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My Passive Skills are Invincible!
Chapter 307 - I Could Tell That They Were Spies.

Chapter 307: I Could Tell That They Were Spies.

Mike’s voice was too soft for the lizard players to hear what he said.

So, although the players behind Mike could hear it clearly, the lizard players in the distance did not hear it at all.

Their faces were still filled with jubilant smiles. There were even many lizard players waving at them as if they were old friends who had been separated for many years.

They were completely unaware of the danger they were about to face.

As Mike’s aura became stronger and stronger, the players behind him had already silently mourned for the oncoming calvary.

It seemed that these poor lizard players had not realized the seriousness of the problem.

At this moment, Mike slowly pulled out the Greatsword of Meredith on his back.

The aura that had gathered around Mike’s body immediately underwent an earth-shaking change and began to grow wildly.

It had even formed streams of air currents. Along with the dust and fallen leaves, it formed a small hurricane!

Witnessing this scene unfold, every player behind Mike became excited.

“Such strength!”

“This is so cool!”

“There’s actually such a cool skill in this game!”

“Who knew it’d look this cool!”

At this moment, the lizard players in the distance also noticed that something was wrong.

That player in frnt seemed to be the legendary God Slayer!

Wait, why did that human player pull out his weapon?

All of a sudden, many of the lizard players panicked.

They raised their hands and shouted.

“Wait, are you God Slayer?”

“You’re mistaken, we’re not enemies, we’re on the same side!”

“We’re here to join the human camp and help you fight the elves!!!”

As if they were worried that God Slayer would not be able to hear them clearly, they even quickened their pace. As a result, the players from the City of Light saw a very strange scene.

A group of green-skinned lizard players that wore fancy armor ran towards God Slayer with their hands held high.

When the lizard players were only a few hundred meters away. They shouted loud enough for everyone to hear their intentions.

Whether it was through hearing or vision, they could tell that these lizard players had absolutely no intention of attacking.

However, Mike still slowly extended his right hand and pulled out the Sword of the King from his waist.

In an instant, the aura around Mike’s body surged once again.

The tornado-like airflow immediately expanded causing the human players to be stunned once again.

“Hey, hey, they’re here to join us!!”

“They’re literally shouting at us to not attack!!”

“Stop pretending to not hear them!!”

At this time, Mike held the Greatsword of Meredith in his left hand and the Sword of the King in his right hand.

Even though his strength had been reduced to 5% due to the bud on his chest, he still emitted a very shocking aura.

No one doubted God Slayer’s power, everyone knew that the lizard players were going to be annihilated soon.

As long as God Slayer made a move, those guys would be instantly killed.

As Mike’s aura rose again, the lizard players finally slowed down.

“Hey, ey, hey, he seems to be planning to attack us!”

“Don’t the humans want us to join their camp?”

“What should we do now?”

Many of the lizard players had already sensed the danger. Most of them thought that God Slayer and the others might be worried that the lizard players were pretending to join, but in fact, they were planning to launch a sneak attack.

However, they did not know how to prove their sincerity.

In fact, what they did not expect was that Mike had not misunderstood them at all.

He just wanted to show off this move.

There were some unrepentant lizard players that still ran forward as their hands were raised above their heads. Even their weapons were put back into the players’ backpacks to show that they are unarmed.

They wanted to prove to God Slayer that they were on the same side.

However, at the next moment, Mike made his move.

The two weapons in his hands waved rapidly in front of Mike, turning into afterimages. Each slash of these afterimages turned into a sword aura, remaining in front of Mike and not shooting out.

As the number of times Mike slashed increased, the sword aura in front of Mike also became more and more.

So much so that it almost covered Mike’s entire body.

Many lizard players stood rooted as they watched it all unfold.

It was too late to say anything now! The enemy was about to launch an attack!

They began to turn around and run in all directions.

They hoped to avoid this attack.

Meanwhile, some simple-minded lizard players still rushed forward.

“God Slayer, don’t attack! We’re on the same side!”

“We’re here to join the human camp! Don’t attack!”

One of the Lizard players even took out a white stone from his backpack.

With a series of spellcasting actions, the white stone actually formed a magic array.

“God Slayer, we want to join the human camp, don’t attack us!!!”

His voice was as loud as a thunder strike. It seemed that the white stone array had a sound amplification effect.

No one knew how he got such a tool, but using it now was indeed the wisest choice.


Mike was silent for a moment.

This time, the voice that shouted was really like a loudspeaker that shouted in his ear.

Even a deaf person should have heard it, right?

Right when everyone thought that God Slayer had stopped ignoring the pleas of the players… They saw Mike’s slashing speed suddenly increase.

“Hey hey stop forcing your attacks on them!!

“Everyone heard what he said, stop pretending that you didn’t hear it!”

“Stop acting so cockily”

“You’re a bunch of spies sent by the elf clan, die! Take this!” Following Mike’s shout, the sword shadows in front of him all flew forward like arrows leaving a bow.

As the sword aura advanced, cracks appeared on the ground like a cloth being torn apart. After the first sword aura touched the first lizard player, the first white light appeared outside the City of Light.

Then, the second beam, the third beam, the fourth beam..

One beam of white light after another lit up from the player’s body.

Each beam of white light represented a player’s HP being cleared to zero.

In just a few breaths, it was as if there were more than 10,000 incandescent lamps placed outside the City of Light.

It was so bright that it was blinding!

When the sword’s aura was pushed to an extremely far distance away, it was when everyone could clearly open their eyes to get back their bearings.

The entire City of Light had become completely silent.

Other than Mike, the trolls players, and dwarven players behind him, there was no other life outside the City of Light.

Only equipment was left on the ground, which proved what had just happened.

Mike was silent for a moment, put away the weapons in his hands, turned around, and said to everyone in a righteous tone,

“Those guys had actually joined the elf camp a long time ago. They pretended to join our side, but in fact, they were here for a sneak attack.

“I saw through their scheme at a first glance, so I immediately killed them!”

Mike’s words were vivid as if they were real.

The troll and dwarf players looked at the ID above Mike’s head but chose to remain silent.

Killing people from the same camp… should not give someone a red name, right?

Many players could see that his ID was so red that it almost oozed out the blood from the number of players he destroyed.

However, Mike seemed to not care about everyone’s gaze at all. He thought for a moment and then asked very naturally, 𝚒𝒏𝓃𝓻e𝑎𝙙. 𝙘o𝑚

“By the way, was my move cool just now?”


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My Passive Skills are Invincible! Chapter 307 - I Could Tell That They Were Spies.