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257 The reappearance of daolord Lu ya

Just as the feather spirits were shaking the ten thousand Flower Valley’s formation, the flower spirit Saint, who was far away in the hundred thousand mountains of the southern region of the ancient Central Plains, suddenly felt something. Her old face revealed an expression of shock and uncertainty. She raised her hand and swiped in the void. Everything that happened in the ten thousand Flower Valley appeared clearly before her.

She saw Yu Ling appear and break the protective formation of the ten thousand Flower Valley. She saw Yu Ling use some kind of strange divine ability to kill a recovery Saint of the ten thousand Flower Valley. The flower spirit Saint couldn’t help but be shocked and angry. She roared, ” “That evil thing, the innate Dao fetus, is now in my ten thousand Flower Valley!”

Before she could finish her sentence, the flower spirit Saint transformed into a dazzling nine-colored divine flower and disappeared from the spot.

The flower spirit Saint had seen how powerful Yu Ling was, so she told the world where Yu Ling was. She wanted to use the other Saints and Saint Kings to solve the crisis in the ten thousand Flower Valley.

Yu Ling wasn’t the only one she was afraid of. More importantly, she was afraid of daolord Lu ya who was behind Yu Ling!

“Boom boom boom!”

The void collapsed and thousands of rumbles sounded. Sacred king Huangtu held the great desolation immortal refining furnace in his palm and melted the heaven and earth. He brought with him a terrifying Emperor’s might and quickly flew into the void.

Immediately after, a few more powerful Saint auras flashed. Clearly, some powerful Saints had left.

the innate Dao fetus went to the ten thousand Flower Valley? what does she want? ”

after receiving the inheritance of true immortal feather transformation, she didn’t go into seclusion. Instead, she went to the ten thousand Flower Valley in such a grand manner. She’s really looking for death!

“Hmph! The Kunlun Sect is really arrogant!”

“Since that little girl dared to do this, she must have Daoist Lu ya protecting her in the dark! Sacred king barren murderer and the others have already left. Let’s go and meet daolord Lu ya!”


In the void above the hundred thousand mountains, many experts were discussing. More saintly way fluctuations were spreading out from the depths of the void.

The news of the innate Dao embryo’s appearance in the ten thousand Flower Valley spread quickly. Many experts and old fogeys came out of seclusion from all over the ancient barren world and rushed towards the ten thousand Flower Valley.

In the ten thousand Flower Valley, the scene of Yu Ling killing the blood lotus Saint shocked everyone. When they saw Yu Ling take out the life spiritual liquid, their eyes were filled with passion.

“This innate Dao embryo has mastered the divine ability of aging and is also supplemented by the spiritual life liquid. If we continue to delay, we will all be exhausted to death by her! Go all out! Kill her and take her innate Dao fruit and life spiritual fluid. Then, my ten thousand Flower Valley will return to its peak!”

The black-robed Saint ancestor spoke in an ancient voice. A black evil flower appeared under his feet. It had 18 petals, each of which was long and winding like a dragon. The ends of the petals seemed to be connected to the realms of hell. The wails of ghosts and howls of wolves resounded through the sky, and an extremely evil aura filled the void.

With the appearance of this strange evil flower, the feather spirit realized that she had entered a purgatory filled with black flames. There seemed to be more purgatories waiting for her behind her. All the laws and wills of the world around her were about to refine her and crush her.

Yu Ling closed her eyes, and her Dao heart reflected the heaven and earth. The surrounding purgatory scenes gradually pulled away and reflected the true situation of the ten thousand Flower Valley. She directly locked her mind on the black-dressed Saint in the distance.


Yu Ling opened the lid of the immortal slaying gourd, and the immortal slaying Flying Daggers with wings and eyes shot out with a beam of bright light. Two beams of white light shot out of its eyes, shuttling through the void and landing on the black-dressed Saint in the distance without any hindrance.

Immediately, the black-dressed saint’s eyes glazed over, and she fell unconscious. The black evil flower under her feet crumbled as she lost control.

“Please turn around, baby!” Yu Ling’s voice was cold and murderous.

In the next moment, the immortal flying knife appeared above the black-dressed saint’s head and spun three times. The old head of the black-dressed Saint flew out, and the Saint blood, which was full of the stench of decay, fell into the blue sky. The headless body crushed a divine mountain below, and at least a hundred disciples and elders were killed.

Another Saint had fallen!

The survivors of the ten thousand Flower Valley were all shocked. No one had thought that the immortal Flying Dagger could kill a Saint in Yu Ling’s hands!

“Even Saints can’t break free! What kind of treasure was this? Why is there such a heavy killing intent?” One of the Saint patriarchs could not help but exclaim in shock. His voice was trembling unconsciously.

She was not the only one. The rest of the awakened Saints and patriarchs were all horrified.

They had been sleeping all this time, so they didn’t know the fierce reputation left behind by the immortal Flying Dagger in the lonely starry sky. When they suddenly saw this great killing weapon that could easily slaughter a Saint, they were all shocked to the extreme.

Saints were extraordinary existences. They had walked their own great Dao and lived for tens of thousands of years. Every Saint had many life-saving means. To kill a Saint so easily, only an invincible Saint at the peak of the Bible could do it!

But now, Yu Ling, a Dao Lord, had killed a Saint with ease with a treasure. This had completely overturned their understanding!

How could there be such a heaven-defying weapon in the world?

In the distance, Yu Ling’s face was as pale as paper. She had used up more than half of her essence, Qi, and spirit to kill a Saint with the immortal flying knife!


Thousands of great Dao gushed into the feather spirit like running water. In the blink of an eye, the feather Spirit’s consumed essence, Qi, and spirit were restored to their peak state.

An innate Dao embryo could merge with the DAOs of heaven and earth at any time. No matter how serious the consumption was, it could return to its peak in the shortest time possible!

Using the immortal Flying Daggers consumed essence, Qi, and spirit, not lifespan, so there was no need to waste the spiritual liquid of life. Yu Ling could easily recover by relying on her innate Dao embryo, so she was not afraid of consumption.

The remaining Saint patriarchs of the ten thousand Flower Valley all looked terrible. The feather spirit had a super weapon that could kill Saints. Furthermore, it was basically unafraid of consumption, which made the Saints feel quite afraid.


The space cracked open and a crystal clear nine-colored divine flower appeared in the air. It took on the appearance of the flower spirit Saint as it yelled out anxiously, ” “Everyone, don’t be careless. That’s the immortal Flying Dagger! He had killed three Saint Kings not long ago! If you’re locked on by the immortal Flying Dagger, you’ll die without a doubt!”

As soon as he said this, the expressions of the remaining four awakened Saints from the ten thousand Flower Valley all changed slightly. The saintly way fluctuations around them trembled violently. It was obvious that they were not calm.

It wasn’t just them. Even the deep Saint King aura in the ten thousand Flower Valley was fluctuating.

The immortal slaying Flying Dagger could actually kill a Saint King, which made the hidden Saint King of the ten thousand Flower Valley extremely afraid.

After the flower spirit Saint warned Yu Ling, she disappeared from the world. It was obvious that she was extremely wary of the immortal slaying saber and didn’t dare to reveal her true form to the feather spirit.

Yu Ling looked coldly at the remaining Saints of the ten thousand Flower Valley. She was about to continue to use the immortal flying knife to kill the enemies when she suddenly looked at a void in the distance as if she sensed something.

“Boom boom boom!”

An extremely dull roar came from the depths of the void, and a red furnace exuding vast Emperor’s might shot out from the depths of the void. It was surrounded by mysterious fire ripples, spreading out into a vast sea of fire, causing the void in a radius of tens of thousands of miles to collapse.

“Great desolation immortal refining furnace!” 𝒊𝐧𝑛r𝑒𝗮𝐝. 𝐜𝑜𝑚

The few surviving Saints from the ten thousand Flower Valley couldn’t help but exclaim in shock. Monarch weapons were usually the treasures used by the immortal sects to suppress their foundations and would never be used lightly. They had no idea why the great desolation immortal refining furnace would appear here, and why it was in the hands of a Saint King!

Immediately after, powerful auras appeared outside the ten thousand Flower Valley. They were All Saints and old fogeys from all over the world. After learning that the innate Dao fetus had appeared in the ten thousand Flower Valley, they all rushed over.

Saint King Huangtu held the great desolation immortal refining furnace in his palm. He didn’t care about the ten thousand Flower Valley’s Saints who had recovered. His divine sense swept across the heaven and earth domineeringly. His gaze landed on Yu Ling. The flames in the great desolation immortal refining furnace in his palm swept up to the nine Heavens, and a vast Emperor pressure pressed down on Yu Ling like a tidal wave.


When the boundless Emperor pressure approached Yu Ling, the immortal slaying gourd was activated by the Emperor pressure and automatically released a huge amount of pure killing intent, firmly protecting Yu Ling.

The emperor’s might of the great desolation immortal refining furnace was too vast. Even with the protection of the immortal slaying gourd, Yu Ling still felt like her mind was about to collapse. It was as if she was facing a resurrected unparalleled Emperor, and the pressure multiplied.

Yuling frowned and a thick white mist appeared around her. In the White mist, a world of immortal mansion loomed and rippled with immortal aura, but it couldn’t completely isolate the Emperor pressure of the great desolation immortal refining furnace.

Being locked on by the boundless Emperor pressure of the great desolation immortal refining furnace, Yu Ling felt that she couldn’t escape into the world of the immortal mansion at all!

Sacred king Huangtu looked deeply at the immortal estate world behind Yu Ling and said coldly, ” “The world of the immortal estate has the imprint of true immortal ascendance’s great Dao. If you were in the world of the immortal estate, even if I had the great desolation immortal refining furnace, I wouldn’t be able to do anything to you! However, you’re now outside the immortal mansion, so you don’t have to think about going back!”

After he finished speaking, the great desolation immortal refining furnace in sacred king Huang tu’s palm suddenly burst into a brilliant red flame. The flame lit up the sky and earth, and the emperor’s might filled the sky. A fire Dragon flew out from the great desolation immortal refining furnace and charged toward Yu Ling at lightning speed.

He was a Saint King, but he had to use a monarch weapon to deal with a Dao Lord. Saint King Huangtu was planning to kill Yu Ling in one blow to prevent any accidents from happening!

At this moment, Yu Ling felt that her essence, energy, and spirit were all locked. Even though she had the immortal slaying gourd in her hand, she still felt like she was on the verge of death, as if she would be buried in the mouth of the fire Dragon in the next moment.

Am I going to die?

He didn’t expect to provoke a Saint King with a monarch weapon. He was too careless. He hadn’t avenged himself yet, and if he lost the immortal beheading gourd that his master had given him, it would be a great sin!

This thought couldn’t help but appear in Yu Ling’s mind. Tens of thousands of rumbles sounded in her body. She tried her best to activate the immortal slaying gourd, wanting to escape into the feather immortal mansion, but she couldn’t do it at all.


Just as the fire Dragon was about to touch the feather spirit, it suddenly disappeared. No one could sense the aura of the fire Dragon.

“As a Saint King, you’re going too far by using a monarch weapon against my disciple.”

Along with a gentle voice, a celestial-like figure appeared in the void. His hair and beard were all white, and his brows and eyes were kind. His white Daoist robe fluttered and green clouds rippled. There was a fresh and natural Dao rhythm flowing, revealing a carefree and free feeling.

“Daolord Lu ya!”

Many people inside and outside the ten thousand Flower Valley cried out in alarm, their voices full of fear.

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