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My Passive Skills are Invincible!
Chapter 302 - The Activity Has Been Triggered Again

Chapter 302: The Activity Has Been Triggered Again

Looking at Mike’s expression, the corners of Timus’s eyes twitched slightly.

As expected, this kid spoke the same way as his teacher!

Could it be that this guy was his teacher back then?

That is impossible…

Right about when Timus’s thoughts ran wild, Mike was slightly stunned by something else.

This was because he had once again triggered the universal announcement.

[God Slayer has successfully killed the elven queen! War has been triggered! Elven faction players who successfully kill God Slayer will receive the elven noble title!]

The universal announcements repeated itself consecutively three times, and the adventurers had an uproar!

God Slayer had actually triggered the universal announcement again?

This time, he killed the elven queen?!

Why did he kill the elven queen!!!

Could it be that NPCs were to be all casually killed by God Slayer?

Most of the players were dumbfounded. However, a small number of players were already used to this.

This matter may sound ridiculous, but if it was done by the one and only God Slayer, it was normal.

However, after the shock, all the players had noticed the main point of this matter.

It was war!

The humans and elves were going to war!!!

For the players, this was another version of the event. Obviously, if the players who joined the elves’s camp won, they would receive huge benefits! Especially more so for the players who get to kill God Slayer — they would receive the elven title.

One should note that this was the title of nobility in the elf clan.

This kind of title was very rare, and even in the major regions, no player had ever obtained it.

In other words, no player could trigger such a big event other than Mike!

Now, except for the elves and humans who had to join their own races’s camps, players from other races could choose which camp to join!

All of a sudden, all the players took action…

At this moment, after Mike’s momentary daze, he revealed a smile.

It seemed that he was going to become the public enemy again.

When was the last time he made enemies with the whole world?

It seemed to be when he slaughtered the great believers of the Fire God. At that time, he accidentally drew the aggro of the local NPCs, causing all the NPCs and players in the city to attack him.

However, now was not as simple as the number of cities. This time, it was the real world. At least, it was the whole world of the new server.

At the thought of the fierce battle that was about to happen, Mike could not help but become a little excited.

In the parallel world, he had experienced a real war.

In the game, he had also attacked a city once.

However, right now, he was facing an army!

As a player, he had an irresistible desire for such a large-scale battle.

Mike had to suppress his excitement, for now, he knew that he had more important things to do first.

That was to quickly take out the bud in his body.

Only by solving this matter could he be in the best state to prepare for the next big battle. Thinking of this, he immediately took out the hearthstone from his backpack. As he finished casting the spell, Mike’s surroundings immediately flashed. In the next moment, he had returned to the tavern in the City of Light.

“Hey, isn’t this God Slayer? Do you want to have a drink?”

Allen was not surprised at Mike’s sudden appearance. As a native, he had long been used to the way adventurers came and went.

Mike smiled slightly and waved his hand to refuse. Looking at his surroundings, he took a deep breath. The dim lights, the shabby bar, the professional mentor of the Sharpshooter who was always drunk, and the bartender who always stood behind the bar, wiping the glasses in a muffled voice.

This familiar environment felt more like home.

Mike once again felt that it was great to be back in this world.

He turned around and was ready to leave the tavern.

However, before he left, he saw a big bright red banner that was hung in the tavern.

“Welcome back, Hero of the human race, God Slayer!”

This was specially arranged by the king after Mike won the war between the human race, trolls, and dwarves.

It was so that Mike could see it first when he returned to the city.

However, the last time Mike came back on foot, so he could not see the banner in the tavern.

Therefore, the banner was preserved to this day.

It had to be seen by the human hero Mike! This was what the king wanted.

After noticing Mike’s gaze, the bartender whispered, “I can finally tear down this banner.”

Mike smiled and stepped out of the tavern. As soon as he walked out of the tavern, all the NPCs and players on the street looked over.

The all the people on the street seemed to have frozen.

Countless pairs of eyes were staring at Mike, but Mike did not feel uncomfortable at all.

It was still the same familiar feeling.

This… feeling of being in the game.

This feeling of safety!

Before Mike could say anything, the next moment, the players were the first to burst into cheers.

“God Slayer, you’re really too strong!”

“You actually killed the elven queen this time?!”

“When can I be as strong as you?”

“It’s great to be on the same side as you!”

The players in the game always worshipped the strong. The stronger the player, the more respected they would be. Especially when they shared the same interests as the strong player, this respect grew tenfold.

In the eyes of the human players, as long as God Slayer was there, this war was almost certain to be won.

The glorious history of God Slayer.

In the war, he helped the humans steal the cities of the trolls and dwarves.

In the hero city, he single-handedly fought against the NPCs and players of the entire city.

He won first place in all the competitions.

There were also all sorts of glorious deeds he achieved.

These deeds raised the status of God Slayer to an unparalleled height in everyone’s hearts.

It also raised the morale of the human race to an unparalleled height in this war that was about to begin.

They would definitely win!

This was the common thought of all the human players.

Mike smiled and said, “Please rest assured, I will also be participating in this war, but I still have urgent matters to attend to now.”

Upon hearing Mike’s words, some players immediately took the initiative to shout.

“Everyone, get out of the way! Let God Slayer go first!”

“Don’t delay the important matters of God Slayer. It would be bad if we delay the war!”

“That one over there, don’t just stand there, get out of the way!”

Soon, the players all retreated to the side of the road and looked at the God Slayer with admiration and anticipation as he walked past.

When Mike saw this scene, he opened his mouth and smiled helplessly. He did not expect his prestige among the human players to be so high now.

After all, his current reputation was still in the negative notorious status.

Those NPCs would probably feel very uncomfortable when they saw the players’ respectful attitude towards him.

“Is Harvey here? I want something from him!”

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My Passive Skills are Invincible! Chapter 302 - The Activity Has Been Triggered Again