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My Passive Skills are Invincible!
Chapter 344 - Just Drive

Chapter 344: Just Drive

On the ground, the players marched towards the trolls’ territory.

When their safety was guaranteed, they began to think about what to do around where they stopped. For example, they wanted to see if God Slayer would succeed in becoming a true figurative god slayer.

As the news spread, more and more players joined around to see how it was going to go down.

Mike, who was in the air, was still chasing after Ragnaros.

Looking at Ragnaros, Mike frowned slightly.

The distance between the two parties did not seem to be decreasing at all. Although Arthas promised to chase after Ragnaros, he was not doing what he promised. Arthas was not willing to use his divine power to chase after Ragnaros.

Ragnaros, on the other hand, was trying to do anything to save his life. He was willing to overdraw his divine power.

As long as he could stall for 24 hours, he could return to the divine realm and slowly recover from his losses. As long as he could save his life, he could start all over again!

“Hey you, didn’t you say that you hated him? Why aren’t you willing to seize such a good opportunity for revenge?” Mike asked unhappily.

However, Arthas only laughed and said, “Hey, I’m already trying my best to catch up. After all, my strength is not strong enough. Of course, I can’t catch up with him that easily.”


Mike knew about Arthas’s intentions, but he did not explicitly say it out loud. Although the progress of the chase was a little slow now, he also knew that Ragnaros’s stamina would be exhausted sooner or later.

There was still plenty of time to catch up. The two parties chased each other one after the other.

Every time the distance was far enough, Ragnaros would slow down slightly to give himself a chance to catch his breath.

However, every time Ragnaros slowed down, Arthas would seize the opportunity to increase his speed to decrease the distance between them.

In this way, Ragnaros had to increase his speed quickly to prevent Arthas from catching up from behind.

Fortunately, this tug-of-war did not last long.

Mike’s eyes lit up when he saw the terrain in front of him.

The canyon!

The two sides of the canyon were full of tall mountains. There was only a narrow canyon entrance in the middle of it all. In this terrain, it would be very difficult for Ragnaros to dodge any of the attacks. However, the main issue was to get Ragnaros there in the first place!

Thinking of this, Mike smiled confidently. He had an idea!

As of this moment, Ragnaros obviously also noticed the terrain in front of him. He was not a fool, he immediately realized that if he entered the canyon, he would definitely be killed.

So, he planned to divert to another path. However, when he turned into another direction, trying to move left, a sense of danger suddenly surged in his mind.

This sense of danger caused Ragnaros to stop himself in his tracks.

Simultaneously, countless blade auras flew past in front of him and smashed into the canyon wall in front of him. In an instant, countless cracks and sword marks immediately appeared on the mountain wall.

This was the damage caused by Mike’s attack!

Seeing this scene, Ragnaros gritted his teeth. If he had not stopped to avoid it just now, he would have been destroyed by the rubble falling!

However, this meant that he could only turn right. Just as he made a move, the same thing happened again. Countless slashes flashed in front of him.

Whether it was from above, from below, from the left, or from right, the result was the same. As long as he dared to move forward, he would definitely be killed!

The attacks were extremely dense, and there was no intention of stopping Mike.

It did not seem like it was to kill Ragnaros, or rather, it was more like it was to force Ragnaros into the tight canyon.

Ragnaros understood all this, but he did not have the ability to stop it.

If he had a way to stop it, he would not have to come this far.

Helplessly, under the pressure of Mike’s Thousand Shadowed Slashes, he could only enter the canyon.

Either he would die after entering the canyon, or he would forcefully pass through the attack range of the attack and come out alive…

Ragnaros still took the chance to go into the canyon with the hopes of survival in the end!

After seeing Ragnaros enter the canyon, Arthas once again let out his signature hoarse laugh.

“Hehehe, it looks like that guy is going to die at your hands soon.”

Mike replied disdainfully, “If you had put in more effort, he would have died long ago.”

Arthas knew that Mike was complaining, and his tone was definitely a little unfriendly, but he only laughed in a low voice and did not respond. For Arthas, killing Ragnaros was definitely an important matter.

However, how could a human beg a God to put in that much effort?

Arthas was absolutely unwilling to use his divine power to chase after Ragnaros. In any case, Ragnaros would die in the hands of this human sooner or later, so he naturally would not put too much effort in.

Of course, Arthas was still willing to help, but just without using his divine power. After all, he really wanted to witness the death of Ragnaros.

Thus, after Ragnaros entered the canyon, Mike and Arthas immediately chased after him.

Ragnaros would definitely die today!

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My Passive Skills are Invincible! Chapter 344 - Just Drive