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My Passive Skills are Invincible!
Chapter 323 - Triple Purchase!

Chapter 323: Triple Purchase!

Outside the shop on the first floor, a large number of players surrounded the shop, blocking the entrance. However, the guards who passed by turned a blind eye.

Under normal circumstances, there would definitely be guards coming over to maintain order and evacuate the crowd to ensure that the road was clear.

However, this was not normal, and this was not an ordinary shop. All the guards knew very well that this was the shop of the Lord of Sarco.

If the Lord of Sarco requested them to clear the road, then only would they dare to do it. Otherwise, no one would dare to provoke such an action.

In this kind of shop, the more customers they had, the better business would appear. Therefore, they all chose to turn a blind eye.

On the second floor, Mike was still forging different pieces of equipment, one after another.

Every piece that came out was gold!

Tom was completely stunned.

He thought it was just good luck or good materials. After a while, he gradually realized that luck could not explain this phenomenon.

How could he be so lucky that every piece of equipment could be forged into gold equipment?

If he was so lucky, he would have won the lottery long ago!

Therefore, Tom subconsciously guessed that Mike must have had some special skill or special item related to forging.

In an instant, Tom had already connected this matter with everything in his mind.

Why did Mike form a partnership with Super Rich?

How did Mike have such good equipment during the back-to-school test?

How did Mike become the Lord of Sarco City?

Without a doubt, it must be because he had special forging methods!

After all, a piece of top-tier equipment was very important in the second world, and all the big shots would pay a lot of resources for these important items.

Therefore, Super Rich would try his best to have a good relationship with Mike, so that Mike could forge the equipment for them.

Therefore, Mike could have had good equipment because he could forge it himself.

Therefore, Mike could become the Lord of Sarco City because King Harvey wanted to rely on Mike’s forging skills.

With this special ability, the human race could immediately build a powerful army that could sweep the entire second world.

If every piece of equipment of every soldier was of gold quality, no one would dare attack such an army

As long as it was in Mike’s hands, it could be done!

Tom imagined many scenarios and made the connection and judgment that he thought was reasonable. However, what he did not know was that almost none of the items that Mike obtained were related to forging.

What Tom had guessed in it being a special forging method that Mike possessed was actually the most basic forging skill.

It was just that Mike possessed an SSS-grade talent, which strengthened the most common forging skill into an invincible god-tier skill.

For something like this, even if Tom spent his entire life racking his brains, he would still not be able to reach the truth.

At this moment, Tom was in a state of shock as his thoughts ran wild. Meanwhile, Mike was staring intently at Egg.

He could clearly tell that the digestion time for Egg had become shorter and shorter. Previously, the time needed to digest a piece of gold-quality equipment was roughly equivalent to the time it took for Mike to forge a piece of equipment.

Basically, when a piece of new equipment was forged, the old equipment would have been completely digested by then.

Gradually, before a piece of new equipment was forged by Mike, Egg had already opened its eyes in advance, looking at the forging furnace with anticipation. 𝑖n𝚗𝘳e𝗮d. 𝒄𝐨𝗺

The time has shortened!

After Mike noticed this, he was very happy.

Because this detail could already prove that the strength of Egg was greatly increasing.

His appetite was growing, and his digestion time was getting faster and faster. This was enough to prove the speed of Egg’s growth.

Mike had a very strong feeling that Egg was about to break through the current stage!

His eyes did not leave Egg at all. His right hand subconsciously reached to his side, and then he was stunned.

He turned his head and looked to his right. He saw that the box that was originally filled with high-level materials was now empty.

Tom, who was at the side, saw that Mike had stopped moving, so he came back to his senses and looked over.

When he saw that there was only one last piece of material left in the box, he also said with an awkward expression,

“I was too focused just now. I completely didn’t notice that the materials had been used up. Don’t worry. I’ll go down and continue buying more materials. You can just keep forging on. We must let this little guy successfully break through today and evolve to the next stage!”

Mike smiled slightly when he heard that. “Thank you for your hard work.”

Little Fat Tom waved his chubby hand. “There’s no need so polite between us.”

After saying that, he went straight downstairs. It looked like he was going to continue buying materials.

Mike looked at Tom’s back and felt a sense of relief.

Having such a good friend who was willing to help him could be considered a blessing in life.

Thinking of this, he looked at the last material in his hand and threw it into the forging furnace.

Downstairs, Tom hurried to the shop from the stairs and asked the staff, “Did you buy any other forging materials when I went up just now?”

The staff sensed Tom’s anxiety and dared not to be negligent. They immediately answered,

“Second boss, there were some adventurers who wanted to sell materials just now, but the quality of the materials they gave was too low, so we didn’t buy them.”

When Tom heard this, he frowned deeply. Indeed, even if they bought low-quality materials, it would be meaningless.

The dragon upstairs had already eaten so many pieces of gold equipment but did not show any signs of evolving. How could those low-quality materials be of any use now?

He immediately walked out of the shop and came to the notice outside the shop. At this moment, there were a large number of players gathered outside the shop. Many of them were curious to see if this shop would produce a very valuable piece of equipment today.

Meanwhile, there were also many people who did not know what was going on here at all. They only gathered around when they saw a large number of people gathering around the shop.

When they heard the players who had been waiting here for a long time recount how this shop was purchasing materials and that the shop was probably forging top-tier equipment, the players who came after them did not leave.

Everyone wanted to see for themselves how good the attributes of high-level equipment were.

However, Tom’s appearance immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

Right when everyone thought that Tom was going to take out the equipment he had forged, they saw Tom suddenly change the contents of the notice.

“High price for high-level forging materials, 300% market price!”

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My Passive Skills are Invincible! Chapter 323 - Triple Purchase!