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247 The great desolation immortal refining furnace!


Son of God desolate fire’s head and headless body started to burn at the same time. In the blink of an eye, they turned into ashes. However, the ball of flames became more and more vigorous as it charged toward Yu Ling at lightning speed.

The feather spirit was alarmed and used the immortal slaying gourd to block in front of him.

However, the flame seemed to exist in another time and space. It silently passed through the immortal slaying gourd and entered the space between Yu Ling’s eyebrows. A voice full of resentment resounded in Yu Ling’s mind, ” “You dare to kill the divine Son of my barren fire sect. Even if you escape to the ends of the earth, my barren fire sect will never let you go!”

In the next moment, a blood-red flame mark appeared between the feather Spirit’s eyebrows, silently jumping under its skin.

Yu Ling’s eyebrows furrowed. Her divine soul suddenly scattered into thousands of auras of the origin of the great Dao.

With thousands of rumbles, Yu Ling’s divine soul condensed again. She found that this strange flame had turned into a flame Dao pattern and integrated into her divine soul. There was no way to dispel it.

Then, Yu Ling’s divine soul turned into runes of catastrophe, but it still couldn’t get rid of the fire mark.


A decaying aura landed on the flame mark, causing it to gradually dim.

The five curses of heaven and man!

However, it would take a long time to erase the flame mark completely.

“The curse of the barren fire divine sect? You’re really like a ghost that can’t leave!” Yu Ling shook her head slightly. She didn’t pay attention to the flame mark in her divine soul for the time being. Instead, she looked at the void in the distance with a cold gaze.

In the air, Gu Li saw that the feather spirit had been hit by the flame mark. He knew that it was the curse mark of the barren fire sect. The sect could use this to lock onto the feather Spirit’s exact location, but it would not cause any harm to the feather spirit.

The divine Son of desolate fire was already dead, and Gu Li didn’t dare to stay any longer. The blood in his body surged and roared like a Great River, and the images of thousands of savage beasts appeared in the surrounding heaven and earth. The cries of birds and the roars of beasts rose and fell, as if they were bringing one into some kind of ancient, wild era.

Gu Li’s aura fused with the willpower in the unseen world before he disappeared into the endless Army of ferocious beasts.

This time, he had joined forces with the divine Son of barren fire and used his most powerful divine ability and secret technique, but they had still not been able to kill Yu Ling. Yu Ling’s true strength had far exceeded his expectations.

At this moment, Gu Li chose to retreat without any hesitation.

Gu Li did not dare to stay any longer when he saw that the Son of God of barren fire had died. He did not care about the ten great Magus Berserkers and immediately used a secret technique to escape.

“Young master! Don’t leave us behind!”

“What are you shouting for? There are no Magus Berserkers who are afraid of death in the ancient wilderness temple!”

“Fight it out with her! For the young master’s sake, we have to delay her!”


When the ten great Magus Berserkers saw that Gu Li had abandoned them and fled, they all had different reactions. Some were panicking, while some were prepared to fight with the feather spirit to buy time for Gu Li to escape.

When Gu Li saw that the divine Son of wildfire had been killed, he decisively used a secret technique to escape. By the time Yu Ling noticed him, he had already disappeared. Even his aura had disappeared without a trace.

“Hmph! He escaped pretty quickly!”

Hmph! Yu Ling snorted. Six ancient worlds appeared around her and she used the six paths reincarnation. The mortal dust rolled, the immortal Qi curled up, the ghosts cried and the wolves howled, and so on. Each world was different, but they were changing rapidly.

The six paths of reincarnation!

The ancient world of the six paths of reincarnation enveloped the ten Magus Berserkers and launched an indiscriminate attack on them at the same time.

The ten Magus Berserkers all felt like they were on the verge of death. The totem patterns on their bodies lit up one after another and there was some kind of ancient sacrificial power surging around them. It was as if they were communicating with some ancient guardian spirit, and they turned into demon birds and savage beasts that charged into the world of six paths of reincarnation. Some of them even used the barbaric divine weapons that were filled with the power of sacrifice.

However, all of this was in vain.

As the world reincarnated again and again, the ten Magus Berserkers ‘energy was being consumed rapidly.

In the blink of an eye, the ten Magus Berserkers ‘energy was completely depleted and they turned into skeletons that fell to the ground.

Even though they were considered outstanding figures in the ancient wilderness temple, they were like lambs waiting to be slaughtered in front of Yu Ling. They had no power to resist at all.

Yu Ling’s eyes were slightly closed as she quickly searched through the memories of the divine souls of the ten great Magus Berserkers with her divine thoughts.

The primitive immortal mansion she was in now had some kind of connection with the ancient wilderness temple. The guys from the ancient wilderness temple should have some understanding of this primitive immortal mansion. Yu Ling wanted to find out more information from their memories.

Soon, the feather spirit opened her eyes and looked into the distance. She murmured,”This ancient secret realm was left behind by a Saint King. Gu Li has obtained the origin of the secret realm but has yet to refine it? This ancient secret land is only one of the entrances to the core area of the primitive immortal mansion?”

Yu Ling’s mind flickered, and her figure disappeared from where she was, hurrying toward the depths of this ancient secret land.

No matter what kind of secrets were hidden in the primitive celestial mansion, Gu Li would head to the core area of the primitive celestial mansion. It would not be too late to kill him at that time.

After the feather spirit left, a vast Palace that seemed both real and illusionary appeared in the void in the distance. Luan birds danced and auspicious clouds floated. It was as if a Celestial Palace had descended.

A majestic man walked out of the immortal Palace. His black hair was like a waterfall, his skin was snow-white, and his eyes were as deep as the starry sky. An indescribable domineering aura exuded from his body. He was the descendant of the ancient Qin clan, Qin wudao.

“The immortal Flying Dagger is indeed powerful! The difficulty of dealing with an innate Dao embryo was also beyond imagination! Perhaps she still had some heaven-defying means that she had yet to use! If I had accepted Gu Li’s invitation, I might have ended up like the divine Son of wildfire!”

Qin wudao shook his head and sighed inwardly. Then, he looked in the direction where the feather spirit had left and revealed an expression of interest. the secret of this immortal Palace is beyond imagination. The Barbarian and the innate Dao fetus went in the same direction. I’ll follow them!

Qin wudao’s figure disappeared into the void. He was also rushing towards the depths of this ancient mystic realm.

In other directions, powerful figures emerged from the depths of the void one after another. They were all young prodigies or some old sovereigns. They hid in the distance and used various secret techniques to watch the battle between Yu Ling, desolate fire Divine Son, Gu Li, and the others. All of them had unconcealed shock on their faces.

They knew that Yu Ling was coming to seek revenge on the divine Son of barren fire. They knew that there would be a fierce battle between them. Many people had secretly followed Yu Ling from a distance, ready to fish in troubled waters.

However, after seeing this battle with their own eyes, they were tactful and did not approach.

Yu Ling, Divine Son of desolate fire, and the others had used their trump cards as soon as they started fighting. No matter which divine ability they used, they could easily kill a peak Dao severing expert. They even used their guardian spirits and holy weapons later on. They didn’t have the right to interfere at all.

The result of the battle was far beyond everyone’s expectations. The descendant of the ancient wilderness temple and the Son of God of barren fire, the two peerless geniuses of this generation, had joined forces and used their trump cards. They could even deal with a Saint or two. However, they couldn’t do anything to Yu Ling. Instead, Yu Ling took the opportunity to kill the Son of God of barren fire and the ten great Magi of the ancient wilderness temple!

Only now did they understand that even if Yu Ling didn’t rely on the immortal slaying gourd, she could still rival an unparalleled prodigy like Son of God barren fire, who had the bearing of a great emperor!

First, the Qilin Divine Son had fallen, and then the desolate fire Divine Son had been killed. Two unparalleled great sovereign prodigies had been killed by Yu Ling, and many Saint children had been killed by Yu Ling. This innate Dao fetus had gone crazy!

Many of them were glad that they didn’t add insult to injury when the Yu family of the divine Dao was in trouble. Otherwise, they would definitely suffer the crazy revenge of this innate Dao fetus!

As the light of communication Jade slips lit up, what had happened here was quickly spread. All the major forces in the ancient barren world learned what had happened in the primitive immortal mansion. They were all shocked.

The ten thousand Fey divine dynasty and the barren fire divine sect were both ancient forces that had been around for millions of years. Their foundations were so deep that even Saints and Saint Kings didn’t dare to provoke them. However, Yu Ling had killed the divine sons of these two Imperial factions in succession. It was simply too brutal!

Among the younger generation, who else could stop the innate Dao fetus?

how dare you kill the divine Son of our sect! The innate Dao fetus and Kun Lun will be buried with the divine Son of our sect!

A domineering and furious roar came from the barren fire sect. A burly figure covered in blazing flames walked out of the sect. He exuded visible power of rules of saintly way, filling the sky. His saintly might was so mighty that it made the great path cry out.

“Desolate butcher! The invincible Saint from 18000 years ago, he’s still alive?”

“Not only did he survive, he even became a Saint King! I’m afraid he broke through after the golden era opened. I’m so envious!”

sacred king Huang tu really thinks highly of the Son of God Huang Huo. In order to take revenge for him, he actually wants to fight Kun Lun head-on? ”

Kun Lun’s Daoist Lu ya killed Saint Kings as if he was slaughtering dogs, but Saint King Huang tu is not afraid. Is he preparing to use the monarch weapon of the barren fire divine sect? ”


The patriarchs of many Holy Lands and ancient sects in the distance sensed this person’s aura and explained his background.

Sacred king barren murderer raised his hand and beckoned towards the depths of the barren fire sacred sect. An extremely bright and blazing red light exploded from the depths of the barren fire sacred sect, illuminating the mountains and rivers within ten thousand miles into a blazing red world.


Immediately after, a completely red furnace flew out from the depths of the church of barren fire, exuding a terrifying Emperor’s might. It burned the void for tens of thousands of miles, causing it to collapse. The sea of fire covered the sky and the waves of fire swept through the nine Heavens. The entire ancient barren Central Plains could clearly feel the extremely overbearing Emperor’s might.

Sacred king Huangtu held the divine furnace in his hand and broke through the void. He strode in the direction of the primitive immortal mansion. Every step he took crossed hundreds of thousands of miles.

“Great desolation immortal refining furnace!”

sacred king Huangtu has indeed used his monarch weapon. He’s really angry. I’m afraid even that primitive immortal mansion can’t withstand the power of a monarch weapon.

“I wonder if daolord Lu ya, who is behind the innate Dao fetus, would dare to show himself?”

...... i𝒏𝐧𝒓ea𝚍. 𝘤𝗼𝓶

Many of the old fogeys were shocked. They all knew that an earth-shaking battle was going to take place in the primitive immortal mansion. It was rare to see a sovereign weapon in action. One by one, they came out of seclusion and rushed in the direction of the primitive immortal mansion.

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