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205 Li Qingzhou, we’re cursing each other!

After li Qingzhou sent the message to ye chen, he suddenly felt a sense of fear in his heart.

At this moment, li Qingzhou clearly felt that his spirit was wrapped in a layer of faint black Qi. It was as dark as ink and full of decaying Qi activity, silently invading his spirit.

“Eh? Is someone cursing me? You really don’t know what’s good for you!”

Li Qingzhou’s sword-like eyebrows slightly raised, and the corners of his mouth curled up into a faint smile. A myriad tribulation indestructible seal suddenly flashed in his spirit, and the endless curse black gas quickly transformed into a vast sea of tribulation runes.

Li Qingzhou kept the last trace of the cursed black gas and poured the vast sea of runes into it. He looked into the distance and said coldly, ” “Then let’s curse each other!”

The demonic Silver Mountain range was once the home of the silver-blood demons.

There was an ancient Black Altar on the ruins. There was an incense burner and two white candles on the altar. Behind it was a palm-sized strawman. There was a yellow talisman on the strawman with the words ‘li Qingzhou’ engraved on it.

A handsome young man in a light golden robe bowed to the little straw doll nine times. He stood up with his hands behind his back and a confident smile appeared on his face. He said proudly, ” li Qingzhou, I know your real name and I’ve caught the aura of your Supreme Being bone. With this soul worship altar, no matter how beautiful you are, you can’t escape my curse!

“The sixth Prince is mighty!”

“Nine bows with the soul Sacrifice, li Qingzhou must be dead! The clan leader just announced the news today, and Li Qingzhou was killed by the sixth Prince. The sixth Prince’s speed will shock all the demons!”

even if the other crown princes and princesses have killing curses, how can they compare to the sixth Prince, who is an expert in killing curses? ”

“Li Qingzhou should thank the heavens for being able to die at the hands of the sixth Prince!”

li Qingzhou is destined to be the sixth Prince’s stepping stone!


Outside the altar, many of the sixth Prince’s followers exclaimed in admiration. It was as if he could already see li Qingzhou’s death.

The sixth Prince nodded his head in satisfaction. Just as he was about to say something, he suddenly looked at the little Scarecrow on the altar and saw that the little Scarecrow had exploded with a loud bang. A vast aura of catastrophe as vast as the sea enveloped his body.

For a moment, the sixth Prince’s heart was filled with inner demons. His entire body was burning with demonic fire. The demonic essence in his body went berserk, and his limbs and bones were rapidly decaying.

“Eh? The backlash of the curse?”

The sixth Prince frowned slightly. He flipped his palm, and a white jade tortoiseshell full of cracks appeared in his palm. It exuded a deep ancient charm and quickly absorbed the power of the curse from his body.

In the blink of an eye, the White jade tortoiseshell turned into a pure black tortoiseshell, filled with a vast curse power.

The sixth Prince heaved a sigh of relief and looked at the turtle shell that had turned black in his hand. His pupils suddenly shrank and he cried out, ” “This isn’t just the backlash of the curse! No! This is a tribulation, not a curse!”


Before the sixth Prince could finish his sentence, the turtle shell that had turned black suddenly shattered. The energy in his body went berserk, and all kinds of disastrous auras burst out, completely enveloping the sixth Prince.

The sixth Prince instantly transformed into the true form of the three-legged demon Crow. Its huge body was thousands of feet in size, and it spread its big wings, flying in the void. A sea-like great sun Demon Fire gushed out from between his eyebrows, trying to erase all the power of the catastrophe in his body, but it was impossible.

“Sixth Prince!”

“Sixth Prince, what’s wrong?”

“What can we do to help you?”

“Tribulation? How do we resist the Tribulation?”

...... 𝘪𝓷𝘯𝙧ℯ𝗮𝘥. 𝗰૦m

The sixth Prince’s followers all cried out in panic. The sixth Prince was obviously suffering from the backlash of the curse, and it seemed that he had also been hit by some other secret technique. This made them all anxious like ants on a hot pan, not knowing what to do.

The sixth Prince couldn’t care about them at this time. His physical body was destroyed like rotten wood, and his soul was also extremely weak.


A jade talisman that emitted the Dao runes of a Supreme-grade numinous treasure rushed out of the sixth Prince’s glabella. It emitted a pure and real spirit Dao runes, trying to protect his soul, but it was in vain.

The power of this tribulation was pervasive, and the sixth Prince’s protective jade talisman could not block it at all!

“No, I’m not.”

The sixth Prince howled in pain as his divine soul shattered. His huge demonic body crashed onto the ground uncontrollably, still burning with the flames of catastrophe.

The sixth Prince was dead!

“Sixth Prince!”

His followers cried out in fear, and they summoned a rain to pour on the body of the sixth Prince, but it couldn’t put out the fire.

In the blink of an eye, the sixth Prince’s Mountain-like body was burned into a pile of ashes.

His followers were all scared silly, and their hearts were beating wildly.

The sixth Prince is dead?

Wouldn’t they be buried with him?

Li Qingzhou looked at the runes that were surging in his body. He knew that the guy who cursed him was dead. The runes sealed the devil Sun Soul seal in his soul layer by layer, and he disappeared quickly.

Since the great day demon race wanted to play, then he would play with them!

The news of the sixth Prince’s death was immediately known to the great day demon race, and the entire great day demon race was shocked.

The patriarch of the great day demon race had just sent a message to the Crown Prince and Princess to deal with li Qingzhou, but the sixth Prince was killed by li Qingzhou on the same day. The speed of his death was far beyond their expectations.

After they learned about li Qingzhou’s methods of killing, they were even more afraid of him.

According to the information he had received, it was almost impossible to kill li Qingzhou with a curse.

If he wanted to kill li Qingzhou, he had to rely on his real ability!

At the blue cloud Peak of the profound heaven sacred land.

Ye chen received li Qingzhou’s message and immediately told Saint Lord profound sky about the great sun demon clan’s plan to attack the disciples of the profound sky Holy Land.

Sacred Lord dark sky knew how serious this matter was, so he immediately called all the peak Masters and elders for a meeting. He sent a message to all the elders and disciples who were training in the East continent and asked them to return to the area within 10000 miles of the dark sky sacred land.

In particular, the profound heaven Holy Land had long established a stronghold in the demon race, and many elders and disciples had entered the demon world to train. At this time, they were living targets for the great day demon race!

Sacred Lord dark sky had ordered them to return to the dark sky sacred land’s base in the devil realm as soon as they received the news.

As for how to deal with the fierce counterattack of the great day demon race, they would discuss it after the elders and disciples returned!

If they hadn’t received the news in advance, the profound heavenly sacred land would have been in deep trouble this time. They would have lost more than half of their elders and disciples who were training outside!

Even so, many elders and disciples would still be killed by the great day demon race.

This was also something that could not be helped. A Holy Land’s inheritance could not always be smooth sailing, and would inevitably encounter all kinds of disasters. This was both a crisis and an opportunity for a sacred land.

If he could survive this, he would definitely be reborn from the ashes!

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