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My Passive Skills are Invincible!
Chapter 309 - An Unexpected Outcome

Chapter 309: An Unexpected Outcome

Hearing this, she was completely stunned. She was just about to lead her army to charge over, but why did the humans attack first?

Why did this matter seem like they were in the right?

She immediately ran out of the palace and rushed to the city walls. She had just climbed up the city wall when a fireball flew over with a whoosh, brushing past her head.

At this moment, her heart burned with anger.

Did these guys really think that the elven race was afraid of them!

Originally, the elven queen had only planned to put on an act and fight a few battles, then wait for the King of the human race to take the initiative to negotiate with her.

After all, everyone knew that the human race and the elven race’s strength were very close.

Once the battle reached the point of no end, no one would win from it.

In the end, it would be the other races who eyed the battle covetously that would reap the benefits.

However, this problem required a more aggressive solution.

“This has become more than a battle, I must gather up the army to attack!”

She roared angrily and walked to the edge of the city wall. In the next moment, the elven queen’s body trembled slightly, her footsteps stopped, and her body froze in its place.

She saw that the land outside the city wall was densely packed with people.

There were humans, trolls, dwarves, lizards, and all kinds of other races.

Almost all the races in the world were on the opposite end!

In an instant, the elven queen was stunned.

What was going on?

Why did the human race have so many allies!?

Could it be that killing the elven queen was only the first step, and their real goal was to wipe out the entire elven race?

Other than that, the elven queen could not think of any other possibilities.

Otherwise, how could this scene in front of her be explained?

The elven queen was already panicking.

The adventurers of various races outside were shouting and cursing arrogantly. From time to time, some long-ranged attack adventurers would casually cast a skill or fire a gun to provoke the elven soldiers on the city wall.

However, these elven soldiers dare not to prepare any counter-attacks.

The entire city wall only had a few hundred guards.

There were hundreds of thousands of people that were outside!

If they really fought, it would be no different from throwing an egg at a rock. They were just courting death!

How could they fight?

Looking at the situation outside, the commander of the guards on the city wall asked with a defeated expression. 𝓲𝓷nr𝒆𝚊d. 𝘤𝑜𝘮

“Your Majesty… What should we do now?”

“What should we do?” The elven queen’s expression was worse than his royal subjects.

“What else can we do? We should just surrender!”

At the edge of Wallow Mountain, Mike and Stone were taking their time walking on the path. Mike was recalling the exact location of the Bandit Alliance’s treasure vault as they both walked.

Beside him, Stone asked curiously, “Aren’t the humans and elves going to war? Why aren’t you going? I think joining the war would be much more interesting than coming here.”

To the little tree spirit, everything in the world was much more interesting than walking.

Stone had been walking for so long and already felt bored from it all.

Mike, on the other hand, smiled and showed a very witty expression, “Stone, you don’t understand. Actually, this is all part of my plan!”

“Your plan?” Stone’s eyes were filled with curiosity. All plans that he did not know of were interesting to him.

“Hmph, those adventurers should be working hard to attack the elven territory by now. According to my experience, the elven queen usually stays in the Ancient City of Life. The first city that the adventurers would attack is most likely going to be the Ancient City of War.

“It will take at least a few hours from the time they attack the Ancient City of War to completely overrun it. Then, the elven queen will lead the soldiers from other cities to the Ancient City of War to counterattack. This will take a very long time before they arrive.

“Therefore, we don’t need to rush there at all. When they’re almost done, our business will be done as well.

“When that time comes, we can go back and participate in the war. Wouldn’t it be better to directly end the war when we arrive?”

Hearing Mike’s analysis, Stone also showed an excited expression.

“You’re really too smart for your own good sometimes!”

“Of course, heroes always appear last. This is what it means to live dramatically!”

Mike patted his chest and showed a confident and foolproof look.

However, the next second, an announcement sounded in the air.

[The war has come to an end. Congratulations to the human camp for winning this war. Rewards are being distributed to all players of the human camp!].

Hearing this announcement ring out, Mike was stunned.

What was going on?

The war had ended?!

How did the human side win?

How long has it been, an hour?

No, less than an hour, at most 40 minutes… it only took 40 minutes to end a war?

Mike was stunned. He did not understand what went wrong.

Of course, he did not expect the elven queen to be in the Ancient City of Life, but in the Ancient City of War.

He also did not expect that the elven queen was actually preparing to launch an attack before the humans attacked.

What he did not expect the most was that the elven queen actually surrendered!

After all, when the new queen ascended the throne, what she needed the most was to win over the hearts of her people.

If she wanted to make her people completely submit, as the elven queen, she had to do something that they would approve of.

Therefore, this battle was supposed to be a bloody one.

Whether it was to avenge her mother or to make the elven race completely submit to the new elven queen, this war should have lasted for a long time.

Who would have thought that the elven queen actually thought that this war was a gathering of all the races in the world and had been planned for a long time.

The elven race going alone against the entire world? The current queen knew that it was a losing battle.

Apart from surrendering, the elven queen had no other choice.

The small tree spirit even received the full-service announcement of the event clearly as well. However, it was not transmitted in the form of sound. It was more like information was directly stuffed into its mind.

NPCs like them would never question where the information came from. They just simply accepted the news.

When Stone got the news, the tree spirit looked up at Mike.

“Well… the war seems to be over.”

“… looks like it.”

“So we won’t have a chance to end the war?”

“… it seems so…”

“So, are we not going to be heroes?”


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My Passive Skills are Invincible! Chapter 309 - An Unexpected Outcome