as he was yesterday.

He was now the only man in the world with SSS-grade talent!

With an SSS-grade talent, every second he had could be used to create a huge gap with other players who were at the same starting line.

Time is money!

After Mike arrived at his destination and paid the expensive taxi fare, he was practically penniless. Nevertheless, he immediately laid on the bed.

Log in to Second World!

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