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209 The profound heavenly sacred land actually dares to take the initiative to attack?

Sacred Lord dark sky took a deep breath and calmed himself down. His eyes glowed as he returned to the dark sky Palace and gave the order to gather the peak Leaders.

Not long after, all the peak Masters in the sacred land had arrived. Even ye chen had sent out a puppet incarnation.

“Did Holy master summon us here for the great day demon race?” The red flame Peak Master asked sacred Lord dark sky.

Sacred Lord dark sky nodded and said coldly, ” “The great sun demon race issued a kill order to the disciples of the profound sky sacred land, causing us to lose nearly a hundred disciples. I’ve gathered all of you here to discuss a countermeasure!”

Hearing this, the peak Masters started to discuss.

“We can only fight!”

“Blood for blood, it’s only natural!”

“Demonic blade old ancestor annihilated seven demon Venerables in a row, and the other seven old ancestors even razed their old nests. The great sun demon race is nothing more than this! Kill our way into the ancient demon forbidden ground and exterminate the great day demon race!”

“Don’t be impulsive! The great day demon race has a monarch weapon guarding them, we need to plan carefully if we want to deal with them!”

“If they can issue a kill order to us, why can’t we counter-kill the great day demon race?”

“I’m afraid more disciples will die this way, right?”

“Death and injury are inevitable. Only through the baptism of iron and blood can the fighting spirit of the disciples be stimulated and they can always maintain their fighting strength! If we protect our disciples too much because we’re afraid of death, we’ll only raise a group of inexperienced disciples. If we encounter other dangers in the future, they won’t be of any help to the Holy Land, but will instead drag us down!”

“That’s right. This time, we can use the great day demon race and its affiliated forces to hone our disciples” combat skills! If we want the sacred land to grow stronger, this is a step we must take!”


The peak Masters discussed intensely for a long time, and most of them agreed that they had to let their disciples experience a life-and-death battle! 𝚒𝚗𝒏𝐫e𝒶𝙙. 𝒸o𝑚

Sacred Lord dark sky stopped everyone’s discussion and said, ” “Then it’s decided. From today on, we’ll launch an anti-hunting operation against the great day demon clan and its affiliated forces! As long as one killed an enemy, there would be generous rewards. The more one killed, the more rewards one would receive! Thousand-year-old spirit herbs, ten-thousand-year-old spirit herbs, spirit pills of various grades, various spirit treasures, various divine arts, Daoist techniques, and so on. As long as you kill an enemy, these treasures can be made an exception and rewarded!”

Everyone became excited after hearing this and expressed their full support for sacred Lord dark sky’s decision.

The peak Master of clear moon peak was a refined and elegant middle-aged woman. She frowned and said, ” “Holy master, are you preparing to use all the treasures the Holy Land has accumulated over the years? Many of these are treasures related to the Holy Land’s future inheritance. If we use them now, won’t they affect the future inheritance?”

“Junior Sister ning, don’t worry! Most of these treasures were provided by the sword ancestor, so they would not affect the inheritance of the Holy Land! The sword ancestor wants us to become stronger as a whole, so I thought of using the great sun demon race to temper our disciples!” Sacred Lord dark sky said calmly.

sword ancestor? ”

since it’s the sword ancestor’s idea, there’s no problem!

the great sun demon race has been passed down for too long. In this golden era, it’s destined to become a stepping stone for our profound heaven Holy Land!

“Heh, this stepping stone is really high! But I like it!”

“We’ll do it!”


All the peak Leaders responded. After hearing sacred Lord dark sky mention the sword ancestor, no one had any objections.

Sacred Lord dark sky and the other Peak Leaders discussed the specific rewards. The conditions that sacred Lord dark sky offered made all the peak Leaders ‘eyes Go Red. They wanted to personally go and kill the great sun demon race and its affiliated forces.

Anyone who killed any of the great day demon clan’s subordinate forces would be rewarded with a thousand-year-old spiritual herb!

If you kill a demon of the great sun demon race, you will be rewarded with a 10000-year-old spiritual herb!

If they could kill the demon sovereign, demon master, and the paragons of the various races, they would receive even more generous rewards, such as elixirs, numinous treasures, and divine powers!

The meeting didn’t last long. The peak Leaders all returned to pass on sacred Lord dark sky’s decision.

For a moment, the entire profound heaven sacred land was filled with thunderous cheers. All the elders and disciples seemed to have been injected with chicken blood. They no longer had the slightest fear of the great day demon race, and their fighting intent soared to the sky.

In the following time, the disciples of the profound sky Holy Land took the initiative to attack. Some hunted in teams, some hunted alone, some set traps, and some killed with poison. They used everything they could to crazily counter-hunt the great day demon race and its affiliated forces.

The major forces of the East continent were all shocked. Was the profound heaven Holy Land so unyielding?

In the face of a behemoth like the great day demon clan, not only did he not hold back, but he also took the initiative to attack. Was he really not afraid of death?

Why were all the disciples so excited when they saw the enemies of the great day demon race and its affiliated forces?

Aren’t you supposed to be hiding in the profound heavenly sacred land?

Although many disciples of the profound sky Holy Land had died, the great sun demon race and its affiliated forces had suffered even more casualties.

A few months later.

The battle between the disciples of the mysterious sky Holy Land and the great sun demon clan and their affiliated forces had already become a norm. Many demon Venerables didn’t dare to make a move, and even demon masters rarely made a move. Ye Chen’s puppet incarnation didn’t make a move either. They were all borrowing the power of their opponents to train their own disciples.

After the baptism of life-and-death battles, the surviving disciples of the profound sky Holy Land all had a murderous aura, and their combat ability was far better than before. Coupled with the stimulation of various rich rewards from the profound sky Holy Land, every disciple’s cultivation base was rapidly transforming, and the overall strength of the profound sky Holy Land was steadily improving.

The most important thing was that the great day demon race’s oppression had made the profound heaven Holy Land unite against a common enemy, and their unity was unprecedentedly strong. The profound heaven Holy Land’s fate was like burning oil, and it seemed like it could take shape at any time.

Of course, the xuantian sacred land’s fate energy was still far from being comparable to the Ziwei Empire’s fate energy Golden Dragon. However, it was still growing at every moment, and it might even surpass the Ziwei Empire’s fate energy Golden Dragon in the future!

The major forces of the East continent were already used to the conflict between the profound sky Holy Land and the great sun Demon tribe. During this period of time, the profound sky Holy Land had not been at a disadvantage against the great sun Demon tribe, and the rewards were beyond imagination. It had attracted many young talents to come and take them as Masters, injecting new blood into the profound sky Holy Land, and its overall strength had been steadily increasing.

After ye chen had provided some cultivation resources to Saint Lord profound sky a few months ago, he had sealed the blue cloud Peak again, and the entire blue cloud Peak had returned to its former peace.

Yu Ling wanted to go out and kill the demonic race to share some of the pressure for the sacred land, but ye chen rejected her.

Yu Ling had a blood feud with her, so ye chen told her to stay at the blue cloud Peak and cultivate in peace. She wanted to increase her strength as soon as possible, so that she could have a chance to take revenge and save those clansmen who were being used as fertilizer.

Zi Menghan had already entered the ancestral star of the Zi Wei Empire, and no one knew when she would come out.

Li Qingzhou led many princes and princesses of the great sun demon race in circles in the demon Realm and killed another Prince and two princesses, but they almost died several times.

Among the princes and princesses, there were a few powerful figures. Some carried Saint weapons, some carried jade pendants that contained a saint’s attack, some raised Dao severing peak stage demonic beasts, some had powerful ancient formations, and so on.

Li Qingzhou had been in danger several times. Once, he was even cut in half by the third Prince’s Saint weapon. However, he had escaped with the help of the indestructible mystic art and the Paragon sword. He had been lucky enough to survive and absorbed the aura of catastrophe from his wound, which made him stronger.

Li Qingzhou was like a divine sword that had been tempered thousands of times. The more dangers he had experienced, the fiercer the Qi He emitted.

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