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My Passive Skills are Invincible!
Chapter 321 - A Bottomless Pit

Chapter 321: A Bottomless Pit

Looking at the equipment being inhaled by Egg, Tom could not help but swallow a mouthful of saliva.

After all, the equipment in that box was of excellent grade. No matter which equipment was placed on the first floor counter, it could greatly improve the business of the shop.

After all, who would look for an equipment store that did not sell good equipment?

However, every piece of equipment in the box that could be used as a ‘Signature Item’ was being fed to Egg as a meal.

Seeing this scene, even Tom became excited.

Who knew what this young dragon would become when it grew up?

The equipment in the box decreased one by one, but Egg seemed to never be full and kept eating.

After a few minutes, the box was completely empty. Then, Egg patted its round belly and burped.

Looking at the young dragon that had not changed at all, Mike and Tom fell silent.

After a moment, Tom could not help but wonder aloud, “Has it… changed?”

Mike opened Egg’s attribute pane and took a look.

Although there was a slight increase in all aspects of the attributes, it was still counted as a juvenile.

“There’s almost no change at all…”


Tom finally felt his heartache. Every piece of equipment could have been sold for a reasonably high price. They were all very good equipment.

However, now, all of them were eaten by this juvenile dragon.

It would be fine if there was a huge increase after eating it. This was a kind of investment with a huge return. Any player would spend all their money to nurture this juvenile dragon.

Who would have thought that a box of great equipment would only be exchanged for a tiny burp!

Although one of the pieces of equipment was forged by Tom, most of them were sent by Mike, so Tom did not say much.

He could not help but mutter in his heart.

Was this dragon even really worth nurturing?

Egg did not seem to notice Tom’s thoughts. Instead, it ran over happily and rubbed against Mike’s calf.

Mike smiled slightly.

He did not care about money at the moment. As long as he wanted to make money, he had many ways to earn it.

Compared to making money, he hoped that he could obtain great strength or help. Therefore, he had to cultivate Egg no matter what.

Moreover, Lady Nikorei had previously said that as long as Egg successfully broke through the boundary, he could obtain dragon scales that Egg would shed.

This way, the bud on Mike’s body could also be taken out. For Mike, this was something he had to do.

He could not kill his pet for the dragon scales, right?

Mike would not dare do such a short-sighted thing.

After bending down and gently stroking Egg’s head, Mike turned to look at Tom and said, “Do you have any materials in the shop? The better ones.”

Tom was slightly stunned.

Could it be that Mike still wanted to continue forging equipment to feed this baby dragon?!

The baby dragon looked like a bottomless pit that could not be filled!

However, although Tom had such thoughts in his heart, he did not say them out loud.

This was because he always remembered that this shop was given by Mike. Without Mike’s help, it was absolutely impossible for him to achieve the title of being the second boss by himself.

Therefore, without saying anything, he immediately went to the corner of the room, opened a box, and took out a few materials from the box.

Seeing the materials that Tom took out, Mike could not help but let out a low whistle, “You actually have such good materials?”

Tom smiled and said, “These were all bought at a low price. Last time, a player sold several pieces at one time, so I bought all of them. Originally, I wanted to keep these materials for future use. After all, my forging skills are not good enough. I was afraid that it would be a waste…”

Tom stroked the materials in his hand carefully and said with a smile.

It could be seen that he still cared about these materials. However, just as Tom was about to throw the materials into the forging furnace, Mike stopped him.

“Wait, let me do it.”

Tom was slightly stunned. “You do it?”

Mike just smiled and did not answer any further.

Seeing Mike’s confident look, Tom recalled something. When he met the super-rich player, Mike mentioned that he knew how to forge things. It was just that Mike had never shown it in front of Tom. Thinking of this, Tom’s focus deepened.

Maybe this time he could learn from Mike’s forging skills and what was different about the way he did it himself. If he could correct the details of his incorrect operation, it would definitely improve his forging skills greatly!

Then, Mike took two high-quality silver ingots from Tom’s hand and threw them into the furnace.

The temperature of the furnace was very high, and the high-quality silver ingots were melting slowly at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Right when Tom wanted to look closely at Mike’s forging skills, he saw Mike holding on to Egg in his arms and playing with it.

It looked like a father playing with his own child.

Seeing this scene, Tom’s eyes almost popped out.

‘Is this your f*cking forging method???

‘This is a high-quality silver ingot for god sake, can you be a little more serious!!!!

‘What happened to the master forger?

‘What happened to the superb skill???’

Although Tomridiculed Mike in his heart, he did not say anything out loud in the end. He knew that this shop belonged to Mike. He could do whatever he wanted.

‘At worst, I’ll just treat it as a waste,’ Tom thought.

However, just as Tom was feeling an oncoming heartache, he saw a golden light coming from the forging furnace. Tom was slightly stunned at first, then he immediately became excited.

“Hey, it seems that you have forged a piece of good equipment. Your luck is really too good!!! This is as expected of a high-grade material. I didn’t expect to see a piece of gold equipment so quickly in the game!”

Tom subconsciously attributed the results of this forging to luck and the quality of the materials.

After all, how could anyone just throw the materials into the forging furnace and produce a piece of gold equipment?

“Quick! Take it out and take a look at the attributes of the equipment!”

Little Fat Tom rubbed his chubby hands excitedly. He could not wait to see the value of this gold equipment.

Through the window of the forging furnace, one could see that this was a shield.

It was well known that a shield was a very valuable type of equipment. Many teams would need it to conquer a difficult dungeon. The most important test was whether the main tank’s defense was high enough.

If the main tank could not withstand the boss’s attack, then no matter how high the team’s DPS was, they would not be able to clear the dungeon.

However, after Mike took out the equipment, he threw it to Egg without even checking the attributes.

Egg did not even admire it either. It just opened its mouth and caught the shield.

In the next moment, Egg’s mouth was deformed by the shield.

Egg did not care at all, it swallowed the shield into its stomach happily.

Tom froze instantly from that simple gesture.

A piece of gold equipment, and he did not even take a look at it at all?!

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My Passive Skills are Invincible! Chapter 321 - A Bottomless Pit