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Chapter 62: Coming for Zi Menghan?

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The fire Dragon roared in the sky, and the flames on its body were boiling. Its scales flashed with red flames. It rushed into the sword domain without dodging. It shook its head and wagged its tail as it reached out its claws to bite.

“Boom boom boom!”

All kinds of lights flickered and turned the area into a vacuum. Dozens of mountains below were swept by the aftershock and collapsed, turning into a huge abyss.

The clash between the two of them broke the seal of heaven and earth that sword Emperor Ku Rong had set up, but no one left.

Sword Emperor Ku Rong was worried that ye chen and the others would escape, so he decided to annihilate them with lightning-like methods.

Taking advantage of the conflict between the fire Dragon and the sword domain, sword Emperor Kurong raised his hand, and the green and gray swords retreated from the sword domain. They merged in the air and turned into a divine sword of Kurong, surrounded by the aura of time.

“It’s time to end this. Die!”

Sword Emperor Ku Rong’s tone was cold. The divine sword of withered glory emitted thousands of sword Qi, each of which was like a flying Divine Dragon with a murderous intent.


The divine sword slashed down, causing the void to explode and the sky to collapse. It instantly arrived before ye chen.

“Indeed, it’s time to end this.”

Ye chen murmured. The transcendent mortal sword appeared in his hand, emitting an endless sword light. It was the sword light that had been released to the extreme, slashing down.

Ji realm sword slash!


The transcendent mortal sword clashed with the divine sword of aeons, and the latter’s might was instantly retracted before plummeting into the void.

The transcendent mortal sword could imprison one’s essence, Qi, spirit, and spirit. Although the divine sword of aeons was not a real living being, it was still affected and turned into an ordinary sword, its power completely disappearing.

“How is that possible?”

Sword Emperor Ku Rong’s face turned pale, and his eyes widened in shock.

At this moment, he could not sense his divine sword of aeons at all, as if someone had erased his spiritual imprint.

However, before he could think further, the transcendent mortal sword was already in front of him.

Sword Emperor Ku Rong retreated quickly, trying to put some distance between him and the transcendent mortal sword, but it was in vain.


The transcendent mortal sword cut into sword Emperor Ku Rong’s heart, and just as he was about to escape, he found that his primordial spirit had been completely trapped and could not leave his body!

A vast sword will swept out, and sword Emperor Ku Rong’s body and primordial spirit were cut into the tiniest ashes, silently dissipating in the void.

Sword Emperor Ku Rong, a super expert at the peak of the Almighty realm, had been annihilated!

The young monk fa Kong was dumbfounded. He subconsciously swallowed his saliva and said in disbelief, ” “That peak stage mighty figure died just like that?”

Although Zi Menghan and Li Qingzhou were shocked, they were not surprised.

In their hearts, their master was invincible!

Li Qingzhou patted fa Kong’s shoulder and said casually, ” “Don’t be surprised, just get used to it!”

so master is this powerful. No wonder you’re not afraid of the Suan ni even when you’ve met a peak-level mighty figure. fa Kong and Yamato’s eyes lit up. They understood that they were indeed very lucky to be able to become master’s disciples.

Li Qingzhou shook his head and laughed,’do you think this is master’s full strength? Ha, naive!”

The young monk fa Kong looked excited. He then looked at li Qingzhou suspiciously and said with an unfriendly expression, ” “Since master is so powerful, why do you still have sword demon Dugu Qiubai’s spiritual sense incarnation? Do you want to be expelled from the sect?”


Li Qingzhou slapped fa Kong’s bald head and scolded, ” “What are you thinking? The sword devil Dugu Qiubai is just a pseudonym of master!”

“I see!”

The young monk fa Kong was suddenly enlightened. His eyes were filled with admiration,”The whole world is circulating the legend of master, but no one knows that the legend is master! Master’s way of doing things is really steady!”

Ye chen waved his hand downward, and the divine sword landed in his hand, which he then put away.

This divine life and death Sword had reached the upper grade spirit treasure level, and its value was extraordinary. Most of the Almighty experts did not even have it, so ye chen naturally would not miss it.

the myriad Sword Saint didn’t dare to show himself. What a pity. Ye chen shook his head in regret.

If the myriad Sword Saint son took action personally, the harvest would be even greater.

Zi Menghan said softly, ” the myriad swords Saint son wanted to be absolutely safe. That’s why he sent a peak Almighty to stop us. But he was killed by master. He definitely doesn’t dare to show his face.

The young monk fa Kong laughed gloatingly, ” “Even in the ten thousand sword sanctuary, there are only a handful of peak-level cultivators! The myriad swords Saint son will be punished when he goes back, and he might even lose his position as the Saint son!”

“Don’t bother with him. When you meet him again in the future, perhaps you can kill him easily. Let’s go. I hope there won’t be any more trouble on the road.” alright. ye chen nodded casually and took the lead in the direction of the profound sky sacred land.

An hour after ye Chen’s group left, the myriad Sword Saint son’s figure appeared on the ruins of the battle.

The myriad Sword Saint son had Dragon-snake sword Qi circling his fingertips, which shot into the void around him. He regarded his sword as his God, and he looked extremely serious as he felt the remaining shockwaves in the air.

Sword Emperor Ku Rong had been killed?

Did the sword devil Dugu Qiubai personally take action?

Could he be li Qingzhou’s Guardian?

No matter who did it, they had to push the blame onto sword demon Dugu Qiubai. Otherwise, I would lose my position as the Saint!

The myriad Sword Saint son’s eyes flickered, and he quickly disappeared as if he had never been there.

Ye chen and the others hurried toward the mysterious sky sacred land. When they were only sixty thousand li away from the sacred land, three old figures once again blocked their way. They exuded a terrifying Qi and surrounded them from a distance.

All three of them were Almighty!

Two of them were at the early stage of Almighty and one was at the late stage.

“Ha, where did this son of a b * tch come from? how dare you block Lord Zeng’s way?” The young monk fa Kong rolled up his sleeves and started scolding with an arrogant look on his face.

Seeing that ye chen had killed a peak stage powerful being, the little monk had gained a lot of confidence. He was scolding a powerful being like he was scolding a kid.

The faces of the three mighty figures turned black after being scolded. The late-stage mighty figure in a black robe said with killing intent, ” “Fat bald donkey! You better listen up! The Saint can’t be humiliated. You’ve humiliated the Saint, and you still want to return to the xuantian sacred land? In your dreams!”

“The myriad swords Saint son again? That grandson still has the guts to send people here?” The young monk fa Kong’s face was filled with astonishment.

Ye Chen’s eyes fell on the black-robed old man, and related information appeared in his mind.

“Name: evil flame old monster”

[ identity: death warrior supported by Zi Mengxi, the seventh Princess of the Ziwei Empire ]

cultivation: late-stage Almighty realm ”


The seventh princess’s man?

Was he here for Zi Menghan?

Ye chen was stunned for a moment, then shook his head. It seemed like the competition between the princes and princesses was far more intense than he had imagined. They had sent out three Almighty realm death Warriors all of a sudden. They were trying to kill Zi Menghan!

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