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My Passive Skills are Invincible!
Chapter 301 - Thousand Shadowed Slashes

Chapter 301: Thousand Shadowed Slashes

“Do you need my help?” Timus asked when he saw that Mike seemed to be distracted, only then did Mike come back to his senses.

After experiencing so many things in that other world, Mike’s mind had become much more filled. Even now that he had returned to the game world, he did not return to the relaxed state he was before. He seemed to also have become a little less talkative.

Mike shook his head and said softly, “No need, I can handle it myself.”

In that world where life and death could not be guaranteed, Mike had no choice but to seek help and protection from others.

In this world, he wanted to try his best to gain more autonomy and experience for himself.

In this life, he had an SSS-grade talent.

With such a powerful talent, he could not let himself muddle through another 30 years.

He wanted to improve himself, he wanted to experience more things.

He wanted to do it all by himself!

Hearing Mike’s words, Timus nodded. He could hear Mike’s tone was filled with determination and vigor. It was as if he had decided on something and would not go back on his words.

In the end, Timus only left one sentence.

“If you need my help, feel free to ask. No matter what, as your teacher, I will help you solve it.”

After saying that, he slowly turned around and was about to return to the wooden house.

At this moment, Mike suddenly called out to him.

“Timus, have you forgotten something?”

Timus was slightly stunned, then turned around. He had an odd feeling as though he was being called by his teacher from 200 years ago.

Although, this adventurer was clearly too young, but when he spoke, he behaved like the past teacher.

This feeling was very strange. After a short daze, Timus came back to his senses and laughed.

“I did forget. You’ve completed the mission, but I haven’t given you a reward yet. Since you’re here, I’ll teach you an advanced skill.”

After saying that, his gaze turned serious again, and his entire body emitted the aura of a powerhouse.

“Look at this move carefully!”

In an instant, the air around Timus seemed to shatter and split apart. Timus raised his right hand and pulled out a huge stone sword from the crack in the air.

“This sword movement is called a Thousand Shadowed Slashes!”

The moment Timus finished speaking, his body suddenly expanded. The muscles that originally looked very refined suddenly became stronger.

The huge stone sword in his hand, which was almost as tall as a person, swung towards the sky at an extremely fast speed.

Mike’s eyes widened as he focused on this move as if he wanted to brandish it in his mind.

One slash, ten slashes, a hundred slashes…

A thousand slashes!

In just a few seconds, Timus quickly whipped out a thousand slashes.

These thousand slashes did not disappear completely but turned into shadows.


It all meshed together! In an instant, the Thousand Shadowed Slashes were like an army of thousands of horses.

They brought with them the power to split Heaven and Earth, the indomitable momentum it contained moved at the speed of light as it flew into the sky.

Suddenly, the dark clouds in the sky seemed to have come to life. Before the Thousand Shadowed Slashes touched them, the dark clouds split apart like a canyon at an extremely fast speed.

Seeing this scene, Mike’s eyes lit up. It was as if he saw a grand battle.

It was as if a team of iron-armored cavalry appeared in front of his eyes like a tsunami, charging towards the enemy with an imposing manner that could tear everything apart.

However, the enemy army looked like a landslide, and it immediately dispersed an incomparable strong killing intent, instantly making their enemies fall apart.

When the skill completely disappeared into the horizon. The dark clouds in the sky had long disappeared. Everything returned back to normal as if nothing had happened.

After a while, Timus breathed lightly, and his body returned to its usual appearance.

“Do you like this move?”

Timus’s tone did not sound like a world-famous weapon master. Instead, it was more like the arrogant youth from 200 years ago.

His tone had the arrogance to fight the Heavens and look down on the world.

He looked like a disciple who showed off the results of his cultivation to his master.

Timus did not know why he acted like this. He did not even realize that he had become like this. i𝐧𝓃𝒓𝒆𝑎𝙙. 𝘤𝘰𝚖

Mike, on the other hand, smiled slightly and nodded.

“This move is very good. The power and momentum showed great potential.”

In the next moment, he raised his hands.

The Umbrella of Meredith glowed slightly, and then quickly turned into the Greatsword of Meredith.

The Greatsword of Meredith in his left hand and the Sword of the King in his right hand crossed in front of Mike in the shape of an X.

Then, Mike started mimicking Timus’s movements.

The two divine weapons also rubbed gently against each other, emitting a unique metallic sound. The next moment, Mike stretched out his arms. The tips of the two swords touched each other and then separated.


A ringing sound came from the friction between the tips of the swords, echoing through the valley. At this moment, Timus widened his eyes and focused on this attack.

He had a premonition.

The youth in front of him seemed to be doing something that shocked him.

It had been too long since this young man had been so focused. He was so focused that he did not want to miss any tiny detail of every millisecond!

On top of the mountain, Mike closed his eyes and took in a breath.

The two hands that held onto the hilts of the swords gradually tightened, Mike opened his eyes again, his eyes were filled with killing intent.

It was as if he was facing an enemy that he had no choice but to kill.


The Sword of the King suddenly pointed up into the sky.


Greatsword of Meredith’s followed closely behind.

Then, one slash, ten slashes, a hundred slashes, a thousand slashes…

Ten thousand slashes!

A total of ten thousand slashes were struck within three seconds. During the entire process, Mike’s hands were so fast that even Timus could hardly see any movement.

Witnessing the scene, Mike seemed to have grown ten arms.

One slash after another, even the air seemed to be cut open!


A battle roar came from Mike’s mouth.

10,000 slashes slashed at the sky simultaneously. Right then and there, the sky seemed to be trembling.

As the sword aura whistled throughout the sky, it even brought out gusts of wind that swept in all directions!

The 1,000 slashes that covered the sky shocked Timus greatly.

How did he do it?

Why could he attack ten times more than himself?

Was this the advantage of being an adventurer?

No, it was impossible!

An adventurer could never learn his skills this quickly.

How could he be ten times better than the great Timus?!

When Mike looked at Timus again, he saw that his teacher was in a trance. While Timus was in a trance, Mike had already put away the weapon in his hand. He smiled at his Master and said,

“This move is really good. One would deserve a lot of recognition if they can do something like this.”

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My Passive Skills are Invincible! Chapter 301 - Thousand Shadowed Slashes