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206 Demonic blade ding Peng, why is he here?

Devil World, Xuan heaven pass.

This was the war fortress that ye chen had seized from the ancient demonic race. Now, it had become a majestic pass for the mysterious heaven Holy Land to enter the demonic world. The sky above the mysterious heaven pass was covered with a layer of colorful formation light, and there were many powerful auras hidden inside, like a peerless beast.


In the void a thousand miles away from the mysterious heaven pass, a skinny old man in a green robe suddenly appeared. His hair and beard were white, and his skin was glowing with a dark golden luster. His entire body was exuding a terrifying demonic aura, causing the nearby void to rumble.

This was a Dao severing stage demon!

At the gate tower of the xuantian pass, the peak Master of xuanjian peak, Gu Lingyun, looked extremely serious.

Gu Lingyun had been in the Dao master realm for a few years now and was on duty at the Heaven’s Gate. Gu Lingyun didn’t expect that a demon venerable would come to the black Heaven pass so soon after he received the news from Saint Lord profound sky!

The fact that the xuantian Holy Land had taken away the ancient demons ‘war fortresses could not be hidden from the eyes and ears of many demons. However, Gu Lingyun did not expect the demon commander to come so quickly!

The difference between a Dao master and a Dao severing stage cultivator was too great. Gu Lingyun wasn’t like the profound heavenly Saint Lord, who could resist the heavenly Tribulation. He didn’t have the confidence to face the Dao severing stage demon commander and could only place his hopes on the black Heaven pass’s defensive formation.

“A mere Holy Land dares to challenge the great day demon race? He simply didn’t know what death was! Today, I’ll offer the entire Black Heaven pass as a sacrifice to the great day demon race on behalf of the Golden-scaled demon race!”

The green-robed old man’s voice was filled with killing intent. He took a deep breath, and his skinny body began to swell at a speed visible to the naked eye. In the blink of an eye, he had become a burly purple-faced man. His entire body was covered in a layer of fine golden scales, as if he was cast in gold, and he exuded a terrifying pressure.

In the distant void, several demonic shadows appeared. Each of them was a patriarch of a force. After receiving the order from the great sun demon race, they came to the Heaven’s Gate immediately, but they were a step slower than the green-robed fiend supremacy of the Golden scale demon race.

“You’re late, it shouldn’t be your turn to attack! All the credit here is mine! Ten thousand Dragons extinguishing the world!”

The green-robed elder laughed heartily and raised his hand to press down on the void in the direction of the Heaven’s Gate.


All of a sudden, a gigantic Golden Palm appeared in the sky. Every palm pattern on the palm turned into a Divine Dragon. Thousands of divine Dragons roared in the sky and pounced towards the mysterious heaven pass. The entire void seemed to be overwhelmed by the force of the palm.

Gu Lingyun clenched his fists. Could the guarding formation of the Heaven’s Gate stop them?

Even if they could block this attack, there were a few demon Venerables outside. How could they block it?


All of a sudden, a curved blade light flashed between heaven and earth, as if it could cut through all obstacles. It instantly destroyed all the Dragon shadows and the Golden Palm. With an unstoppable momentum, it instantly arrived in front of the green-robed Demon Lord.

The green-robed fiend supremacy’s face was filled with shock. The Fiend essence in his body burned wildly as he tried to avoid this terrifying blade, but it was already too late.

As the blade light flashed, thousands of cracks appeared on the green-robed fiend supremacy’s body. The violent blade intent burst out and instantly crushed the green-robed fiend supremacy into nothingness.

Demonic blade, ding Peng!

“Demonic blade patriarch is mighty!”

I heard that this xuantian pass was conquered by the demonic blade patriarch. He has killed many demon masters and demon Venerables, and his name is well-known. Today, I see that the demonic blade patriarch is even stronger than the rumors!

he doesn’t need to show himself. He can kill the demon venerable with his demonic blade. Demonic blade patriarch is that powerful!

“Dogs of the great day demon race, they deserve to die!”

“With demonic blade patriarch guarding this place, which blind dog would dare to come and court death!”

“It’s not that easy for the great sun demon race to deal with the profound heaven Holy Land!”


The xuantian pass was filled with loud cheers. The pressure that the green-robed demon venerable had brought to the disciples of the xuantian Holy Land was instantly lifted, and their fighting spirit was ignited. Even though there were still a few demon Venerables eyeing them from afar, they were no longer able to shake their hearts.

In the distant void, several demon Venerables looked at each other in fear.

“Demonic blade ding Peng! Why is he here?”

“The green-robed fiend supremacy couldn’t even block one attack! Is demonic blade ding Peng that strong?”

“I heard that this demon is extremely bloodthirsty and has killed more than a dozen demon Venerables. The number of demon masters who died in his hands is uncountable. He kills demons without asking for reasons and is extremely murderous! Many factions suspect that he’s a descendant of some ancient demon race, but I didn’t think he’d come from the profound heavenly sacred land!”

“With this person here, the only way to take down the Xuan heaven pass is if the demon saint comes personally!”

the xuantian pass is connected to the xuantian sacred land. If the demon saint makes a move, it’s very likely that the xuantian sacred land’s unrivaled Saint King will be drawn out. That’s a huge price to pay!

“Without absolute confidence, the demon saint will not make a move so easily, we can’t take down the Xuan heaven pass for now!”

“Let’s retreat first and surround the Heaven’s Gate from all directions! They were just waiting for the disciples of the profound heavenly Holy Land who had been training in the devil world to come and walk right into their trap! If one comes, kill one. Don’t let anyone go!”

“Not bad! There was only one demonic blade ding Peng, and if he dared to leave the black Heaven pass, the other demon Venerables would be able to destroy the black Heaven pass! If he doesn’t come out, then we’ll kill all the disciples of the profound heavenly sacred land in the devil World!”


After a brief discussion, the demon supremacies each disappeared into the void and turned into terrifying void ripples, flying away quickly.

Gu Lingyun and the others in the Heaven’s Gate thought that the demon Venerables had run away in fear and cheered.

However, just as they started to cheer, they all felt the changes in the world.

Gu Lingyun’s expression was extremely ugly. He looked into the distance and took a deep breath.”The world within a radius of ten thousand miles has been completely sealed off by the demon Venerables! The disciples of the mysterious heavenly Holy Land who have been training in the devil World are heading towards the mysterious heavenly pass. I’m afraid they’ll catch them all in one fell swoop! If the demonic blade patriarch were to go out and kill them, the black Heaven pass would be in danger!”

The peak Masters and elders surrounding Gu Lingyun frowned when they heard this.

The demon Lord was a Dao severing realm existence. If demonic blade old ancestor couldn’t attack, they wouldn’t be able to deal with him with their strength!

Could it be that he could only watch helplessly as the disciples walked right into the trap?

“No need to panic! The Xuan heaven pass’s array formation was enough to deal with the demon saint’s attack, so a mere demon venerable was nothing to him! I’ll send them on their way now!” A clear voice resounded in the xuantian pass, and a terrifying wave of energy could be felt in the depths of the void.

Gu Lingyun and the other elders and disciples in the black Heaven pass were relieved and started to discuss among themselves.

“The formation in the Xuan heaven pass can stop the demon saint? It’s said that the dark Heaven pass’s formation was set up by the demonic blade patriarch. Is his attainments in formation techniques that high?”

“Heh, our profound heavenly sacred land’s Mountain-protecting formation can block Saint Kings! It’s reasonable for the Xuan heaven pass’s array to be able to stop the demon saint, right?”

do you think demonic blade patriarch is the bloodline of sword ancestor who killed the Saint King? ”


Just as everyone was discussing, ye chen had already controlled demonic blade ding Peng’s puppet to travel ten thousand miles away. The demonic blade flashed, and a huge dog head flew out, smashing a ten thousand Zhang tall mountain in the demonic cloud mountains, causing dust to fill the air.

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