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Chapter 91: The battle of the Holy weapons

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The Blackheart demonist took out his Black Wheel and the divine spear of blood at the same time. He had no time to care about anything else.

The black Heaven Bell had struck at the right time.

Facing the awakened black sky Bell, the black-hearted demonic emissary suddenly raised his head. The corners of his eyes twitched, and the demonic power in his body burned wildly. Black flames spread out faintly, and the demonic Qi from his body covered the sky.


Suddenly, a skull full of black runes rushed out of the Blackheart demonist’s chakra sea. It was crystal clear and bright, like the brightest black jade, with the mysterious power of rules flowing around it and monstrous demonic Qi.

The black skull quickly expanded to several feet in size, covering Blackheart demonist. It broke through the seal of the black Heaven Bell, shattered the void, and quickly flashed into the distance.

However, although the Blackheart demonist had escaped from the attack of the black Heaven Bell, he was still attacked by the vast Saint might. His five internal organs shifted and his six internal organs churned. He spat out a large amount of demonic blood, dyeing the sky red.

Sacred Lord dark sky’s figure appeared in the air, and the 108 Stars around him flickered. The black Heaven Bell slowly spun above his head, and every wisp of sacred might that fell from it was extremely heavy.

“Saint’s remains?” Sacred Lord dark sky’s voice was filled with surprise.

Every bone of a Sage was imprinted with countless runes of laws. The bone armor left behind by a Sage after his death was the one with the densest Dao law in his body. It could be considered a kind of divine weapon without a God, and its power far exceeded that of a half-divine weapon.

A saint’s remains were extremely precious, and most Dao severing stage experts didn’t even have one!

The Blackheart demonist was only a late-stage Dao Lord. He had not only brought a half-Saint weapon but also the remains of a Saint to the Xuanwu mountain.

Could it be that the blood demon church had known that this ancient tomb was the tomb of the Saint?

Did the black-hearted demonist come prepared this time?

Ye chen was lost in thought. The Hierarch of the blood demon sect was in seclusion, preparing to break through to the Saint realm. The Blackheart demonic Messenger had come with such a great treasure. It seemed like he was up to something big!

“Xuan Qing, we haven’t seen each other for 1000 years. I didn’t think that a young kid like you would become the profound heavenly sacred Lord! Hehe, you’ve lived for more than a thousand years, yet you still haven’t broken through to the Dao Lord realm. It looks like the profound heaven sacred land has no successor!” The Blackheart demonist appeared in the air and sneered at sacred Lord profound sky. His voice was filled with killing intent.

The black skull circled around his body, exuding a strange and evil power of rules. Evil thoughts filled the sky, and demonic Qi churned.

Eh, do these two guys know each other?

Sacred Lord dark sky had actually lived for more than a thousand years?

Ye chen was inwardly surprised. He really couldn’t tell that the profound sky Saint Lord was an old monster that had lived for a thousand years!

The profound sky Saint Lord’s cultivation base was still stuck at the peak Almighty realm, which made ye chen somewhat speechless.

When ye chen had first entered the profound sky Holy Land, the profound sky Holy master’s cultivation base had already reached the peak Almighty realm. So many years had passed, and he still hadn’t broken through. This progress was indeed too slow.

To become the Holy Lord of a Holy Land, one’s aptitude and talent were naturally top-notch. However, they had never been able to break through to the Dao Lord realm.

Perhaps it wasn’t because sacred Lord profound sky’s talent was too poor or that he didn’t have enough cultivation resources. There were other reasons.

So far, there was not a single person in the entire East continent who had broken through to the Almighty realm before the age of 100!

Even the monstrous successors of the ancient forces, no matter how amazing they were, had never heard of anyone breaking through to the Almighty realm!

As for the breakthrough to the Dao Lord realm, it was even more difficult!

Those Holy Lands or ancient families with deep foundations might have some cultivators at the peak of the Almighty realm hidden away, but those who could really break through to become Dao Masters were as rare as Phoenix Feathers and Qilin horns.

Even if there were Dao Masters, they were all antiques that had lived for thousands of years. They were already dying and it would be difficult for them to make any more breakthroughs.

Sacred Lord dark sky stood with his hands behind his back, and his aura caused the surrounding space to rumble. He said nonchalantly, ” in this era, Daoist techniques have withered and the rules are not obvious. It’s harder to become a Daoist master than to ascend to the heavens!

Hall Master Blackheart, the sinful aura on your body is as thick as water. You’ve probably slaughtered millions of living beings. What’s there to be proud of when you broke through to become a Dao master by relying on the blood sacrifice evil art? ”

The Blackheart demonic envoy sneered, ” don’t worry about how I broke through. At least I’m a Dao master now. You’re just an Almighty! In addition, I’ve become the demonic envoy of the bloody demon church! Hall Master? It’s already a thing of the past!”

“Whether it’s the hall Master or the demonic envoy, do you think you can leave today?” Sacred Lord dark sky shook his head.

The black-hearted demonic emissary stood in the air, his black hair dancing in the wind, and his eyes terrifying. “The profound heavenly sacred land’s sacred weapon is pretty good, but your cultivation level is too low! I’m already prepared, what can you do to me?”

“The saint’s remains are not a Saint weapon. Let’s see how many moves you can take.”

attack! sacred Lord profound sky shouted, and the profound sky Bell above him disappeared. It pierced through the void and instantly appeared above Blackheart demonist.

“Clang! Clang! Clang!”

The melodious sound of the bell came from a distance, as if it could purify people’s hearts and send them off to their deaths. Large areas of the void collapsed and covered Blackheart demonist under it. The Holy power was mighty.


The pitch-black skull appeared above the Blackheart demonist’s head. It was like a huge black bone mirror, covering the sky above the Blackheart demonist.

The infinite Bell wave with the saint’s might fell on the sky-covering Black Mirror formed from the saint’s skull. It was reflected by the Black Mirror and smashed into the vast ocean of rules outside the saint’s tomb.

“Boom boom boom!”

A deafening explosion was heard as the vast power of laws collided. The void collapsed and the sky and earth cracked.

Even though the mountain was filled with the power of the laws of heaven and earth, it still began to crack under such an attack. Rocks rolled and sand filled the sky.

The mountain peaks within a hundred miles were swept by the aftermath of the attack and collapsed, turning into Hills and Hills. The scene was full of devastation and wolves.


All of a sudden, the main tomb exuded a monstrous Saint might, which was as vast as the ocean. The endless power of rules that enveloped the main tomb suddenly spread out, enveloping all the cultivators within a hundred miles of the main tomb and launching indiscriminate attacks.

The Holy weapon in the main tomb had been revived!

“Ah, Yingluo.”

Dozens of mighty figures and primordial soul realm cultivators who were watching the battle from dozens of miles away were instantly enveloped. They could only let out a shrill scream before they were shattered in the void. Their holy aura surged like a tide.

Zi Mingxuan and the others ‘expressions changed as they each displayed their trump cards to protect themselves.

The purple whip turned into a purple dragon and swam around Zi Mingxuan. Nangong liuyun used the cloud image that had opened a big hole to create a space around him. Xiao Yixian hid in the replica of the black Heaven Bell, while the saintess of Zifu went into the purple Mirror and staggered.

The sky shaking Bell above ye Chen’s head shone down with a faint light, temporarily blocking the Saint aura.

Sacred Lord dark sky controlled the black sky Bell while the Blackheart demonist had the saint’s remains. The saintly might from the main tomb had no effect on them.


With the cover of the vast holy power, the godly sword Scarlet blood cut through the void and appeared directly behind the Blackheart demonist.

The Blackheart demonist snorted. A Black Wheel appeared behind his back, blocking the attack of the divine sword Scarlet blood.


The collision of energy between the two of them made the surrounding Holy might even more violent, spreading even further.

“Shua shua shua”

At this moment, a huge spatial fluctuation suddenly came from the distant horizon, as if some powerful existence was shuttling through the void.


The void shattered, and a 33-story glazed Pagoda rushed out of the void. The shadows of 33 worlds appeared around it, and they bombarded the vast saintly might outside the main tomb with vast saintly might.

Another Saint weapon had appeared!

“Boom boom boom!”

Deafening rumbles were heard as the laws of heaven and earth splashed out. Large areas of the void collapsed, and the nearby mountains were all shattered. The rolling soil and stones turned into huge waves that swept across the sky.

The laws of heaven and earth outside the main tomb had been broken.

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