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Chapter 72: Treasure hunt in the tomb

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The Xuanwu mountain range stretched into the distance. Ancient trees towered into the sky, and there were countless precipices and cliffs. There were many rivers running through the mountain streams, and the fragrance of rare fruits wafted through the air. Rare birds and spirit beasts roared, and a layer of gray mist enveloped the mountain range, exuding a primitive and boundless aura.

The entire Xuanwu mountain range stretched for nearly ten thousand miles, and it looked like a Xuanwu that was roaring at the sky. The place where the treasure light shot into the sky was near the center of the Xuanwu mountain range.

Ye chen controlled his puppet incarnation and arrived near the ancient tomb. It was a towering mountain that pierced through the clouds. The clouds were hovering around the mountainside of the mountain. The ancient tomb covered the sky and the sun. Strange rocks were craggy, and there were Springs and waterfalls flying everywhere.

There was a continuous stretch of ancient buildings at the top of the mountain. The building in the center looked like a huge tomb from a distance.

The bottom of this mountain was nearly a hundred miles in radius and was covered with traces of ancient formations. However, most of the formations were already incomplete.

This place had once been concealed by an ancient formation, and even if a mighty figure were to specially investigate the vicinity, it would be difficult to discover it. Because it had been too long and had been invaded by the power of time, many ancient formations had lost more than half of their power, and some of them were even incomplete, which was why they were revealed.

The place that ye chen had sensed was comparable to the mysterious sky sacred land’s Treasury, and it was on this mountain!

Many figures were floating in the void around the giant peak, surrounded by colorful lights. Some were flying on swords, some were riding on clouds, some were standing on the branches of the bamboo, and some were quietly hidden among the cliffs, all watching.

Most of these people were phenomenon realm cultivators, and some of them were primordial spirit realm cultivators. Ye chen even saw one or two powerful beings.


A shrill scream came out of the formation. Someone had encountered an unknown danger in the formation and died a tragic death.

The giant peak was too big, and they had no idea where the screams came from.

This ancient tomb had been exposed for some time. Many cultivators had entered through the broken array, but the mountain was too big and there were many ancient arrays covering it. From the outside, they couldn’t see what was going on inside.

Occasionally, one or two rays of light would light up in various parts of the mountain peak. It was unknown whether they were fighting or breaking the formation.

“Wealth is found in danger! Cultivation was like rowing a boat against the current. If you didn’t advance, you would fall back! If we don’t fight for it, how can we attain the great Dao?” A white-haired old Daoist shouted. It was unknown if he was trying to console himself or the others. He turned into a stream of light and disappeared into the damaged formation.

Immediately after, a few streams of light also followed him into the formation, wanting to take a gamble for the opportunity.

Most people still chose to wait and see. After all, the death rate of entering the formation was too high, and less than one out of ten could come out alive.


Suddenly, a stream of light flashed out of the Grand array.

It was a cold-faced primordial soul realm cultivator. After he came out, he rushed into the distance without looking back and disappeared from everyone’s sight in the blink of an eye.

Ye chen could clearly sense that there were four or five primordial spirit realm cultivators following him.

This tomb was filled with danger. One could die in there if they were not careful. Some cultivators did not dare to enter the array. Instead, they waited outside the array to hunt the cultivators who came out.

After all, this tomb had been exposed for a long time, and the death rate was extremely high. However, as long as one could come out of it alive, they would gain a lot.

Ye chen had no interest in who would kill who or who would be killed.

He was only worried that if he delayed for too long, the treasures in this area would all fall into the hands of a person with great destiny.

Ye Chen’s body was too special. Ordinary spirit treasures could not make his Natal weapon at all. Even his disciple’s Natal weapon could not be made. It was precisely because of this that the moment he saw the treasures in this area, ye chen had already taken them for himself.

Ye chen carefully understood the situation, then controlled the puppet incarnation to enter the mountain from the hidden part of the formation.

In the next quarter of an hour, ye chen felt as if he had entered another world. The surrounding laws of heaven and earth were completely different.

In front of ye chen was still the same towering giant mountain. The buildings on the top of the mountain were still like a group of tombs. In the center was a huge tomb, flowing with complicated rules of the great Dao. Array patterns covered the sky, completely sealing off the area.

There was a powerful no-fly zone in the void of the entire mountain peak. The higher one flew, the greater the suppression, and they could not fly directly to the top of the giant mountain.

Ye Chen’s puppet appeared at the foot of the mountain. He raised his head and looked at the sky. There was nothing else in his eyes except for the ancient mountain.

The closer he got to the peak, the denser the array patterns became. There were even some places sealed by mysterious and magical laws of the great Dao.

Ye chen stopped in front of a stone tablet at the foot of the mountain, which was emitting a bright light.


Ye chen lifted his hand and shattered the stone tablet, taking out a stone marrow that was shining with a myriad of multicolored light.

There was a treasure light shining on a nearby cliff, which was also sealed by a powerful formation. There were several incomplete bodies lying on the ground nearby. They had obviously died not long ago, and several magic treasures were lying quietly next to them.

A Divine Dragon rushed out of ye Chen’s body, wagging its head and tail in the formation. In the blink of an eye, the formation was smashed into pieces.

The cliff turned into an ancient mirror as it tried to escape. It was a spirit treasure with extremely powerful spirit, and it was caught by ye chen.

Ye chen had already obtained the inheritance of the array Dao quintessence, and all kinds of arrays in the world had no secrets in his eyes. He easily solved all the incomplete arrays and quickly approached the peak of the mountain.

In different parts of this ancient mountain, all kinds of indescribable treasure lights were also revealed.

Bottomless cliffs, ancient caves, and precipitous cliffs were all shining with treasure light of different depths. There were ancient alchemy cauldrons, potent elixirs, rare spirit treasures, and extremely precious ten-thousand-year-old spirit herbs, etc.

Ye chen didn’t reject any of them, and took all the treasures he found along the way.

Moreover, as soon as ye chen entered this area, he began to use the power of the dead soul seal, trying to sense the dead things hidden in the dark.

Unfortunately, the spirit sense seal in this area was too powerful. Even with ye Chen’s powerful spirit sense, it was still greatly suppressed. Most of the dead things he had sensed were the eastern wasteland cultivators who had entered the tomb recently.

As for the true Dao master or other powerful warriors, ye chen could not sense them for the time being. Perhaps they were hidden in the tomb on the peak of this mountain.


Not long after, ye chen met another cultivator.

That person was controlling a flying sword to bombard a shimmering medicinal garden halfway up the mountain. His cultivation was in the later stage of the primordial soul realm.

Seeing ye chen appear here, he did not hesitate to control that flying sword magic treasure to envelop ye Chen’s head.

Ye Chen’s brows slightly raised as he raised his hand and swept. A lifelike true dragon appeared out of nowhere, swallowing the flying sword into its stomach. It then bared its fangs and brandished its claws, pouncing toward the primordial soul realm expert.

The primordial spirit realm expert’s expression suddenly changed. He quickly took out a mountain and river diagram, which expanded in the wind and turned into a real mountain and river, trapping the huge Dragon and ye chen inside.


Ye chen found himself in a beautiful mountain and river that seemed both real and illusionary at the same time. He clenched his hand into a fist and forcefully broke through the world in the mountain and river diagram, then flashed out from it.

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