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204 The great day demon race’s response

The battle at the xuantian sacred land had ended, and the entire East continent was shocked.

The profound heavenly sacred land had an invincible sacred king!

Many cultivators in the East barren were in disbelief when they heard the news. After all, the founder of the profound heavenly sacred land was only a Saint who had only been around for ten thousand years. When had he ever heard of a Saint King?

However, countless legendary figures and heaven’s favorites from the East continent had witnessed the battle. Some of them even recorded the battle with memory crystals. They had to believe it!

Then, more news spread.

With the departure of the profound sky Bell, everyone thought that the profound sky sacred land’s Foundation had been greatly damaged, and many legendary figures and geniuses had gathered in the profound sky sacred land.

The xuantian saintess had resisted the heavenly Tribulation and entered the Almighty realm. The sword God Ximen chuixue, who was famous in the demon world, was li Qingzhou of the xuantian sacred land. The xuantian sacred land might have the method to refine Natal weapons. Saint King Ming ze of the great sun demon race had descended, and star brilliance venerable of the ten thousand sword sacred land had been killed by Saint King Ming ze as soon as he had gotten close. Even the Red Lotus Sacred Sword had been taken away.

Just when everyone thought that the xuantian sacred land couldn’t escape, a sword light suddenly shot out from the depths of the sacred land and killed Saint King Ming ze in one strike. It was similar to the scene when he killed demon saint Cang man.

After the news spread, no one in the eastern barren territory dared to doubt the profound heaven Holy Land’s Foundation.

There were many forces in the East continent, but not many of them could withstand the attack of a Saint King, let alone kill a Saint King with one strike.

After this battle, the xuantian sacred land’s position in the East continent would be unshakeable!

In fact, news of this Saint King level battle had also spread to the devil World, causing a huge commotion.

“The profound heavenly sacred land! You must be killed!”

An angry roar came from the depths of the forbidden ground of ancient demons where the great sun demon clan was located. A three-legged demon Crow appeared in the sky, covering the void for thousands of miles, shaking the heaven and earth and making thousands of rumbles.

The death of Saint King Ming ze was an unbearable loss for the great day demon race!

Since ancient times, the Saint level was a natural chasm, let alone a Saint King!

In an era where magic was not common, it was possible that no one could become a saint for thousands of years. Even in the golden era, there were very few Saints, and Saint Kings were even rarer. They were existences that could establish an immortal Holy Land. 𝒊𝒏𝒏𝙧𝗲𝓪𝙙. c𝒐𝙢

Even though the great sun demon race had a long history, there were only a few Saint Kings in the great sun demon race. The existence of each Saint King was a strategic resource.

Sacred king Ming ze’s death in the profound heaven sacred land was a huge blow to the great day demon race!

In the depths of the forbidden ground of ancient demons, another cold voice sounded, ” “Don’t be impulsive! The monarch weapon was the foundation and couldn’t be moved recklessly! The xuantian Holy Land had an invincible Saint King. If a Saint King went, he would die. If this person didn’t come out, even a Supreme Saint wouldn’t be able to do anything! The golden age has only been open for less than twenty years, and the recovery of mantras is far from enough. The price to pay to fight the xuantian sacred land now is too great!”

“Great ancestor! Ming ze’s death has severely damaged the prestige of our great day demon race. Are we just going to let it go?” Another old voice was heard.

The cold voice sounded again,”leave them be?” How could that be possible! When the golden era began, many outstanding talents emerged in our great day demon race, and there were also countless young talents in the subordinate forces. It’s not convenient for us old men to make a move, but we can let the younger generation Kill the disciples of the profound heavenly sacred land. As long as they killed the disciples of the profound sky sacred land, they would be able to obtain all kinds of cultivation resources. The more he killed, the more generous the rewards. It won’t be long before the profound heavenly sacred land’s new power is completely exhausted!”

“That’s a good idea. Even the Saints don’t dare to make a move now, so the profound heavenly sacred land’s invincible sacred king probably won’t either. As for the other people from the profound heavenly sacred land, there’s no need to worry about them. Let the younger generation handle it. ” Someone replied.

“Then let’s do this!” The patriarchs made a decision together.

Another voice asked, ” li Qingzhou, under the alias of sword God Ximen chuixue, has the Natal weapon transformed from the Supreme bone of sword Dao. He also controls several unparalleled divine powers. Several demon supremacies have been killed by him. This has also damaged the prestige of our great sun demon race. Should we send a demon saint to destroy him? ”

“Hmph!” Patriarch tai shouted. To deal with a higher being, they had to send out a demon saint. Are all the heaven’s favorites of our great day demon race useless? The golden age has opened, and most of the luck should be on the current generation’s prodigies. Do you expect us old farts to fight for it for the younger generation? We can use li Qingzhou as the whetstone for the current princes and princesses to sharpen their bloodthirstiness. Even if a few princes and princesses die, we won’t hesitate!”

&Nbsp; not long after, the great sun demon race’s patriarch announced that he and the profound sky sacred land were irreconcilable. Anyone who killed an elder or disciple of the profound sky sacred land would be handsomely rewarded. The more enemies you kill, the higher the cultivation of the enemies you kill, the more generous the rewards.

All of a sudden, the devil cultivators of the great day demon clan and the hundreds of affiliated forces all moved. Not only were the new talents interested, but many of the older generation experts were also ready to come out.

In addition, the current princes and princesses of the great day demon race also moved out, surrounding li Qingzhou from all directions.

In a desolate Valley in the depths of the demon world.

Li Qingzhou was sitting on a huge rock with his legs crossed. He was wearing a white robe and his eyes were closed. The sword essence around him was like the sea, full of a heavy murderous aura.


Suddenly, an inch-long illusionary Sword of Light appeared in the air.

Li Qingzhou opened his palm as if he had sensed something, and the illusory lightsaber entered his forehead.

After a while, li Qingzhou suddenly opened his eyes. Two sword lights pierced through the void in his eyes, and his face was full of shock.

This kind of illusionary light sword was specially used by him to gather information. He scattered countless of them along the way so that he could keep up with the latest developments in the demon world, especially in the great sun demon race.

Li Qingzhou had just learned about what had happened in the profound heaven Holy Land and was shocked.

“The great sun demon race knows that I’m from the profound heaven sacred land, and a Saint King personally went to destroy the profound heaven sacred land, but he was killed with a single sword strike?”

“It must be master! Is master already so strong now?”

“The princes and princesses of the great day demon race are coming for me? Hehe, if the demon saint doesn’t show up, do they think they can kill me?”

the great sun demon race has announced that they are irreconcilable with the mysterious sky sacred land and is preparing to let the prodigies and affiliated demons attack the disciples of the mysterious sky sacred land? ”


Li Qingzhou took a deep breath to suppress his shock. He squinted his eyes.

The profound heavenly sacred land had a master, so it was absolutely safe.

Even if I go back, I won’t be of much use. Since the princes and princesses of the great day demon race want to kill me, I can use them to temper my sword Dao!

However, when the great sun demon race was about to attack the disciples of the profound sky Holy Land, they needed to inform their master so that the profound sky Holy Land could take precautions!

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