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My Passive Skills are Invincible!
Chapter 303 - : How Can This King Have Nothing?

Chapter 303: How Can This King Have Nothing?

The voice was not particularly loud or commanding, but at that moment, the entire palace fell silent.

All the attendants looked at Mike with a look of shock and fear.

This adventurer actually called the king by his name?

He was being too arrogant!

This kind of thing had never happened in this world. Even adventurers had never done this before. However, although the NPCs were very frightened, Mike did not pick up on it at all.

It was as if he did not feel that he had done anything wrong.

King Harvey’s somewhat resentful voice came from the corridor behind the palace.

“I’m here. If you want something, just say it.”

At this moment, the attendants were even more surprised.

King Harvey did not punish him for his behavior!?

Harvey slowly walked out of the corridor and into the hall.

He looked at Mike with resentment and sighed, “Even if you’re a human hero and the commander of the human army, you should at least show me some respect, right? You’re making me lose my respectability in this place.”

After saying that, he glanced at the attendants around him. Obviously, these attendants had all heard how Mike addressed King Harvey just now.

When Harvey’s gaze swept over them, these attendants all lowered their heads and pretended that they had not heard anything.

Mike smiled slightly and said, “I’m sorry, I was too anxious and didn’t think too much about it. Anyways, do you have dragon scales here?”

The corners of King Harvey’s eyes twitched slightly.

Did he just say that he was anxious?

Yet he still continued to make his request as if it was nothing.

Wait a minute…

What did he just say?!

It was only then that Harvey seemed to react. He was slightly stunned.

“Did you just say you’re looking for dragon scales?”


Mike nodded slightly as if he did not make an excessive request.

“Let me confirm it again. Are you talking about… dragon scales?”


“Dragon scales?”

“That’s right. So do you have them or not?”

Mike raised his eyebrows.

Harvey felt bad.

What did this kid think the royal family was made out of?



“No! I really don’t have them!” Harvey said unhappily.

Those were dragon scales they were talking about!

Dragon scales!!!

Who would ask for something of this rarity so easily?

Did he think that there were all kinds of things in the palace??

When Mike heard this answer, he looked a little disappointed.

“Not even half a dragon scale?”

“… No”

“Hey, hey, hey, what do you mean you don’t have dragon scales? These are dragon scales we’re talking about!”

“If you want dragon scales, you have to at least kill a giant dragon first!”

“How’s that possible!!!”

The king felt as if his blood pressure had risen.

Why was this kid being so ridiculous?

When Mike heard Harvey’s reply, he sighed.

“Sigh, what’s the point of calling yourself king if you have nothing.”


Was there any logical connection between these two things?

Also, is it normal to not have dragon scales?

How should one make of this situation?

Who told this kid that a king should have dragon scales!!!!

Harvey felt his heart ache from all this.

If these words were said by another adventurer, Harvey’s friendship with that adventurer would have long been reduced to hostility.

However, the one who said these words was God Slayer.

Harvey knew very well how powerful this adventurer was. The king could only have friendly relationships with this guy and absolutely could not become sworn enemies.

Once they become enemies, the entire human race would probably be wiped out!

With this thought, Harvey resisted the faint pain in his chest. Then, he forced a smile at Mike.

“What do you want the dragon scales for?”

“Don’t worry about it. It has nothing to do with you. If there are no dragon scales, I’ll leave first. I’m very busy.”


Watching Mike leave, Harvey felt that his blood pressure was going to rise again.

Adventurers were indeed a group of people who could not be analyzed with common sense!

Before Mike stepped out of the palace, Harvey vaguely seemed to hear Mike mutter to himself.

“The human king sure is a poor man.”


After Mike left the palace, he vaguely heard a muffled sound behind him, followed by a flurry of hurried footsteps.

However, he did not look back, because he was not interested in whoever was making that sound. What if he turned around to see King Harvey on the ground being depressed as all his attendants panicked. All because he was ‘too poor’.

After leaving the palace, Mike stroked his chin and thought.

He thought there would be dragon scales in the palace, but there were not any.

How could he find dragon scales?

He could not really find a dragon to kill, right?

Even if Mike was confident in his strength, dragons were not easy to find.

After all, it had been so many years since the second world descended on Earth, but the dragon’s nest had not been discovered yet. Therefore, it would still be very difficult to obtain a dragon scale.

Thinking of this, Mike opened the forum and searched for a specific keyword — dragon scale.

After all, the players of the second world had unlimited possibilities. No one could be sure if a player obtained a piece of dragon scale while doing a hidden quest and wished to sell it in the forum.

However, after clicking enter, the forum’s search engine showed zero relevant information.

In other words, the entire forum did not mention any posts related to dragon scales.

After all, the forum did not differentiate between new servers and regions. If it could not be found here, it meant that no one in the region had mentioned the dragon scale.

Thinking of this, Mike once again felt resentment towards Ulysses Sabrina.

If it were not for that elven woman, he would not have encountered such a troublesome bad thing.

However, he had already killed her, so no matter how much he resented her, it was useless.

Mike would not do something like killing all the elven NPCs and players to vent his anger.

It was meaningless.

Mike had no choice but to make a post in the forum.

“Looking for dragon scales and would pay a high amount for it.”

The content of the post was very clear. As long as anyone had dragon scales, they should leave a comment under the post. Mike was willing to pay any amount to obtain it.

For Mike, it was not difficult to make money. It was only whether he was willing to spend the time to make money.

The important thing was that he had to quickly take out the bud on his chest. After all, the bud has been growing ever since it parasitized Mike’s body.

Mike’s body was also becoming weaker and weaker from this.

He was not sure if his attributes would be reduced to 0.00000001% if he did not take out the seed.

If it really could be reduced to that extent, even if he had all kinds of passive skills, it would be difficult for him to display his true strength.

The sooner this matter was resolved, the better.

Finding the dragon scale was of the utmost urgency now!

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My Passive Skills are Invincible! Chapter 303 - : How Can This King Have Nothing?