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My Passive Skills are Invincible!
Chapter 325 - The Last Piece of Equipment

Chapter 325: The Last Piece of Equipment

As time passed, more and more gold coins were piled up in front of Tom.

Therefore, more and more players gathered around.

Many people could not help but start discussing in low voices. Who was this player?

Not only could he open an equipment shop in Sarco City, but he also had so many gold coins.

Many people had begun to connect Tom’s identity with some people in the real world. It seemed that guessing Tom’s identity had become a new kind of pass time while they waited for the true outcome.

However, Tom did not care about the attention of the players at around at all. He just kept buying high-level materials from the forum. Every time he gathered five materials, he would personally send them upstairs.

Tom was not sure if what Mike was doing could be made known to others, so he did not ask the clerk to move the materials or gold coins upstairs.

Although these guys were just NPCs, they had a human-like way of thinking and had behavioral logic.

There was no guarantee that one of these NPCs would not spread the news about what was happening upstairs.

Tom did not want to take that risk. Or rather, he did not want his best friend to miss out on something so trivial.

Every time Tom sent the materials upstairs, Mike could be seen feeding Egg.

The speed of purchasing materials and the speed of consuming materials seemed to shorten. The gold coins were decreasing rapidly, and Egg seemed to be digesting faster and faster.

Sometimes, when the quality of the gold equipment was relatively poor, Egg could completely digest it in less than a minute.

It seemed that Egg had grown greatly, but there were still no signs of a breakthrough.

However, Tom did not show any signs of discouragement. He continued to go up and down the stairs, delivering materials to Mike one by one. He knew that today’s matter was very important to Mike.

So he would never drag his good friend down on such a matter!

He had to help Mike complete this no matter what!

When Tom came downstairs again, all the shop assistants had gathered together.

When they saw Tom, they immediately looked worried and said, “Second boss, all the gold coins have been sent over. There are no more gold coins in the bank or in the shop.”

They thought Tom would panic or regret his actions after hearing this. However, Tom just nodded and then continued to busy himself.

He has still continued buying materials!

Seeing Tom’s reaction, the shop assistants shook their heads helplessly and then went to find a place to rest. In their opinion, today might be their last day working in this shop.

In the crowd, one of the players looked at another player beside him and said in a low voice,

“Young master, aren’t you in contact with this shop? Should we go up and negotiate?”

The player next to him was Super Rich. Super Rich had come here several times according to the address given by Mike. Although Mike had promised them that he could come here to get the equipment for free in order to delay the forging of the equipment. However, Super Rich still insisted on paying every time and never mentioned Mike’s free offer.

Moreover, Super Rich always showed a certain degree of friendliness when he talked to the shop owner called known as Hammer Whack-a-mole.

That was why the player could not help but speak up.

However, Super Rich shook his head at this time. The reason why he paid every time he came to buy equipment was very simple. He wanted to build a good relationship with Mike. To him, money was always the least important thing.

However, having a strong ally was what he needed very much. At this time, Super Rich had already roughly understood what was happening here through what he had heard and seen with his own eyes.

It seemed that Hammer whack-a-mole was wantonly buying materials and planning to forge top-tier equipment.

Others might not know the details, but Super Rich knew. 𝙞𝑛𝓷𝓇𝒆a𝑑. 𝙘૦𝗺

As soon as he mentioned forging, he would immediately think of the player who could forge top-quality items every time — God Slayer!

The previous few times he came here to deal with him, Super Rich had a certain understanding of the way things were here. He was very clear that this dwarf player was definitely not the kind of person who would make such a loss-making deal. Therefore, Super Rich was very sure that the person forging equipment right now was definitely God Slayer!

Thinking of this, Super Rich also looked at the underling beside him and said in a low voice, “Bring more people and go to the bank to withdraw some gold coins.”

The player was slightly stunned and asked, “How much would some gold coins be?”

“Whatever. Withdraw 50,000 gold coins first.”

The underling was slightly stunned. Although the game had been open for a while now, gold coins were not as expensive as the first day of the game. However, 50,000 gold coins were still not a small amount.

The underling knew that Super Rich only had around 300,000 gold coins in his bank. Even if the Super Rich was stinking rich, buying gold coins was not an easy task.

Every player in a server only produced so that many gold coins every day.

There were also many players who sought to increase their strength. Not only would they not sell gold coins, but they would even spend money to buy gold coins.

Therefore, gold coins were still a very important resource at the moment.

The young master seemed to be planning to help this dwarf player. All of a sudden, the gaze of Super Rich’s underling towards Hammer Whack-a-mole changed.

Such a player who could make young master Charles pay so much attention to was definitely not an ordinary person.

Thinking of this, the player immediately called the other players and hurried to the bank.

Charles, also known as Super Rich in-game, stood still and watched silently.

The gold coins in front of Tom slowly decreased, but his expression did not change at all, as if he did not care about the loss of gold coins at all.

This also made Super Rich admire Tom a little more.

Soon, when the gold coins in front of Tom were completely used up, Tom stopped the acquisition work and took back the notice at the door of the shop. He slowly closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

Tom could be said to have given the greatest help to Mike this time. This was the only way he could repay Mike. He opened his eyes again and tried to remain calm as he said to the players in front of him, “The purchasing of materials for today is over. There will be no more purchasing of materials for the time being.”

With that, he returned to the second floor. He wanted to see with his own eyes if Egg had made a breakthrough today.

However, when he went upstairs, the scene he saw was not much different from before. Mike was still forging equipment, and Egg was no longer digesting. Instead, it imitated Mike and looked at the forging furnace.

It seemed that it also knew that new and delicious equipment would soon appear in the forging furnace.

Seeing this scene, Tom smiled helplessly. This little guy probably still did not know that the equipment in the forging furnace was the last one for today. There was no more equipment to feed him.

At this moment, a hand suddenly was placed on Tom’s shoulder.

“Do you need any help?”

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My Passive Skills are Invincible! Chapter 325 - The Last Piece of Equipment