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My Passive Skills are Invincible!
Chapter 305 - Were All on the Same Side

Chapter 305: We’re All on the Same Side

At this moment, Mike stood in place like a God of War, quietly waiting for the troll army from afar to approach.

On the city wall, many human players turned on the recording function when they saw this scene. They were prepared to upload this scene to the forum or send it to their friends to show off.

These players were a group that worshipped individual heroism.

Each of them yearned to be strong enough to not be afraid of an army.

Looking at Mike from afar, all of them sighed in admiration.

In the game world, without the threat of his life, he had gained back his confidence.

Even if the bud in his body had not been taken out and his strength was only at 5%, he did not have any worries.

As long as he had the Umbrella of Meredith and his passive skills, the players would have almost no methods available to hurt Mike.

Even if he was really killed, there would be almost no loss for him.

Anyway, in this world, he did not need any equipment, and weapons could not be dropped, so he would not lose anything from a death.

Therefore, the current Mike was fearless!

In the distance, the troll players had high fighting spirits on their faces, and every one of them had excited smiles.

Mike could already imagine what they were thinking at this moment.

It was nothing more than what kind of generous rewards they would get after killing him, as well as the elven noble title.

Mike had seen many such enemies before, but none of them had succeeded.

He would soon let these greedy people experience what crushing strength was.

Mike slowly raised his hands, ready to use the Thousand Shadowed Slashes skill that he had just learned.

However, when the troll players got closer, one of the troll players shouted, “Look, everyone, the big boss in front seems to be God Slayer!”

Hearing this, Mike was slightly stunned.

Originally, this did not sound like a problem. After all, this was a game, and the other party could see his ID.

That joyful and excited tone was odd, why did Mike feel like he heard a hint of worship from this sentence?

The most ridiculous thing was, why did these players call him big boss just now?

When Mike was busy thinking about it, the troll players were got in an uproar.

“God Slayer, we’re here to join the human army!”

“You’re so powerful, you should be able to lead us to win this war!”

“Only a fool would go against someone like you. If we obediently join the human camp and win this war, we’ll definitely get some benefits!”

“The real benefits are what we’re here for. The benefits to kill you aren’t what we want. Let alone the title of nobility, that sh*ts useless anyways. We all know that we can’t beat God Slayer.”

“Hey, I’m a big fan, can I take a photo with you!”


One sentence after another came out of the troll players’ mouth

Mike fell completely silent.

So, after waiting for a long time, these guys actually intended on joining the human camp?

Were they even players?

What happened to greed?

What happened to nobility?

What happened to one against a thousand?

Mike could not help but look back at the players and NPCs on the city wall.

Those guys’ eyes were also filled with shock.

Obviously, no one had predicted this outcome.

Originally, everyone was prepared to enjoy the one and only God Slayer’s slaughter show.

In the end, the other party presented themselves as an ally, which made people feel a sense of unsatisfied disappointment.

Under the city wall, Mike looked at the excited players in front of him and sighed helplessly.

“Alright, since you guys are joining the human camp, I can’t refuse you guys. You can just go and find the NPC in charge of this matter.”

Normally, there would be corresponding NPCs in this faction-based version of the event.

As long as they found the NPC, talked to them and chose to join the camp, it would be fine.

These NPCs were usually quite easy to find, and they would always stay in a particularly conspicuous place.

Originally, Mike thought that these troll players would immediately rush into the City of Light after hearing these words, scrambling to find an NPC officer and then choose a camp.

However, after hearing Mike’s words, the troll players did not move. Instead, they looked at each other.

This made Mike feel a little puzzled.

He thought that they intended on joining the human faction, were they not?

Why did they not move at all?

Who knew that the troll players would also have strange expressions. Their next words also stunned Mike.

“Um, we seem to have already joined the human camp.”

“Already joined? When? Could it be that the NPC in charge of the human camp is outside this city? How is that possible?”

However, after Mike said this, the troll player’s expressions became even stranger.

“Um… It seems that after you agreed for us to join the human camp, we successfully joined…”

A troll player spoke up.

This time, Mike was stunned.


‘The NPC responsible for recruiting soldiers for the human camp was actually me?? Even if the freedom of the second world was very high, wasn’t this too ridiculous? I’m a F*cking player!! Why should I be the one to do the NPC’s job!!!’ Mike cursed and cursed in his heart as he outwardly sighed.

Actually, this was very reasonable.

After all, he was an adventurer that was appointed by King Harvey to be the commander. In that case, if adventurers of other races wanted to join the human camp in this war, they would naturally have to ask Mike, the Commander of the Adventurer Legion, to sign up.

It was reasonable.

“Alright, since you’ve already joined the camp, then hurry up and get out of the way. I still have something to…”

Mike waved his hand helplessly and prepared to set off for Wallow Mountain again. After all, if there was no battle, he had no plans to stay.

However, just as he was about to say something, he heard a soldier on the city wall shout, “God Slayer, a large number of dwarf adventurers have been discovered ahead. They are suspected to be enemy troops!!!”

When Mike heard this, his eyes immediately lit up.

A large number of adventurers?

Suspected to be enemy troops?

This was f*cking awesome!

The stage and the audience were already prepared and these dwarven players were the best assistants!

Of course, they were the ones who were going to be killed though.

The troll players were also excited when they heard this news.

They did not expect to be able to fight as soon as they joined the human camp.

It was obvious that everyone enjoyed fighting in this game.

Mike smiled and raised his hand, “Stand behind me, let me show you a new move I’ve recently picked up. You have to watch this move carefully. You know, this move is…”

Mike’s confident tone and the information he revealed made the troll players excited.

They never thought that they would have the chance to enjoy witnessing God Slayer destroy his enemies at such a close distance in their lifetime. This was simply the luckiest day of their lives!

However, before Mike could finish his words, the dwarven players in front of him shouted in advance.

“Are those players from the human camp in front? We’re here to join forces with you!!!”


“Are you kidding me? What about the war? Why are we all on the same side?”

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My Passive Skills are Invincible! Chapter 305 - Were All on the Same Side