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Chapter 10: Why Does the God Slayer Have Such High Attack Power?!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Mike looked down at the treasure map in his hand as he walked.

Not far behind him, there were a few sneaky players.

“Why don’t we make our move now?”

The leader of the group, Silencer, took the initiative to say.

The others frowned, and Little Trumpet said, “Let’s wait for God Slayer to kill the wandering black bear before making our move. That way, our success rate will be higher.”

The others nodded in agreement with Little Trumpet.

However, Silencer said seriously, “But, what if God Slayer doesn’t look for the heirloom now and continues killing monsters to level up? What should we do? We might not be able to defeat him then!”

Hearing this, everyone fell silent.

Indeed, now that they had the numerical advantage, they were not too afraid of Mike, who was only level 5.

After all, the level advantage in the early stages was not obvious.

However, what if Mike continued to level up?

To level 6,7, or even 8?

At that time, the few of them would not be able to defeat Mike!

Thinking of this, the few of them looked at each other and nodded.

It was best to act now.

At most, they could just kill Mike and snatch the treasure map. It would make no difference if they looked for the heirloom instead.

At this moment, one of the players called Cold Wind suddenly raised his hand and said,

“We have so many people, how are we going to split the profits?”

This question hit stumped everyone. The others remained silent.

If the heirloom was a weapon, then it would not be easy for them to split the profits.

Silencer, who was at the side, revealed a look of disgust. He waved his hand and said,

“Don’t worry. I’ll buy the heirloom with federation coins. You guys will definitely be satisfied with the price.”

Hearing this, everyone nodded.

Using federation coins to buy props was very common in Second World.

Those who could say such words were usually rather rich in the real world.

The few players could not help but guess which rich family Silencer was from.

Without wasting any more time, Silencer waved his hand and shouted,

“Let’s go!”

Immediately, the few of them rushed towards Mike.

Since they were taking action, no words were needed.

Everyone took the initiative to attack Mike!

A dull thud was heard.

Little Trumpet’s wooden sword slashed onto Mike’s body, causing 5 damage.

All players had a starting HP of 100.

The HP of these level 2 players was 110, while Mike’s HP had already reached 200.

A damage value of 5 was indeed low, but if they attacked together, Mike would not be able to handle it.

Seeing that God Slayer’s HP was reduced by a small portion, their faces were filled with joy.

Looks like it was a doable fight!

The other players immediately followed up and launched a round of attacks together.

– 5 -5 -5 -5 -5.

Mike’s HP was once again reduced by a large chunk!

However, soon, a strange scene happened. Everyone was stunned on the spot.

That was because they saw that after God Slayer attacked Little Trumpet twice, his HP had already bottomed out.

– 50 -50...

‘What was going on?!

‘Why was God Slayer’s attack so high?

‘Wasn’t he only level 5?!’

Before everyone could react, Mike slashed Little Trumpet again.

[You have killed the enemy player Little Trumpet, honor kill + 1]

In Second World, the killing between players was divided into honor kill and cruel kill.

Cruel kill referred to initiating the attack and killing the opponent.

Cruel kills would reduce one’s honor points.

Moreover, this kind of initiative to attack other players would cause one to be in an unprotected state.

The unprotected ones were mainly reflected in the color of their ID above their heads.

A normal ID’s color was white.

An unprotected state ID’s color was gray.

Attacking gray players would not result in one becoming unprotected, and killing unprotected players would not be considered a cruel kill. It would be an honor kill instead.

Honor kill referred to killing players that were in an unprotected state.

Not only would this act not cause him any losses, but it could also increase honor points!

After killing Little Trumpet, Mike looked at the people in front of him and revealed a faint smile.

“Do you think I didn’t notice you? The reason I let you attack me was to prevent the ‘red name’. Otherwise, you would have died a long time ago.”

Hearing this, the faces of the few players turned a little ugly.

They naturally understood the meaning of the Red Name.

When a player surpassed a specific number of taking the initiative to attack others, their unprotected state would further deteriorate and become a wanted state!

The gray ID would turn red, which was why it was referred to as Red Name!

After killing a Red Name player, all of the player’s equipment, weapons, and items would be dropped.

Therefore, Red Name was a very dangerous state.

This was also the reason why the expressions of several players changed drastically.

God Slayer was not afraid of them at all. The reason why he let them succeed in their sneak attack was that he did not want to get himself into trouble!

“Since you took the initiative to attack me, you should be ready to be killed, right?”

Mike smiled and raised his iron sword, starting a massacre!

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