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My Passive Skills are Invincible!
Chapter 322 - The Rich

Chapter 322: The Rich

Tom’s perception of Mike had changed. He could feel that his good friend was no longer the same Mike he met beforehand.

Not only was he more powerful, but his status was also higher, and even his horizons had changed.

If it were him, no matter how important it was to nurture the dragon, he would not be so willing to feed the dragon with gold equipment.

Mike, on the other hand, did not care about the equipment at all. He threw it out without even glancing at it.

From this, it could be seen that there was an irreparable gap between the two of them.

Mike’s eyes were fixated on Egg, wanting to see if Egg could break through on the spot.

At this time, Egg had already swallowed the golden quality shield into its stomach.

It did not immediately ask Mike for the next piece of equipment. Instead, it quietly lay on the ground and digested the energy contained in the equipment.

Seeing this scene, Mike was convinced that it was about to happen. As expected, the effect of feeding gold equipment was much better than lesser graded equipment. Without any hesitation, he immediately picked up the next material and threw it into the forging furnace.

The material used this time was an excellent malachite, which was also a very precious material.

Tom, who had been feeling a little distressed from all this, also became nervous.

He did not care about the value of these materials at all. This was because he was now very clear that these materials were simply things that summed to nothing in Mike’s eyes.

As long as it was useful, he could use it without any hesitation. Even if it meant using it all endlessly.

The temperature in the room became very high, and Tom’s forehead has gradually perspired.

However, Mike could only be seen calmly looking at Egg as he observed the changes.

Egg has been lying on the ground, not having the slightest movement.

For this point, Mike did not feel irritated from it at all. On the contrary, the longer Egg took to digest, the more it proved that this method of feeding was the best.

After a few minutes, Egg opened its eyes again. Although it did not break through the juvenile stage, its attributes have been greatly improved.

When Mike saw this scene, he smiled.

It really worked!

At this rate, Egg would probably be able to break through very soon. At that time, he would also be able to obtain the dragon scale and successfully remove the curse of bud on his chest.

While he excitedly cheered, a golden light appeared once again in the forging furnace.

When Tom saw this scene, his entire face revealed an expression that was close to madness and joy.

“It’s gold again!!”

“What day is it today? Why is our luck so good!”

Mike smiled slightly and did not explain too much. He just took out the equipment from the forging furnace like he did before and threw it directly to Egg.

This time, it was a pistol. Egg caught the gold quality pistol effortlessly with its mouth and swallowed it. Then, it lay down again and began to digest the equipment.

Mike threw the materials into the furnace once again and waited quietly.

Tom could not help but swallow a mouthful of saliva when he saw the scene in front of him.

If anyone else saw this scene, they would probably die of anger on the spot.

It was very difficult for him to get a piece of gold equipment even if he risked his life, but this player in front of him actually threw it to his pet to be used as fodder!

Were he to share this with others, even they would feel equally as infuriated!

Time passed, minute by minute. The materials were thrown into the furnace one by one, and one by one, they became equipment and were taken out to be fed into the stomach of Egg.

When Tom saw this scene, he was extremely worried.

These materials would probably be used up very quickly, but the dragon showed no signs of going any further. It looked like it was just constantly being force-fed.

At this rate, he would not be able to witness the growth of the dragon today.

However, Mike suddenly said, “Tom, think of a way to buy some high-grade materials.”

Hearing this, Tom was slightly stunned. 𝑖𝗻𝗻𝑟e𝒶𝗱. 𝒄𝑜𝑚

He obviously did not expect that his good friend would continue to buy materials and feed the dragon!

The price of high-grade materials was not cheap at all, but Tom still resolutely walked downstairs and gave a few instructions to the NPC shop assistant.

Following this, a notice for purchasing advanced materials at a high price was hung at the entrance of the equipment store.

Most players would not use advanced materials after obtaining them. This was because most of them did not know how to forge. If they forged by themselves, it would be a waste of materials.

There was also a risk in spending money to hire professional forgers or NPCs to forge it as well. This was because they might not necessarily be able to forge very good equipment from it too.

For example, if Tom had forged the materials just now, most of them would only be able to forge blue-quality equipment.

If he was lucky, purple-quality equipment might appear, but that would be just from pure luck.

If he calculated the value of the materials, he might still lose money overall. Therefore, the importance of forging was very important.

Even in Tom’s equipment shop, most of the equipment sold here was only equipment obtained from killing monsters, clearing dungeons, and doing quests. There was no need to spend on expensive materials. Otherwise, the equipment shop would have closed down long ago.

Therefore, although the materials were valuable, they were used more as goods. To put it bluntly, only rich people could afford such high-grade materials.

After the notice was hung up, players who frequently mined ores immediately took out all the high-grade materials in their warehouses and sold them to Tom’s shop.

If these materials were sold during normal times, they could only sell for a normal price. It might even be a 90% to 95% of its usual price.

However, if someone wanted to buy them, the price could float to around 120% or even 150% to 200%.

Those who could afford these were mostly rich people, so these mining players were very patient and kept the materials in their warehouse, waiting for the rich to buy them.

After Mike had finished consuming the high-level materials in the warehouse, the new materials had been replenished.

Tom was shuttling back and forth between the upstairs and downstairs, busily buying the materials.

While Mike was constantly forging equipment upstairs and feeding Egg.

At this time, more and more players had gathered downstairs. Most of the players could not help but guess that the forger of this shop was trying to forge a top-tier equipment today.

The target was probably at least purple-quality!

Purple-quality equipment with excellent attributes or effects would immediately be placed in the shop after being forged and used as the shop’s signboard.

After all, this was the proof of the forger’s skills, and it was very valuable to the equipment shop.

They all gathered at the entrance of the shop, wanting to see what kind of equipment would be hung in the shop today.

However, what they did not know was that there was already a lot of gold equipment upstairs. Moreover, these gold equipment were all being fed to a tiny pet.

At this moment, a player wearing gold equipment came to the nearby street in Sarco City.

Seeing this scene, the even player was slightly stunned.

“Why is business booming in this shop today?”

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My Passive Skills are Invincible! Chapter 322 - The Rich