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Chapter 87: The black-hearted demonist of the bloody demon church

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“Boom boom boom!”

The black wheel and the blood-dripping divine spear collided with each other, making a deafening boom. The whole world was shaking violently, and thousands of miles long cracks appeared in the void. Seven or eight mountains around the giant mountain collapsed instantly, and the rolling waves of earth and stones swept across the nine Heavens.

Dozens of miles away, several mighty figures and dozens of primordial soul realm experts were affected. They did not even have the time to groan before they were shattered in midair. Blood stained the sky, and they had no time to escape.

Even the Almighties couldn’t escape from the aftermath of the battle between half-holy weapons!

The so-called half-Saint weapons were all existences that had the hope of becoming Saint weapons. They already possessed part of the power of laws and could only be made by luck after reaching the Dao severing stage and using countless natural treasures.

If a half-Saint weapon was used by a Dao severing expert, it could easily sink mountains and rivers. Its power was beyond imagination!

The blood drop divine Spear’s forward momentum was stopped. It turned around and escaped in the opposite direction.


Suddenly, heaven and earth trembled, and a huge crack appeared in the void. A figure emerged from the crack in the void, emitting a monstrous evil aura, like an evil god descending.

It was a handsome and evil man who looked to be in his twenties or thirties. His black clothes were embroidered with several blood-red immortal flowers, and his eyes were full of blood light. A black murderous aura circulated around his body, making him look extremely evil.

Everyone present was intimidated by this aura and subconsciously turned their gazes over.

Daoist master?!

A mighty figure cried out in alarm.

Everyone’s heart trembled. Feeling the evil aura on the handsome man’s body, several mighty figures rushed into the distance without hesitation, not even caring about the treasures here.

How was this a Dao master? he was clearly a demon master!

Ye Chen’s eyes fell on this person, and related information appeared in his mind.

[ name: Blackheart demonist ]

“Identity: one of the five demonic messengers of the bloody demon church”

cultivation: late-stage Dao Lord realm ”


Ye Chen’s pupils slightly contracted. Blood demon sect’s people!

A living Dao master!

Many demonic cultivators referred to him as the demon master. Even among the Dao Masters, he was definitely one of the best with a late-stage Dao master cultivation!

In the current East barren, there were not many powerful cultivators. They were all old cultivators who had cultivated for more than 100 years. Many Holy Lords of Holy Lands had not reached the Dao Lord realm yet. This demon had actually reached the late stage of the Dao Lord realm. He was one of the top experts in the entire East barren!

The blood demon sect had been exterminated for nearly a thousand years. The demon saint had reincarnated and reached the peak of the Dao severing realm. Even one of the five demon messengers of the blood demon sect had the cultivation of the late stage of the Dao Lord realm. The foundation of the blood demon sect was truly beyond imagination!

In comparison, the profound heaven Holy Land had been around for nearly ten thousand years, but its sacred Lord was still at the peak Almighty realm. Even a Dao Lord patriarch had been moved out to suppress the demonic abyss, so they didn’t know if there were still Dao severing patriarchs. This was a disgrace to the Holy Land!

The arrival of Blackheart demonic emissary made ye chen feel a strong sense of danger.

Only Dao severing experts could make half-Saint weapons. The black wheel used by the Blackheart demonist was also a half-Saint weapon. It was not made by the Blackheart demonist himself, but should have been passed down from the blood demon church.

Even so, the power it displayed was still far beyond imagination. The current Blackheart demonist could probably easily annihilate some ancient great sects!

Fortunately, Blackheart demonist’s target was the blood drop divine spear. If he were to target the silver-white ancient Bell that ye chen had locked onto at this moment, it would be a real problem!

Seeing the appearance of the Blackheart demonist, the Holy Sons and the senior Almighties were all keenly aware of something. They quickly distanced themselves from the Blackheart demonist and decisively gave up on fighting for the blood drop divine spear.

The Blackheart demonist was like an evil god descending. He stepped in the void and instantly appeared in front of the blood drop divine spear. He raised his hand and slapped the blood drop divine spear. Blood-colored runes flashed in his palm as if they were alive.


The entire void trembled violently. The power of the blood drop divine spear weakened. It was clearly suppressed.

The blood drop divine spear released a terrifying destructive divine light that pierced through the void and the universe. Once again, it changed directions and fled.


The black wheel tore through the void and blocked the blood drop divine spear again.

“Boom boom boom!”

The void crumbled, the earth caved in, rocks flew through the air, and dust filled the air. The place where the half-Saint weapons clashed had turned into a land of destruction. It was filled with all kinds of destructive, bloody, murderous, and violent auras.

Even an expert at the peak of the Almighty realm would be instantly obliterated if he were to be in it!

While Blackheart demonist was collecting the blood drop spear, ye chen sped up his attacks. Golden light arrows shot out one after another. At the same time, he made the Dao master skeleton madly urge its death Qi to suppress the silver-white ancient Bell. The area where the bell was located completely exploded into a chaotic space.

The others had yet to notice that the power of the silver bell was gradually being suppressed.

Zi Mingxuan, the nine firmament Saint son, the Zifu saintess, and a few other powerful cultivators were already hundreds of miles away from the Scarlet flying sword. Even if they used all their techniques, they couldn’t stop the Scarlet flying sword from escaping. They could only suppress and slow down its speed.

Seeing the appearance of the Blackheart demonist, they tacitly relaxed the suppression of the Scarlet flying sword for the time being and moved the battle hundreds of miles away to avoid being targeted by the Blackheart demonist.

The nine firmament Saint son, Nangong liuyun, had already chased after a superior-grade numinous treasure with the broken cloud image. The profound sky Saint son, Xiao Yixian, was not stupid either. He retreated decisively when he saw the Blackheart demonist. He chased after another superior-grade numinous treasure, subconsciously distancing himself from the Blackheart demonist.

Many mighty figures and primordial soul realm experts had fled far away. Most of them had their eyes on Blackheart demonist.

There were not many living Dao Masters. If such a person were to make a move, they might be able to give them some inspiration and allow their cultivation to rise to a higher level.

“BOOM! BOOM! Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The black wheel and the blood drop divine spear continued to fight. The energy fluctuations they emitted shattered the sky. All kinds of energy swept across the nine Heavens. The mysterious power of laws went berserk. No one dared to get close.

At this time, no one was controlling the blood drop divine spear, and the power it could exert was less than one percent of its peak. It was gradually completely suppressed by the black wheel and could not escape.

“Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang!”

The Blackheart demonist crossed the void and arrived in front of the blood drop divine spear. He struck out nine palms in a row.

With every palm strike, a part of the blood-dripping divine Spear’s power would be sealed. After nine palms, more than half of the blood-dripping divine Spear’s power was sealed, but the power it emitted was still comparable to a Supreme-grade spirit treasure.

However, in this state, the blood drop divine spear could no longer affect Blackheart demonist.

Chi Chi Chi Chi Chi Chi

The sharp teeth of the black wheel cut through the void and floated above the black blood Divine spear. A waterfall-like dense evil Qi poured down, completely sealing the void where The Blood Divine spear was.

The Blackheart demonist reached out his hand to grab the blood drop divine spear. He slowly clenched his hand and pushed the black energy back to the spear.


After a while, the blood drop divine spear let out a low hum. Its brilliance was completely restrained, and it fell into the Blackheart demonist’s hand.

“Hahaha, I didn’t expect to have such an unexpected harvest on this trip!”

The Blackheart demonic emissary laughed wildly as his violent divine will enveloped the world.

All of a sudden, Blackheart demonist’s expression froze. His gaze fell on the Dao master skeleton and the silver-white ancient Bell not far away.


The death Qi in the Dao master’s skeleton was completely exhausted and it shattered in the void, leaving behind a magnificent battle armor that was flowing with five-colored brilliance.

Without the Dao master skeleton’s control, the sea of fire that the burning heavens divine furnace had spewed out turned red again and retreated back into the burning heavens divine furnace, revealing the silver bell in the void.

However, the power of the silver bell had been completely restrained, as if it had been subdued.

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