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207 Chapter 207 killing the chicken to warn the monkeys


The void trembled, and a headless dog’s corpse covered in black fur fell from the void. It was a thousand feet in size, and it created a huge pit on the ground. Even though it was dead, the corpse still had a terrifying Qi that even the great Dao of heaven and earth couldn’t invade.

With the fall of this Dog Race old master, the seals around the area he was in disappeared, opening up a gap in the black Heaven pass.

“Demon venerate Quan ye is dead! Demonic blade ding Peng has left the black Heaven pass!”

“There’s no time to waste! Let’s kill our way to the black Heaven pass! Let’s take advantage of demonic blade ding Peng’s exit and destroy the black Heaven pass together!”

“Let’s move together! Even if demonic blade ding Peng returns, we can still fight him!”


In the distance, the demon venerates that were sealed in the void communicated with each other through their divine sense. They rushed towards the Xuan heaven pass from all directions, leaving behind terrifying void ripples in the depths of the void.

These demon supremacies knew that this was a rare opportunity, so they all increased their speed to the maximum and arrived outside the xuantian pass in an instant.

A middle-aged man with two horns on his head was the fastest. He shook his body and turned into a ten thousand feet tall barbaric bull. His body was dark green, and red demonic patterns flickered under his skin. There were two crescent-shaped horns on his huge bull head. His qi and blood were surging, and his demonic power was like the sea.

“Open it!”

The bull roared, and the two shiny horns on its head instantly left its body, turning into two bull-horned demonic blades. They left two huge cracks in the void that were hundreds of miles long, extending all the way to the guarding formation outside the xuantian pass.

“Boom boom boom!”

A deafening boom resounded in the heavens and earth as the Heaven’s Gate’s defensive formation burst out with a blinding light. It trembled violently for a moment before it managed to block the attack.

The demon’s all-out attack could only shake the defensive formation of the xuantian pass, but it was far from breaking through the defense!

the defensive formation of the xuantian pass is too strong. We have to work together to break it! The blue-black barbaric bull let out a low, muffled sound. Its two demonic blades crossed each other as it prepared for a new attack.

“Be careful!” A demon venerable in the distance warned loudly.

The green-black barbaric bull suddenly felt a sense of danger. Its entire body suddenly bloomed with a brilliant red light. Red demonic patterns covered the bull demon’s body, and it quickly retreated.

But it was too late!


The blade light flashed, as if it could split the entire world, and instantly flashed across the body of the blue-black Bull.

The blue-black bull’s 10000-feet-tall demonic body was instantly cut in half from head to toe. Demonic blood rained down like rain, dyeing the sky red.

Another demon venerable had fallen!

Even his divine soul could not escape!

“Fiend supremacy man Qing is also dead?”

“How can demonic blade ding Peng be so fast?”

“Everyone’s Qi is connected. Don’t hold back, or we’ll all die Here!”


In the void near the Heaven’s Gate, five demon supremacies appeared at the same time and revealed their true forms. Some had bone spikes on their fists, some were covered in black scales, some had dark golden eyes, and so on. They were hundreds of miles away from each other, and their auras merged together, turning the entire void into their own territory.

Demonic blade ding Peng’s speed was too fast. After killing demon venerate Quan ye, he crossed space to kill demon venerate man Qing, causing the remaining five demon venerates to be wary and have no choice but to join forces.

Ye chen controlled demonic blade ding Peng’s puppet to appear in the void. It was wearing black clothes and had black hair. It was extremely handsome, and there was a full-moon blade on its head. An indescribable demonic aura was emitting from its body.

“Demonic blade ding Peng! Stop, or else the great day demon clan will never let you go!”

“As long as you forsake the darkness and join the light, we can recommend you to the great day demon clan and give you a chance to become a saint in the future!”

“The profound heavenly sacred land’s Foundation is too weak. It’ll be razed to the ground by the great sun demon race sooner or later! There’s no need for you to be buried with the profound heavenly sacred land. You should have a better future!”


These demon Venerables spoke one after another, trying to move demonic blade ding Peng with their words.

Even if they had five demon Venerables working together, they still didn’t have much confidence. After all, demonic blade ding Peng had killed two demon Venerables in a row just now.


Demonic blade ding Peng didn’t waste time talking to them. He looked at one of the demon Venerables with bone spikes on his fist, and runes of disaster flashed in his eyes.

“Ah, Yingluo.”

The demon Supreme who had bone spikes on his fist let out a shrill scream. His limbs and bones were burning with demonic fire, and the demonic soul between his eyebrows was shaking. A lightning bolt even fell from the sky and struck him, as if he had summoned countless disasters in an instant.

In the blink of an eye, the demon Supreme was burned into a piece of charcoal by the demon Fire, and died in the world.

The remaining four demon Venerables had no idea how demonic blade ding Peng had killed a demon venerable in front of them. Their combined Qi was useless, and it made them feel terrified.

With the death of this demon commander, the Qi of the remaining four people weakened a lot, and they all looked at demonic blade ding Peng with fear in their eyes.

How could they fight this?

Right now, they all felt as if they were being roasted over a fire. They were in a dilemma, and they could deeply feel the pressure of death.

“If you want to escape, you’ll have to die! Don’t think too much, attack with all your strength and kill him!” The demon Supreme with dark golden pupils shouted, and two dazzling lights suddenly shot out of his eyes, which were full of the Qi Ji of shattering everything, and instantly arrived in front of demonic blade ding Peng.

At the same time, the other three demon Venerables also attacked demonic blade ding Peng with their own techniques. Demonic Qi and murderous intent filled the air.


The dazzling blade light cut through the sky and shattered the joint attack of the four demon Venerables.

As the blade flashed past, the combined Qi of the four demon Venerables was instantly cut apart, creating a vast blade domain that enveloped the four demon Venerables.

“Let’s go all out!”

The Golden-eyed demonic Lord shouted. A white Saint thigh bone appeared between his brows. It exuded a faint Saint might and blasted a corner of the knife domain. He used the Saint bone to protect himself and rushed into the distance.

The demonic blade ding Peng that ye chen had turned into reached out his palm toward the direction where golden-eyed demon venerable had escaped. With a clench of his palm, the ultimate power of death, decay, decay, destruction, and so on instantly emerged from the body of the demon venerable. The cultivation base in his body was completely stripped away, and his body quickly dissipated like ashes.

“How could this be? “No! No! No!” The Golden-eyed demonic Lord roared in fear and struggled with all his might, but to no avail. He could only watch as his body turned into ashes.

In the blink of an eye, the Golden-eyed demon venerate was reduced to ashes and disappeared from the world, leaving only the saint’s thigh bone behind.

The disappearance of the Golden-eyed demon sovereign was even more terrifying.

The five curses of heaven and man!

The remaining three demon Venerables were completely scared out of their wits. Each of them used their trump cards to escape, even burning their Natal demonic vitality, trying to break free from the blade domain.

However, they didn’t have any sacred objects with them, so they couldn’t break free in a short time.


The blade light cut through the void, as if it could even split the heavens and the thousands of DAOs. With one strike, the remaining three demon Supremes were all chopped into pieces, and blood stained the sky.

The xuantian pass was filled with thunderous cheers for demonic blade ding Peng.

In less than the time it takes for an incense stick to burn, he had killed seven demon Venerables in a row. This achievement was too shocking and far exceeded everyone’s expectations. He was destined to be famous in the demon world!

In the distance, some demon supremacies and demon masters had arrived late and didn’t have time to join the battle. They only saw the scene of demonic blade ding Peng’s divine power from a distance, and their scalps went numb with fear. They secretly rejoiced that they were late, so they turned around and left without hesitation.

Ye Chen’s demonic blade ding Peng didn’t chase after him anymore. He looked into the distance and said in a low voice, ” “Killing the chicken to warn the monkeys, this is far from enough!”

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