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My Passive Skills are Invincible!
Chapter 308 - Theyre Too Weak and Im Lazy to Fight Them

Chapter 308: They’re Too Weak and I’m Lazy to Fight Them

As time passed, more and more players from different territories and various races had asked to join the human camp.

There were ten thousand or even tens of thousands of players from each of the dozen or so races.

In just an hour, there were already more than 200,000 foreign players in the human camp. They all stood in anticipation outside the city walls.

At the front, Mike faced the direction of the City of Light and looked at the players in front of him. He was completely silent.

He had planned to fight a good battle in this war and display his strength.

There was once a good saying — If you are very confident, then you should hide it well, because the more hidden cards you have, the better it will be for you.

However, if you are not very confident, then it is best to show your full strength at the beginning so that others will be afraid of you.

Mike seemed to fit in the latter category looking as to how he showed off his move just now.

The bud in his body had still not been taken out, weakening his state. Moreover, the more the bud grew, the weaker he would become.

At such a time, the best decision was to display his ultimate move and let everyone know of his power.

In this way, those who were scheming against him would be more or less afraid of attacking them.

Based on Mike’s perception, he really was not trying to act cool just now.

Seeing the players behind him, they could not wait to start a big battle. Everyone could not hold back their excitement. Some people even started to feel restless from it all.

They could not wait any longer!

Mike raised his hands, signaling for everyone to quiet down. Although everyone was excited, they dared not disobey the words of the strongest player in the new server, God Slayer.

After a few seconds, the 200,000-man team immediately quieted down.

Other than the sound of the wind howling, it was pin-drop silent.

Mike nodded in satisfaction.

“Since everyone has joined the human camp, we are now comrades! In this battle, there is a huge gap between us and the elves.

“Based on my estimation, even if they include the NPCs, they wouldn’t be able to gather an army of more than 50,000 people.

“Therefore, we will definitely win this battle!”

Hearing this, many players raised their weapons in excitement and echoed Mike’s words, shouting loudly.

“We will definitely win!”

“Kill them all!!!”

“The reward for this event belongs to us!!”

Humans always liked to travel together. The more companions they had, the more they felt that they were right. Obviously, everyone had already taken the victory of this war for granted.

Mike smiled with great satisfaction when he heard the sounds of his people.

“Obviously, everyone is already filled with fighting spirit. In that case, please set off directly to attack the elves. I believe that for our comrades, this war should be easier than squashing an ant.”

Hearing this, one of the troll players could not help but speak up, “God Slayer, you just said that you want us to attack the elves. Don’t you want to come with us?”

This sentence obviously raised more questions in everyone’s heart.

When Mike heard this, he smiled and said, “They’re too weak for me to make such moves. I’ve decided that I won’t fight with you for the rewards of this event. Of course, if all of you can’t handle it, I’ll come back to help.”

At first, hearing the first half of Mike’s words, everyone had mixed feelings.

Some people felt that God Slayer’s words were very domineering. In the eyes of God Slayer, the elves were no different from insects.

Some people were worried that without the help of God Slayer, they would have a hard time fighting this war.

However, most of them began crafting plans in their hearts. Since God Slayer did not intend to join this war, should they consider joining the elven camp?

After all, the reward for the victory of the elves seemed to be much better than that of the humans.

However, after hearing the second half of the sentence, they immediately dispelled the thoughts of betraying the human camp in their hearts.

Forget it, they would just obediently join the human camp.

Once God Slayer joins the battle, everyone present would be no match for him at all!

Earning less… was better than not earning anything at all!

After all, dying would lose experience points, and there was even the possibility of losing their equipment.

It was not worth it.

After arranging this matter, Mike immediately ordered the NPCs and human players on the city wall to come down. He then made someone lead the players of other races to the elven territory.

Mike himself left in another direction.

His priority now was not to participate in the war but to take out the bud growing on his body.

If the war was interesting, it might have attracted Mike to participate. However, now it seemed that the odds of winning the war were 9:1.

The human race and their allies accounted for 90%, and the eld race only accounted for 10%.

Even if Mike led them to win the war, he would not feel any sense of accomplishment. In that case, he decided to attend to more important matters at hand.

So, after the players had gone far away, Mike picked up the stone and walked to the Wallow Mountain.


Elf race, Ancient City of War.

In the meeting room, an unusually young female elf was sitting alone on a chair, deep in thought.

The sound of her fingers tapping on the table was the only sound that came out of the meeting room.

When the news of the elf queen’s death came, she was the first to receive the news. Her first reaction was not grief and anger, but joy.

It was not too late for Ulysses Sabrina to ascend the throne as the elven queen. She could even be considered the youngest elven queen in the history of the elven race.

Under such circumstances, as an elven princess, it would take her a very, very long time to inherit the throne of the elven queen.

It was so long that she could not wait any longer.

Fortunately, the elven queen had gradually weakened from a few years ago. At that time, she knew that the elven queen was cursed. Moreover, it was an unbreakable curse!

Therefore, she resisted the idea of usurping the throne and waited patiently.

Her patience pulled through because the elven queen had finally died!

Although she was killed by a human, she did not mind.

As long as that old lady died, she was happy no matter the method.

Thinking of this, the elven princess, now the new elven queen, smiled coldly.

Although she was very happy and even wanted to celebrate, she still had to do the superficial work.

After all, she was the daughter of Ulysses Sabrina.

How could her daughter be happy that her mother died?

Of course, she should show her grief and lead the elven soldiers and the elven adventurers to take revenge on the human race with endless anger.

This was the right thing to do.

She knew what she should do. After all, her mother was very good at this. Therefore, even though she was only 500 years old, she was already very shrewd.

After controlling her emotions, she slowly walked out of the meeting room.

“Men, gather all the soldiers. I want to take revenge on the human race!”

Her eyes turned red and bloodshot. It was obvious that she was so angry that she was about to lose her temper.

However, a servant outside the palace rushed in with a panicked expression.

“Your Majesty! The humans have already started their attack!”


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My Passive Skills are Invincible! Chapter 308 - Theyre Too Weak and Im Lazy to Fight Them