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My Passive Skills are Invincible!
Chapter 330 - God’s Punishment, 24-hour Pursuit!

Chapter 330: God’s Punishment, 24-hour Pursuit!

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Right about when Super Rich and Tom stood rooted to the spot, the full server announcement sounded again.

[Congratulations player God Slayer for successfully forging the first man-made artifact. As the first forger, player God Slayer will immediately increase by 10 levels as a reward!]

Instantly, Mike’s body flashed with 10 golden lights consecutively.

Tom, who stood at the side, was completely stunned.

A direct reward of 10 levels?

Would that not mean that Mike was already over level 60?

In other words… he could already put his ability into reality?

Tom looked at his own level

Level 40.

There was still a huge gap between him and level 60. Although life-type players could not level up as quickly as combat-type players, they would still gain experience points by forging, making medicines, and cooking every day.

However, that was just a small amount.

Super Rich that stood beside him could not help but swallow his saliva. He was only level 48 now. He did not expect God Slayer to have a much higher than him.

The person who was currently at the highest level in the entire server must be God Slayer. There could not be anyone else.

Mike, on the other hand, had no reaction to this. He was even a little disappointed.

After forging a godly item, he was only rewarded with a level of 10?

One had to know that Mike never had to worry about leveling himself. With the shadow clone helping him level up, he could level up even if he did not do anything. Moreover, he would not lag behind any other players too. Experience points could be said to be the last reward he needed. Of course, it was better to give than not to give.

Mike smiled helplessly and looked at Egg.

At this time, Egg’s body had already begun to tremble slightly. Everyone could see that Egg was probably going to grow. This was not surprising. If even feeding the artifact could not make it grow, then everything else would have been for naught. As the ground trembled, Egg’s body was growing bit by bit.

The dragon horn on its head was also gradually growing longer and sharper. The most obvious change was in Egg’s body. Originally, Egg’s body had looked like a small stuffed animal. Now, Egg’s body grew stronger and more powerful. Seeing this, Mike, Tom, and Super Rich could not help but look at Egg. They all wanted to see what this baby dragon would look like when it grew up.

Right when Egg was slowly changing, the full-service announcement appeared again.

[The God of Fire’s Wrath, because the player God Slayer has blasphemed the power of the God of Fire and created a fire-type divine weapon, the God of Fire will impose divine punishment on God Slayer!)

Hearing the full-service announcement, Tom and Super Rich were dumbfounded.

Divine punishment?! What was going on?

They could not help but worry for Mike.

After all, a god had just imposed a divine punishment onto Mike! The Wrath of a God. No matter how strong a player was, they would not be able to withstand it, right? After hearing the official announcement, Mike only frowned slightly.

He took a look at his quest pane.

The content of the previous Blasphemer Quest had already changed. The original mission requirement was for Mike to go to the realm of gods before level 100 to be judged.

However, now, the judgment seemed to have been brought forward.


[The divine artifact is the world’s most powerful vessel of power. It is a unique product of the gods. And now, a puny human actually dared to touch a domain that he shouldn’t have touched! This will cause the wrath of the gods!)

[Mission requirement: To avoid the pursuit of Ragnaros within 24 hours! During this period, the God of Fire, Ragnaros, can remove the restrictions on his divine sense clones. If the player dies, the equivalent value will be reduced to level 1. During this period, the player can not exit the game!)

[Mission Reward: None]

Seeing this mission, Mike’s expression turned ugly.

If he failed, he would be demoted to Level 1, but if he succeeded, there would be no reward?

This mission was much too stingy!

At this time, Tom and Super Rich also heard the announcement, but they did not know that Mike had received a mission.

If they knew what Mike was thinking, they might think that Mike was focusing on the wrong point.

At this moment, the players on the street outside the shop suddenly got louder and louder. Tom quickly went to the window, opened the window on the second floor, and looked out.

With this glance, he was completely stunned. Super Rich quickly asked, “What did you see? Hurry up and tell me!”

However, Tom still did not make any reaction.

This time, Super Rich was also anxious. He quickly walked over and looked out of the window.

This glance made Super Rich freeze on the spot.

Mike did not pay attention to the outside of the window but only looked down

at Egg.

To him, no matter what happened outside, it did not matter. Because he was very clear that in the end, it was Ragnaros who would hunt him down. All other forms of expression were only secondary.

For him, the more important focus now was the evolution of Egg.

As long as Egg successfully evolved, he would be able to take out the bud on his chest and face Ragnaros at his peak condition.

Since this battle was unavoidable, he should pay attention to what was most useful to him in the short term.

At this time, Egg had grown a lot. The original Egg was like a small meatball, probably smaller than an adult’s head.

Now, Egg had more than doubled in size as it stood on the ground about the height of an adult’s knee.

The trembling of its body became more and more intense as if some kind of power was bursting out.

Suddenly, there was a crack on Egg’s body, and a scale fell from Egg.

Seeing this scene, Mike’s eyes lit up. This was it!

He immediately picked up the scale and handed it to Super Rich, “Please find a pharmacist to help me make a potion.”

As he said this, Mike took out the other materials in his backpack and handed them to Super Rich one by one.

Before Super Rich could react, he had a pile of materials in his hands, many of which were rare materials he had never seen before.

However, no matter how rare the materials were, they looked much more mediocre compared to the dragon scales.

Before Super Rich could ask, Mike spoke again, “This matter must be done quickly. The sooner the better. After the potion is successfully produced, send me a private message directly. I will come and get the medicine from you.”

After saying that, Mike directly used the Space Travel Bracelet and disappeared from the spot. Only the stunned Super Rich, Tom, Egg that was lying on the ground to continue digesting the artifact, and Stone that had fallen asleep in an empty box were left behind.

On the Volk Plain, a figure suddenly appeared on this desolate land. Mike stood on this piece of land and quietly looked at the sky.

At this moment, Mike finally understood why the players outside made a lot of noise when he was in the shop. Because at this moment, the entire sky had been completely covered by dark clouds, not even a trace of sunlight could be seen.

This scene looked like the end of the world was about to begin, or end.

Looking at this scene, Mike’s expression was extremely serious. Was this the power of the true body of a God?

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My Passive Skills are Invincible! Chapter 330 - God’s Punishment, 24-hour Pursuit!