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My Passive Skills are Invincible!
Chapter 327 - Unprecedented Quality

Chapter 327: Unprecedented Quality

“Yes, this is not something that can be easily obtained.”

Super Rich shrugged and made a relaxed posture.

However, Mike was very clear that this was not an easy thing.

It was true as to what Super Rich said. This kind of thing was not something that could be bought with money.

Even the materials used b the dwarves’ last forging competition were only excellent quality materials.

The preciousness of excellent forging materials was something that one could only dream of.

Mike looked at Super Rich and asked after a moment of silence, “Originally, you wanted to keep this material for your own use, right?”

Super Rich did not deny it. He nodded and said, “Yeah, who wouldn’t want to keep such a rare item for personal use. However, our level is still very low. Even if I forge a level 40 or 50 equipment, I can’t keep using it forever. I might as well give it to you to use first.”

Super Rich’s tone was still relaxed, but Mike knew that this was a huge favor to ask. If this was a major region, the top-grade forging materials would definitely attract the attention of all the big shots. If things went wrong, it might even lead to an all-out war.

Super Rich could get his hands on this top-grade forging material because this was a new region. If it was in a major region, with Super Rich’s strength and background, he might not be able to get it.

Thinking of this, Mike sighed and said, “It seems that I have to owe this favor.”

For Mike, helping Egg break through was an absolute priority.

Everything had to revolve around this matter.

Even if he asked Mike to take out the Space Travel Bracelet and feed it to him, he would not even hesitate.

Super Rich heard Mike’s words and smiled slightly, “What do you mean by being ungrateful? I think we are friends. Isn’t it only right for friends to help each other?”

Mike also smiled, but he knew very well that this was just an excuse.

He slowly stood up and came to Super Rich’s side, “In the future, you can hand over all the equipment you need to me to forge.”

When Super Rich heard this, he immediately took out the forging materials from his game bag.

“I trust your skills very much. With you in charge of forging, my equipment will definitely be of great quality.”

In fact, the equipment that Super Rich was currently using was what Mike had forged the last time.

Although the equipment that Super Rich was currently using was already much lower in level than his character level, he still did not replace it.

Because of the overwhelming quality of the equipment, this low-level equipment was still much better than most players of the same level.

However, if Mike could help Super Rich to forge equipment every time, then Super Rich’s strength could steadily crush the players of the same level.

Although Super Rich and Mike already had a cooperative relationship before, the cooperative relationship could be terminated at any time.

Now with such a promise, Super Rich would never have to worry about the issue of obtaining bad equipment.

To Super Rich, this was a huge guarantee.

A piece of top-grade forging material was precious, but an item was an item after all. There were still other chances to get it in the future.

Building connections, however, were hard to get.

Super Rich smiled at Mike and handed the top-grade forging material to him.

Mike looked at the supreme-grade material in his hand and his eyes lit up.

This was actually a supreme-grade iron ore!

One had to know that when Super Rich mentioned forging materials, Mike subconsciously thought that it was a metal ingot that had already been smelted.

However, he did not expect that the material given by Super Rich was actually unsmelted.

Moreover, Mike had a powerful passive skill.

[Smelted (god-grade passive enhancement): When smelted, there is a 100% chance of obtaining two better metal ingots.]

One had to know that the best material quality produced in the second world was the supreme grade. There had never been a higher grade material quality.

In other words, no one was sure if there was a higher quality material before.

This time, Mike could be sure. He calmed his mind and threw the supreme grade iron ore into the furnace.

In the high-temperature furnace flame, the[ supreme-grade iron ore slowly melted.

Mike glanced at the time and said, “It takes fifteen minutes to melt this iron ore.”

Super Rich was slightly stunned. “That long?”

Mike just nodded. The better the material, the longer it would take. This was very normal.

Super Rich did not say anything but asked with a smile, “Do you still have time for something else?”

Mike smiled and nodded, “You can send someone to deliver the materials now. After I’m done with this matter, I’ll help you build a set of equipment.”

Hearing this, Super Rich immediately began to send messages to his underlings.

Although Mike agreed to cover all the equipment requirements of Super Rich in the future, this also depended on whether Mike had the time or not.

If Super Rich wanted to forge equipment, and Mike was busy with important things, Super Rich would not want to force him.

This could destroy the newly established connection of pure partnerships. Now that they had met, it was a good opportunity to request a new forged item.

Soon, the materials needed by Super Rich were delivered.

Meanwhile, Tom went downstairs to receive the materials in advance and did not let Super Rich’s underlings go upstairs.

After sending the materials upstairs, Tom immediately sighed heavily, “You rich people are so careless. I didn’t expect that so many high-level materials could be taken out so easily.”

One had to know that Super Rich wanted to forge level 50 equipment. To forge a level 50 equipment, five metal ingots were needed. The materials here were enough for Super Rich to forge all the equipment he needed at this stage!

Super Rich smiled and said, “Actually, I’ve already prepared all the materials needed before level 80.”

Hearing this, Tom was stunned again.

Was this the life of a rich person???

One had to know that whether it was materials or gold coins, the later it was, the more valuable it becomes.

Therefore, logically speaking, it was important to prepare the materials needed at the current stage. It would be most cost-effective to prepare the materials needed in the future.

However, Super Rich did not care about these things. As long as he had money, these things were not important.

After the materials were delivered, Super Rich was not in a hurry. Instead, he found a place to sit down and waited patiently for Mike.

Mike, on the other hand, had been looking at the furnace the whole time. He did not care about what was happening around him.

Finally, after 15 minutes, a dazzling golden light flashed in the furnace.

Seeing this, Tom and Super Rich were slightly stunned.

They had never seen the special effects of smelting iron ore.

Mike also revealed an excited look.

That piece of supreme-grade iron ore had been successfully smelted, and it was of a material quality that had never appeared in the second world.

[God-grade iron ingot successfully smelted!]

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My Passive Skills are Invincible! Chapter 327 - Unprecedented Quality