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Chapter 64: Huashan, Feng Qingyang!

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Li Qingzhou had gained a lot of insight from this trip, so he went into closed-door cultivation, leaving the young monk fa Kong alone at his original place.

“Self-enlightenment? How could he comprehend this? Forget it, let’s find a place to stay first. The blue cloud Peak is so empty, it’s just the right time to choose.”

The young monk fa Kong scratched his bald head. With his hands behind his back, he strolled around the entire blue cloud Peak. His slightly bloated body was unusually agile.

From a distance, the little monk fa Kong saw a puppet dressed in a servant’s uniform opening the formation restriction of the herb garden. Suddenly, a ray of multicolored light filled the air.

The herb garden was filled with all kinds of precious spirit herbs, each of which was crystal clear and glowing with light. Most of them were thousand-year-old spirit herbs, and some were even more than ten thousand years old. The medicinal fragrance was overflowing, swaying and glowing, and the spiritual Qi was dense and could not be dissolved.

“So many spirit herbs? Could it be that the blue cloud Peak was once a saint’s training ground?” The young monk fa Kong’s eyes widened in shock.

Thinking of how Qingzhou li ate the reverse pill like eating candy, fa Kong’s eyes were full of fire. This time, he had really found someone to rely on!

After the servant puppet was done watering, it sealed the herb garden again. From the outside, it looked like an ordinary herb garden, and all the spirit herbs were half-dead.

“Master is indeed steady!”

The young monk fa Kong sighed and left the herb garden. He then began to stroll around the blue cloud Peak.

As he strolled around, the young monk fa Kong’s mind gradually became empty. He could feel the various great DAOs between heaven and earth becoming clearer and clearer. He unconsciously integrated into the thousands of great DAOs around him. He then sat down cross-legged on a green grass patch by the lake.

At this moment, the young monk fa Kong had a dignified appearance. His body was like jade, and his blood-red Bones were emitting a crystal-like luster. His entire person looked extremely divine.

The young monk fa Kong wandered in the ocean of the great Dao, feeling the most original power of the heaven and earth. The back of his head was enshrouded in a peaceful Buddhist light. The illusory images of golden Buddhas appeared in the void one after another. They were kind and peaceful, and they became clearer and clearer. The faint sound of Buddhist chanting could be heard.

As time passed, many black Buddhas appeared behind the Golden Buddhas again. They sat back to back with the Golden Buddhas in the void. They were cruel and evil, exuding a bloodthirsty demonic nature as if they were going to lead people to the purgatory of the netherworld.

The little monk fa Kong completely let go of his mind and spirit. Without any scruples, his mind and spirit merged into the vast ocean of the great Dao, creating a technique that belonged to him.

The blue cloud Peak returned to its peaceful state.


At this moment, in the void tens of thousands of miles away from the Tai Cang divine city, a dark green jade shuttle-shaped flying magic treasure streaked across the sky like a stream of light, accompanied by clouds and mist.

This Jade shuttle looked to be only a few feet in size, but the space inside was very wide. It was like a huge cave, warm and smooth like jade, with multicolored light flowing.

There were five people in the Jade shuttle, and they were Liu Xinghe, Jiang chuxue, and the others who had attended the gathering of the elites.

Fang yunzhao of vengeful Tiger peak said with some dissatisfaction, ” “Is there a need for us to rush back? The myriad Sword Saint son and the blue cloud Peak’s conflict shouldn’t be blamed on us, right?”

Jiang chuxue was as cold as smoke, and her tone was calm as she said, ” “It’s better to be safe than sorry. No one wants to run into any danger. It’s best if we can return to the profound heaven sacred land safely.”

“Be careful, everyone!”

Liu Xinghe suddenly opened his mouth, and his eyes shone with a dazzling light, my sword body can sense that there are two Supreme swordsmen fighting in the distance. The sword essence is so terrifying even from so far away. It’s very likely that the blue cloud Peak disciples have been attacked!

Everyone was shocked. Jiang chuxue frowned and said, ” “Should we go and help?”

“No! We’ll take a detour! That kind of sword Dao fluctuation could easily kill all of us! A battle of that level is not something we can interfere with! I believe martial uncle ye and the others can handle it!” Liu Xinghe shook his head.

“Good! I’ll change the direction of the flowing cloud shuttle!”

Lu Haoran of The Purple Cloud Peak raised his hand and sent out divine power to various parts of the Jade shuttle. The Jade shuttle made a beautiful arc in the air, changed its direction, and sped toward the horizon.

It didn’t take long for them to travel several thousand miles, and the people in the Jade shuttle relaxed a little.

“This should be safe, not good! Quickly run!” Before Liu Xinghe could finish his sentence, his expression suddenly changed and he shouted.

Lu Haoran activated the Jade shuttle with all his strength. The speed of the Jade shuttle suddenly increased by a large margin, and it dodged a sword light that came slashing at him from the void.

A white-haired old woman suddenly appeared in front of the Jade shuttle. She was dressed in a gray robe, and a black sword was suspended above her head. She was cold and murderous.

“Almighty!” Lu Haoran cried out in alarm. He had no choice but to stop the flowing cloud shuttle, his expression abnormally unsightly.

As expected, they were being watched!

Liu Xinghe’s figure appeared above the Jade shuttle. He stared at the powerful being and shouted, ” we are the core disciples of the mysterious heavenly sacred land. Why are you blocking our way? ”

“I’m going to kill your people from the profound heavenly sacred land!”

The white-haired old woman shouted coldly. The black sword emitted a pitch-black light that quickly pierced through the void and slashed at the Jade shuttle. The sword Qi pierced through the void and swept up raging waves.

Liu Xinghe and the others were shocked. At this moment, they could clearly feel that the surrounding space had been completely frozen. The space around them had been sealed by this sword.

“Go all out! Great void Sword slash!”

Liu Xinghe shouted and poured all his divine power into the ancient Starlight sword on his back. The ancient Starlight sword was unsheathed, and the sword light rushed into the sky and slashed down.

As the sword slashed down, there was a faint energy in the void that was being drawn in, forcibly cutting open a crack in the spatial seal.

Immediately after, Fang yunzhao threw a punch, and a Black Tiger with a murderous aura rushed out of her fist. The Tiger’s claws crossed, tearing the gap even wider.

Then, an Ice River and a cloud of fire appeared. The power of Ice and Fire churned, completely breaking the spatial seal.

It was Jiang chuxue and Chen Xi who attacked together.

“Let’s go!”

Lu Haoran shouted, and his whole body bloomed with a dazzling purple light, which wrapped around the five people and escaped from the Jade shuttle.


The black sword struck the Jade shuttle, and the Jade shuttle instantly shattered into pieces. The sword Qi that dissipated left a black hole as thick as a bucket on the ground below.

“Waa waa waa”

The five of them coughed up blood at the same time. They were only swept by the sword Qi, but their protective divine power was broken and they were injured in one move.

None of the five of them had even reached the primordial soul realm. Even if they used all of their techniques, they could only barely Dodge one attack, but they were all injured.

“Who are you? Aren’t you afraid of the profound heavenly sacred land’s revenge?” Lu Haoran shouted loudly.

The white-haired old woman walked over from the void. Her gaze was as if she was looking at an ant as she said coldly, ” “The Saint invited the talents of the eastern barren territory, but you embarrassed him. If he doesn’t kill you, where will he put his face? As for revenge, the profound heavenly sacred land doesn’t have the right to say that!”

The five people were all shocked. It was indeed the myriad Sword Saint son’s men!

the one who has a conflict with the myriad Sword Saint is from the clear sky peak, ” Fang yunzhao shouted. why are you looking for us? ”

“The Saint has ordered that all the disciples from the mysterious heavenly sacred land who are participating in The Prodigy gathering are to be killed! The blue cloud Peak would have someone to deal with them! Accept your death!” The white-haired old woman shook her head lightly, and the black sword continued to slash toward the crowd.

“Please, master!”

Liu Xinghe hollered as a bright light flashed between his brows. The xuanjian Peak Master, Gu Lingyun, appeared in the void and exclaimed,”Fellow Daoist, stop!”

However, the black sword’s speed did not slow down at all.

The peak Master of xuanjian peak turned into a divine sword that seemed both real and illusionary. With a vast power of the void, he forcefully met the black sword.


A deafening boom was heard, and the black sword’s momentum was blocked. The divine sword that the peak Master of xuanjian had transformed into collapsed on the spot.

you can count on your fingers the Almighties of the profound heaven sacred land. How many Almighties ‘divine will avatars do you have? ” The white-haired old woman sneered as her black sword slashed down again.

Everyone’s faces were filled with despair. Just as the white-haired old woman had said, there weren’t many Almighties in the xuantian sacred land. Every Almighties would only leave behind a divine will avatar in their most outstanding disciples. No one else had one yet.

Only Liu Xinghe’s divine will incarnation had that, and it had been cut off just now!

The current situation was precarious!

At this critical moment, a green-robed elder with white hair and a white beard suddenly appeared in the void. His fingers were like swords, and a brilliant sword light flashed and slashed at the white-haired old woman. The sword light shook the nine Heavens.

The white-haired old woman’s expression changed drastically, and she quickly recalled her black sword to protect herself.


The sword light hit the black sword, and the black sword flew out on the spot. Its light dimmed, and its spiritual energy was greatly reduced.

The speed of the sword light didn’t slow down, and it flashed past the old woman.

The white-haired old woman’s figure froze in mid-air, and her primordial spirit rushed out from the top of her head. She asked in a hoarse voice, ” “Who are you, Sir?”

“Huashan, Feng Qingyang!” The Azure-robed elder replied calmly.

Who was Feng Qingyang?

What kind of mountain is Huashan?

The old woman’s primordial spirit was filled with confusion. She wanted to ask something, but as soon as she opened her mouth, sword wounds appeared on her primordial spirit, and it silently crumbled in the void.

This figure was naturally ye Chen’s backup plan.

Ye chen didn’t want to implicate the other disciples of the profound sky Holy Land because of his blue cloud Peak. Before coming down from the Yansheng mountain, he had left a puppet with them in case of emergency, and it just so happened to be useful at this time.

“Many thanks for senior’s life-saving grace!” Liu Xinghe and the others thanked the green-robed elder.

The green-robed old man did not reply, and his figure floated away.

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