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240 Chapter 240-specifically for killing!

The ancient secret realm in the southwest of the immortal estate world had been opened by many overwhelming prodigies. The area within a radius of ten thousand miles was filled with ancient Dao runes, and cultivators from all major forces were attracted here. From time to time, one or two rainbow lights could be seen entering this area.

There were no restrictions on this secret realm, and any living creature could enter it. Even the savage beasts that originally lived in the immortal estate world were attracted here; opportunities and dangers coexisted.


A beam of green light shot out of the ancient secret land and instantly appeared a thousand miles away.


A brilliant blade light bloomed, tearing the entire sky into two halves. It brazenly slashed on the green light and shattered it on the spot. A middle-aged man who was cut in half fell from the air. From his broken chakra sea, a few 10000-year-old spiritual herbs with lingering Dao runes flew out and were collected by an old man covered in a black robe.

The feather spirit hid in the void and watched coldly without interfering.

She had been in this area for half a day, and this kind of killing and treasure-snatching scene had happened dozens of times. Some people had succeeded in snatching the treasure, and some people had failed and were killed instead. It was an iron law of the weak being eaten by the strong, and even if she wanted to control it, she couldn’t.

Feather spirit silently entered this ancient secret realm. She turned a blind eye to the Dao marks, treasures, spirit medicines, and other things. She fused with the thousands of great DAOs in the secret realm and sensed the aura of the divine sense incarnations of the son of desolation fire’s true body.

She didn’t come here to search for treasure, but to kill!

After a while, Yu Ling opened her eyes and frowned.”I don’t sense the aura of the divine Son of wildfire! The aura of the divine path in this secret realm was too heterogeneous, and there were many places where spiritual will was sealed. It would be difficult to find the son of barren fire in a short time! However, as long as he’s still in this mystery realm, we’ll meet him sooner or later!”

Thinking of this, Yu Ling looked into the distance and said in a cold voice, ” “Then let’s start with the others! The barren fire divine sect, ten thousand Flower Valley, thousand Jade Palace, Duanmu family, Ling family of the divine Dao, xuanming sacred land-none of them could be let off! As long as it’s their disciples, they will all be killed!”

After saying that, the feather spirit sensed again, chose a direction, and quickly disappeared into the horizon.

Three thousand miles ahead, six young men and women surrounded by fire Dao runes were working together to attack an ancient formation that enveloped the herb garden. From their clothing, it could be seen that they were from the barren fire divine sect.

Most of these people were powerful beings, and their leader, a woman in red, had even reached the Dao Lord realm. They each took out a variety of spirit treasures to attack the ancient formation. The scorching aura gathered together, and it was as vast as a sea of fire.


The woman in red suddenly looked into the void in the distance as if she had sensed something. She saw Yu Ling walking in the void and approaching them at a high speed. She did not conceal her aura at all.

“The disciples of the divine barren fire sect are here, stop!”

The woman in red emitted waves of terrifying Dao runes of fire, burning the nearby void with a rumble and collapsing it. There was a vague flow of wild and ancient energy circulating, warning and threatening Yu Ling.

“The ones I killed were your people from the barren fire divine sect!”

Yu Ling’s voice was as cold as ice. She extended her right hand and waved it in the air. The great Dao within a radius of 10000 miles seemed to be in her hand, and it collapsed toward the woman in red and the others.

“Boom boom boom!”

Thousands of great DAOs collapsed at the same time, making an earth-shaking roar. The entire void was collapsing, as if a God was destroying the world.

The expressions of the woman in red and the others changed drastically. Each of them activated the divine power in their bodies and took out powerful spirit treasures to resist. The Dao runes of fire gathered to form a thick fire defense shield, but it was soon covered with cracks and looked like it would collapse at any time.

“Who are you? If you dare to attack us, the barren fire divine sect will never let you off!” The red-clothed woman shouted fiercely. The divine power in her body was already burning, but she still felt like an ant trying to shake a tree. She knew that she and the others could not hold on for long.

Her heart was filled with shock. This person was also a Dao master, but his strength far exceeded hers!

She had only ever seen such a situation on the divine Son of wildfire!

She really couldn’t understand, when did the barren fire sacred sect provoke such an invincible heaven’s favorite?

A hint of mockery appeared on Yu Ling’s face as she said indifferently, ” the Yu family of the divine path of the ancient Barrens central continent. Your barren fire divine sect exterminated my people and destroyed my ancestral land. Have you forgotten so quickly? ”

“What? You are the legendary innate Dao fetus?” The red-clothed woman blurted out, her face full of surprise.


yes, ” the feather spirit replied indifferently. She clenched her right hand, and the great Dao within a radius of ten thousand miles collapsed toward the woman in red and the others.

“Boom boom boom!”

The heaven and earth rumbled, the heaven and earth trembled, and the entire region was turned into a land of destruction with chaotic Dao laws. The nearby medicinal garden that was enveloped by the ancient formation had collapsed and disappeared. The woman in red and the others were instantly crushed into broken bones and rotten flesh, and their Scarlet blood stained the collapsed void.

Under the control of the feather spirit, the chaotic great Dao in the void pressed down on the ground. Dust filled the sky and air waves rolled.

By the time the dust had settled, the feather Spirit’s figure had already disappeared. On the ground, there was a large, ancient word: Feather!

Five thousand miles away, three figures in black robes were comprehending the way under a sacred cliff. The leader was an old man with white hair and a white beard. He was surrounded by mysterious and cold Dao runes. The cold Dao runes gathered in the void into a dark ocean, deep and bottomless, extremely Yin and cold.

The remaining two were both youths at the peak of the Almighty realm. They were both rare talents in the world.


The old man opened his eyes and looked at the void in the distance with a sharp gaze. The black ocean around him rolled up the nine heavenly waves, and a thick cold aura swept out. In the blink of an eye, thousands of miles were frozen. His cold voice spread along with the icy Dao runes,”Elder hei Xuan of the dark mysterious sacred land is here. Who are you?”

This was a Dao severing stage sovereign!

“The person who will kill you!”

Yu Ling’s figure appeared in the air. Her voice was as cold as ice, and there were runes of disasters flickering in her eyes.

In the next quarter of an hour, the black ocean around elder hei Xuan completely collapsed. The bodies of him and the other two were all burning with the flames of disaster. At the same time, inner demons were born. The lightning of the divine punishment struck down on their faces. The divine power in their bodies reversed and churned. The ocean of divine souls disintegrated as if all the disasters and curses had landed on them.

In the blink of an eye, the two heaven’s pride experts at the peak of the Almighty realm turned into ashes and disappeared.

Elder hei Xuan’s face was filled with shock and anger. An ancient Bell filled with an icy aura rushed out from the top of his head. It emitted waves of icy Dao runes and temporarily resisted the invasion of the aura of the catastrophe. He roared,”The dark mysterious sacred land has no enmity with you. Who are you?”

The ancient Bell was a half-Saint weapon! 𝒊𝓃𝗻𝘳𝘦𝐚𝐝 𝒄o𝓶

It wasn’t easy for Yu Ling to break through the defense of this half-Saint weapon. However, she didn’t want to waste time with elder hei Xuan. She took out the immortal slaying gourd and bowed.”Please turn around, baby!”

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