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My Passive Skills are Invincible!
Chapter 324 - A Boss Who Cant Do Business

Chapter 324: A Boss Who Can’t Do Business

Seeing this price, all the players’ around let out exclamations of surprise.

One had to know that even in the larger regions, there had never been anyone who would pay 300% of the price to purchase forging materials.

This was because it was almost certain that they would lose money.

For triple the price, even two pieces of high-quality iron ingots were enough for an ordinary student to maintain their living expenses for a month.

Meanwhile, the majority of the equipment that these two pieces of high-quality iron ingots would produce would only be green. It was almost impossible for blue-colored equipment to appear, let alone purple-colored equipment.

If one’s luck was a little bad and one’s forging skills were a little weaker, they might even be able to produce white-colored equipment.

Even if someone really spent a large amount of excellent materials to produce a set of purple-colored equipment, the money from those materials would be enough to buy a set of purple-colored equipment directly from a shop.

Hence, even rich people would not offer such a price. For a time, some players had become excited. Although they did not have the materials, such a premium transaction could satisfy them even if they just watched from the side.

There were also some players who felt extremely vexed and regretful. When this shop had purchased high-quality materials at a high price, they had already sold all of it from their inventory.

At that time, the price was only hiked up to 120% its net worth.

Although they had made a profit, their mood was worse than losing an arm. 𝒊𝒏nr𝐞𝘢𝐝. 𝒄𝒐𝗺

In their hearts, they did not make a 20% premium win on the deal, but a 180% loss!

Tom saw the expressions of most of the players outside the shop. He wanted to use this to identify who still had materials that had not been sold.

Being born into a business family, he had learned how to read people’s expressions because of his family’s environment. Most of the time, except for people who were good at disguising themselves, ordinary people were easily read with just a glance.

Tom could tell who had no materials at all and just wanted to watch the show.

Tom could tell who had materials that were not good enough to be bought.

Most of all, Tom could tell who had sold all the materials easier and had none now.

Tom could see all of this.

Because he could see it, his mood turned sour. He was very sure that none of these players had materials that were worthy in their hands!

He knew that Mike needed these materials very much now. As a good friend, he had been receiving Mike’s help in the game for a long time.

First, he took him to raid dungeons and gave him equipment.

Later, he even gave the shop to him to run.

Today, he finally came to the shop and refused to accept the dividends.

Tom had always accepted Mike’s help, but he rarely helped Mike.

Today, it was time for him to help Mike!

He did not waste too much time. Instead, he immediately opened the forum and posted a post to buy advanced materials.

The content of the post was very simple and crude.

In the new server, 500% market price to purchase advanced forging materials!

The forum and the notice hanging outside the shop were two completely different modes.

It must be known that mining players liked to move around in the vicinity of the blacksmith’s shop or the equipment shop.

This was because it was closely related to their income. Therefore, as long as the notice was placed outside the shop and the price was high, they would immediately buy a large number of materials.

However, the forum was a little more different. If a post on the forum was not very eye-catching, it would quickly be drowned in a large number of posts on the forum, and then it would never be seen again. After all, the forum was not only filled with lifestyle players who were mining.

Almost all players would visit the forum.

They would only click on posts that they were interested in, such as dungeon strategies, or posts that were looking for fixed teammates.

For them, even some celebrity gossip was more attractive than a post seeking to buy materials.

Moreover, the posts that were clicked on and replied to would constantly refresh to the top of the forum, suppressing the posts that no one was interested in until they were completely invisible.

Tom knew very well that if he did not give a high price that was enough to interest all non-lifestyle players, this post would not have any effect.

So, he offered 500% of the net price!

It was so that Mike could successfully feed the pet dragon until it evolved today.

He did not know how much it would cost, and being born in a business family, he knew very well that it would be a loss.

However, he was very willing to do so! Some things were more precious than benefits!

As soon as the post was posted, it immediately received a large number of players’ attention.

Many players who were not in Sarco City and could not see the notice outside the shop rushed to their warehouses after seeing the post, afraid that it would be too late to sell their items.

One had to know that this kind of opportunity could only be seen once in a lifetime.

Once the crazy st*pid rich tycoon bought enough materials, then they would stop requesting for them.

Everyone had to race against time!

Soon, the first player completed the transaction in this post.

A system email with an attachment appeared in Tom’s message bar.

Then came the second, third, fourth…

The materials in Tom’s backpack kept increasing, but his gold coins kept decreasing.

Soon, the gold coins in his backpack quickly emptied!

Many of the emails with additional materials became pending payments.

However, Tom did not hesitate at all. He immediately turned around and said to a shop assistant, “Give me all the gold coins in the shop, and then immediately go to Sarco Bank to take out all the gold coins we have stored there.”

The shop assistant was slightly stunned when he heard that. Every boss hoped that the more coins in their shop, the better. That way, they would have enough room for flexibility.

However, this boss actually wanted to take out all the gold coins to buy materials?

In this way, what if they needed money for the next business process?

This was simply an act that would cause the shop to close down!

The NPC shop assistant hesitated for a moment and asked carefully, “Second boss, are you sure you wish to take out all of them? Don’t you need to keep some?”

However, Tom did not even think for a second and immediately nodded. “Yes, all of them! Give them to me immediately!”

Hearing Tom’s confident tone, the shop assistants looked at each other and dared not to press on further. They walked into the counter one after another and took out bags of gold coins and piled them in front of Tom.

A few other shop assistants walked through the crowd and trotted to the bank, ready to take out all the gold coins according to the boss’s request.

Although they did not hesitate in doing so, all the shop assistants had the same thought.

The owner of this shop did not know how to do business at all. It seemed that most of them were already planning to work somewhere else.

This was because this shop was probably going to close down soon!

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My Passive Skills are Invincible! Chapter 324 - A Boss Who Cant Do Business