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208 How many more unparalleled sovereigns are there in the profound heaven sacred land?

Seven demon Venerables besieged the xuantian pass, demonic blade ding Peng came out of the mountain and killed seven demon Venerables in a row, shocking the demon world.

The ten thousand miles around the Xuan heaven pass had become a forbidden zone for the demon race. No demon venerable dared to get close, and the subordinate forces of the great sun demon race had all given up on their desire for the Xuan heaven pass.

Every demon commander was an ancestor-level figure in their race. No demon race could afford to lose a demon commander. The Xuan heaven pass was too hard to break. No matter how generous the rewards were, they had to be alive to take it!

Of course, with the great sun demon race’s orders, the subordinate forces couldn’t just do nothing. They all decided to target the disciples of the mysterious heaven Holy Land and leave the mysterious heaven pass to the great sun demon race!

However, before many of the demon forces could make a move, another earth-shaking earthquake occurred in the entire demon world.

On the same day, the lairs of the seven great demon races, including the Jade-scaled demon race, the Quan Rong demon race, the barbaric bull demon race, the Golden-eyed demon race, and the fierce bone demon race, were all slaughtered. Xuan Tian!

Among them, there was another demon venerable guarding the nests of the green-scaled demon race and the barbaric bull demon race. The Golden-eyed demon race even had three demon Venerables guarding them, but they were of no use and were also exterminated.

And these seven great demon clans were the forces of the seven demon Venerables who had attacked in the xuantian pass!

For a time, the demon world was shaken.

Such a method was too brutal and overbearing. All the demons who had heard of this were horrified.

The seven people who killed the seven great devil clans all had different appearances. There was an old man with white hair and beard, a cold and proud swordsman, a brawny man holding a divine spear, a gentle and elegant scholar, an old farmer carrying a hoe, a fisherman holding a fishing rod, and so on. They were seven completely different people, all of them at the Dao severing realm.

The seven of them exterminated the seven great demon clans almost at the same time. They didn’t alarm anyone when they went to the seven great demon clans, and only revealed themselves when they attacked. It was beyond the imagination of all the demon clans that they exterminated the seven great demon clans in just a few breaths.

This meant that the seven people from the profound heavenly sacred land were all unparalleled existences below the Saint realm!

How many Dao severing realm unparalleled sovereigns did the xuantian sacred land have?

After this battle, many forces of the devil World had deeply realized that the profound heaven Holy Land was no ordinary Holy Land. Facing the oppression of the great day demon clan and its subordinate forces, its counterattack was too fierce and overbearing.

The seven sovereigns of the profound heaven Holy Land had slaughtered seven demon races in a row, which was equivalent to a tight slap to the face of the great sun demon race, and they had no way to deal with it!

Many of the great sun demon race’s subordinate forces were silent and decided to act perfunctorily. If they saw disciples of the mysterious sky Holy Land in public, they would naturally chase them down. If they saw disciples of the mysterious sky Holy Land in an empty place, they would pretend not to see them.

After all, no one dared to bet the fate of their own race against the mysterious heavenly sacred land. If they were targeted by an invincible venerable of the mysterious heavenly sacred land, it would be a disaster!

The other demon races avoided the disciples of the profound sky sacred land like the plague. They didn’t dare to interfere in the war between the great day demon race and the profound sky sacred land for fear of being affected.

Not long after, the news of what had happened in the devil realm spread throughout the entire East continent, shocking all the big forces in the East continent.

After the sword ancestor of the mysterious sky Holy Land killed a Saint King, all the forces in the East continent recognized the power of the mysterious sky Holy Land. However, they all thought that the mysterious sky Holy Land only had one Saint King ancestor. Even if there were many new talents, it would take a long time for them to grow.

Only now did he realize that the profound heaven Holy Land had so many Dao severing realm sovereigns!

All this time, the profound heaven Holy Land had not had much of a presence. No one had expected the profound heaven Holy Land to have such a deep foundation!

The profound heavenly sacred land.

When sacred Lord dark sky heard this news, he was both ecstatic and shocked.

Junior Brother ye’s puppet incarnation can kill a Dao severing stage sovereign? 𝒾𝓃𝓷𝘳e𝗮𝒅. 𝐜૦𝒎

I wonder how many more puppets Junior Brother ye has?

“Master! with those seven Dao severing stage ancestors, it’ll be enough to kill the chicken to warn the monkeys. The danger that our disciples will encounter will be reduced by more than half! I didn’t think that the profound heavenly sacred land would have so many Dao severing patriarchs!” Xiao Yixian was overjoyed and excited. He didn’t have the composure that the mysterious sky Saint son should have.

Sacred Lord dark sky’s eyelids twitched as he thought, I didn’t f * cking think of that!

However, Saint Lord profound sky knew ye chen well and didn’t want to expose him. His expression was calm as he said, ” “Everything is under control!”

Not far away, the cloud sky Grandmaster frowned and glanced at Xiao Yixian. He transmitted his voice to sacred Lord Xuan Tian.”Sacred Lord, do we really have so many Dao severing realm sovereigns? I’ve been the Holy master for two thousand years, so why don’t I know anything about it?”

Sacred Lord dark sky transmitted his voice back to ancestral patriarch cloud sky. these Dao severing stage patriarchs belong to the sword ancestor’s faction. They were ordered to move out by the sword ancestor. I don’t know much about the specific situation.

Was he really from the bloodline of the sword ancestor?

Old ancestor Yunxiao dispelled the doubts in his heart. The sword ancestor had even killed a Saint King. His roots were naturally unimaginable. Since it was related to the sword ancestor, there was no need to think too much.

The Holy maiden Xue Wei’s Red lips curved up slightly. Her eyes revealed a thoughtful look, and she did not have much emotional fluctuation.

She could naturally guess that those great ancestors were ye Chen’s puppet incarnations. As long as they were related to ye chen, there was nothing to be surprised about.

In her eyes, there was nothing in this world that ye chen could not do!

Half a month later.

Most of the disciples of the mysterious sky Holy Land who had gone to various places to train had returned, but there were still nearly a hundred disciples who had died at the hands of the great demon clans. If it were not for ye Chen’s puppet incarnation, which had shocked the great demon clans, the casualties of the disciples of the mysterious sky Holy Land would have been at least ten times greater!

At this time, the profound sky Saint Lord received ye Chen’s message. sacred Lord, I’ve left some Dao techniques and useless treasures in the Treasury of the profound heaven sacred land. Go and distribute them to the disciples. I hope the overall strength of the profound heaven sacred land can rise quickly.

Sacred Lord profound sky opened the Treasury suspiciously, and his eyes widened as he froze.

There were tens of thousands of ten-thousand-year-old spiritual herbs and countless thousand-year-old spiritual herbs.

There were all kinds of spirit pills, many of which were extremely precious to Dao severing stage Venerables.

Countless numinous treasures were piled up like a mountain. There were even more than a dozen Supreme-grade numinous treasures. They were dazzling and their treasure light shot into the sky.

The Jade slips recorded all kinds of divine arts, paths, and skills. Even the worst Divine Art was comparable to the divine arts of many ancient sects and sects. Some of the great divine arts even surpassed the divine arts of the various Holy Lands!

Sacred Lord dark sky gulped and was extremely shocked. This was the useless treasure that Junior Brother ye was talking about?

Is Junior Brother ye that rich?

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