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My Passive Skills are Invincible!
Chapter 314 - Impossible Proof

Chapter 314: Impossible Proof

City of Light.

The atmosphere in the tavern was the same as before. There was no difference.

The sharpshooter class instructor was the same as usual, he still sat in the corner, drunk and unconscious.

The bartender at the bar counter was still quietly wiping his cup.

Players would still suddenly appear here.

The bartender and Allen were already used to this point. However, the adventurer who appeared today was a little different. To be more precise, the thing he brought was a little special.

The bartender seemed to think that his eyes were playing tricks on him. He could not help but rub and widen his eyes to take a closer look.

This time, he was sure that his eyes were not playing tricks on him.

“Is this… a dragon?”

Hearing this, Mike raised his eyebrows and smiled, “That’s right. This is a baby dragon. It’s my pet.”

The bartender looked a little stunned. Soon, he walked out from behind the bar counter and looked at the baby dragon beside Mike.

Mike looked at the bartender quietly.

Normally, when an NPC suddenly made some strange moves or had a special conversation, it meant that the hidden quest was being triggered. Obviously, the trigger condition for this quest was a dragon.

Mike was really curious if anyone else was able to trigger this quest. After all… it was almost impossible to even see a dragon, let alone capture it as a pet.

“I… saw a dragon once,” The bartender looked at Egg as if he was talking to himself.

“You’ve seen one before?” Mike was also slightly surprised.

“Yes, I once saw a dragon. It was the only time in my life that I saw a dragon. I was excited and a little scared. I didn’t know what to do, so I told my friends about it, hoping to get their advice.

“But my friends didn’t believe what I said at all. They said that dragons are legendary creatures that don’t exist in this world. If there really were dragons in this world, I’m afraid this continent would have been destroyed long ago.”

At this point, the bartender was silent for a moment, as if he was recalling the past.

Mike still did not speak and just waited quietly for his continuation. As a veteran player for more than thirty years, he naturally knew how to deal with this situation.

He just needed to wait in order for the NPC to continue talking.

After a while, the bartender raised his head and asked, “What’s this kid’s name?”


“… a good name indeed .” The bartender’s expression became a little strange.

Who would name a dragon Egg?

Mike looked at the bartender’s expression and was very suspicious of whether the other party would answer saying it was a good name no matter what name was mentioned in this mission.

After a moment, the bartender spoke again.

“God Slayer, could you do me a favor?”

Mike smiled when he heard that. Obviously, this was going to trigger the hidden mission. He had been right all along.

Mike nodded, “Please, carry on.”

“Ever since I told my friends that I saw a giant dragon and they didn’t believe me, I haven’t spoken to them anymore. I couldn’t stand being with them thinking that I was a liar. Can you help me prove that there are dragons in this world?”

Mike was slightly stunned. “What should I do? I just need to show them Egg?”

“Yes, that’s enough. At least it can prove that there are dragons in this world.”

Then, a white dialog box appeared in front of Mike.

[Do you accept the mission — Witness?]

Mike was silent. He was actually a little disappointed. This mission was too simple, and the simpler the mission, the less the reward.

He thought that this mission, which could only be completed with a dragon pet, would be special.

He did not expect it to be as simple as this. Although the first few rounds of some missions were very simple, the difficulty sometimes lay at the end, and the rewards at the end would be higher.

However, this mission obviously would not have any follow-up.

After all… Mike would not go so far as to help the bartender prove that he really saw a dragon, right?

There was no way to prove this.

Wait a minute…

Mike was slightly stunned when he thought of this.

“I have a question. Even if I bring Egg to your friend and prove that there really is a giant dragon in this world, they might still not believe you. After all, this dragon is too young. It’s obviously not the same one you saw back then.”

After all, Egg was only born today.

However, the bartender shook his head and replied helplessly, “There’s nothing I can do about it. After all, this happened 35 years ago. I can’t prove to them that I saw the exact same dragon now. I’m just happy that I’ve managed to see another dragon now which confirms that dragons really do exist.”

After listening to the bartender’s words, Mike was finally certain. This hidden mission was indeed not something that could be done by just proving that Egg was a real dragon.

He smiled and said, “What if I can prove to them you really saw a giant dragon back then?”

Hearing Mike’s words, the bartender was also slightly stunned. Then, the expression on his face clearly became more excited.

“God Slayer, are you serious?! If you really have a way to help me prove this, I’ll be very grateful to you!”

The next moment, the dialog box in front of Mike disappeared and was replaced by a new one.

It was a golden quest!

[Would you like to accept the mission — Proof of Non-existence?]

Mike immediately chose to click on the yes button. He patted the bartender’s shoulder and said,

“Don’t worry, leave this matter to me. I’ll help you prove it.”

After saying that, Mike left the tavern. For others, this mission seemed almost impossible to solve. Moreover, this was a hidden mission, but it seemed too easy. Obviously, it did not match the difficulty of triggering it. So there must have been a deeper mission that could be triggered.

Mike knew this, and he succeeded.

Proving that there were dragons in the world and proving that the bartender had seen dragons were two completely different natures.

Sure enough, the mission turned into a golden mission. It was worth it.

Stone looked at Mike and asked curiously, “Brother, how are you going to help him? Are we going to find the dragon that he saw with his own eyes and attest to his words?”

Mike smiled slightly and shook his head, “How can we find that dragon? That’s impossible.”

“Then, what do you plan to do?”

“It’s simple. Others may not know this secret, but I know it very well. There’s a special profession in this world called a psychic.”

That’s right. As long as he could invite a psychic to testify, everything would be much simpler.

What he wanted to do was to restore the scene from 35 years ago!

The psychic Mike was referring to was, of course, none other than the elderly elven lady he had come into contact with on the other side.

Lady Nikorei!

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My Passive Skills are Invincible! Chapter 314 - Impossible Proof