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203 The myriad Sword Saint son still has the face to ask for the Red Lotus Saint Sword?

no wonder the Holy master was so calm. It turns out that the ancestor is so powerful. With this ancestor here, I’ll see who dares to covet my profound heaven Holy Land! Xiao Yi Xian let out a long breath, his face full of excitement.

Sacred Lord dark sky smiled and didn’t say anything. He looked calm, but he was also shocked.

Junior Brother ye can kill a Saint King in seconds now?

Wasn’t his cultivation progressing too quickly?

The profound sky Saint Lord glanced in the direction of the blue cloud Peak and saw ye chen and his disciple floating in the air like the others. His mouth couldn’t help but Twitch.

Junior Brother ye was already so strong, yet he was still so stable. He even specially made a puppet incarnation to show his face. This way, he wouldn’t be eye-catching.

With the attack of the Saint King, the peak Masters and elders of the main peaks had all come out. If the blue cloud Peak continued to close itself off, it would only arouse suspicion.

He was really as steady as an old dog!

The cloud sky Grandmaster had appeared beside sacred Lord dark sky. He looked into the depths of the dark sky sacred land and muttered to himself, ” “I wonder which old ancestor it is.”

Sacred Lord dark sky’s eyes flashed as he smiled. there’s no need for you to think too much, old ancestor cloudsky. You just need to know that the profound heaven sacred land has a Guardian.

“That’s right. No matter which ancestor you are, you are the protector of the profound heaven Holy Land!” Old ancestor Yunxiao chuckled.

Yu Ling’s eyes were also filled with shock. Saint King Ming ze’s strength was even more terrifying than the Saint king who had killed the Yu family. Yet, he was killed by his master with one strike. His master was too powerful!

Yu Ling glanced at ye chen, who was standing beside her, and muttered in her heart, ” it seems like this is my master’s puppet incarnation again. The one who just attacked was her master’s real body!

Zi Fengtian’s gaze subconsciously shifted to the blue cloud Peak. When he saw the sword that had killed the Saint King appear, he immediately suspected that it was Zi Menghan’s master who had made the move.

Zi Menghan’s cultivation was unparalleled despite her crippled body. There must be an expert guiding her from behind. If this unrivaled Saint King was her master, it would make sense.

However, when Zi Fengtian saw ye chen and Yu Ling standing in the air, he frowned slightly and asked the profound sky Saint Lord, ” “Sacred Lord profound sky, are those two blue cloud Peak disciples? Their Peak Master didn’t appear?”

The profound sky Saint Lord turned around and glanced at ye chen, smiling. “That junior martial brother ye is the blue cloud Peak’s Peak Master, and the one beside him is his disciple. The blue cloud Peak has suffered a great calamity several decades ago, and there are only a few people left. Several of junior martial brother ye’s disciples have already left, so the entire blue cloud Peak only has the two of them.”

That was Zi Menghan’s master?

Zi Fengtian was surprised. He thought to himself, ” ninth sister’s master is young, but he’s at the Almighty realm, so he can be considered a prodigy. Since he’s already in the air, he’s obviously not the one who attacked. It looks like the invincible Saint King is really an ancestor of the profound sky Holy Land.

Zi Fengtian dispelled the doubts in his heart, but he was very certain that Zi Menghan’s transformation had something to do with that invincible Saint King.

“Since he’s ninth sister’s master, I’ll pay him a visit,” Zi Fengtian said with a smile.

Just as Zi Fengtian looked at ye chen, ye Chen’s brows suddenly twitched. In his eyes, he could clearly see that there was a black line of fate between him and Zi Fengtian.

Ye Chen’s eyes looked at the black line, and he immediately understood the whole story.

&Nbsp; it turned out that the great sun demon race had been able to so quickly find out that the mysterious heaven sacred land was behind this information that Zi Fengtian had leaked to the great sun demon race!

Ye chen slightly squinted his eyes, which flashed with a cold light.


A giant hand that covered the sky was condensed out of thin air. It seemed to be composed of thousands of great Dao and contained the power of heaven and earth. It slapped directly toward Zi Fengtian.

Zi Fengtian felt as if all the divine power in his body had been confined. The veins on his forehead were throbbing, and he felt as if he was on the verge of death. He couldn’t even touch the sage seal between his eyebrows. He knew that this was the attack of the sword ancestor. He could only exclaim, ” “Senior, please spare me!”


The giant hand slapped Zi Fengtian out of the xuantian sacred land and smashed a mountain not far away.

Zi Fengtian struggled to get up. His face was pale, and he was coughing out blood. His aura was in a mess, and his eyes were filled with horror.

That slap just now had forced him back to the Almighty realm from the Dao master realm!

Everyone was stunned by the scene. No one had expected that the sword ancestor would suddenly attack Zi Fengtian!

“Senior, why did you attack me? Are you going to start a war with the Zi Wei Empire?” Zi Fengtian asked in grief and indignation.

Everyone was also very curious. They did not know how Zi Fengtian had offended that great ancestor.

An emotionless spiritual wave came from the depths of the xuantian sacred land.”Do you really think that you leaked the secret to the great day demon clan flawlessly? I’ve already given the Ziwei Empire enough face by sparing your life! Still not scramming?”

Realization dawned on everyone. It turned out that the Saint King of the great day demon race was lured here by Zi Fengtian!

It would be a miracle if the unrivaled Saint King didn’t kill Zi Fengtian after the mysterious sky Holy Land’s Foundation was exposed!

When Zi Fengtian heard this, he knew that he deserved to be beaten up, so he didn’t even dare to say anything. He cupped his hands in the direction of the xuantian Holy Land and turned into a Dragon Shadow and left quickly.

The outstanding talents of Imperial College who had come with Zi Fengtian all felt very embarrassed when they saw this. They all bade farewell to sacred Lord dark sky and left the dark sky sacred land quickly.

The corner of ye Chen’s mouth slightly raised. That hypocritical villain Zi Fengtian still wanted to visit him. Now, he was finally free!

Many of the top talents from the East continent also said their goodbyes to sacred Lord Xuan Tian. Most of them came with ill intentions, and a few of them had used their Saint weapons before. They didn’t dare to stay and left in a hurry, afraid that they would be punished.

As for the method of refining Natal divine weapons, who would dare to mention it again?

Even if the profound heavenly sacred land really did have such a secret technique, who would dare to snatch it?

At that moment, the all swords Saint son suddenly cupped his fists at the mysterious sky Saint Lord. “Saint Lord Xuan Tian, the Starlight ancestor of the sacred land of ten thousand swords came to help with the Red Lotus Saint Sword, and he even lost his life. I hope the profound heavenly sacred land can return the Red Lotus Sacred Sword!”

“Ha! Your ten thousand sword sacred land is taking advantage of the situation, and you still have the face to ask for the holy sword?”

this guy only knows how to trick his own ancestor. He once tricked his own Guardian Kurong sword Emperor to death, and now he’s even tricked star brilliance venerable to death. Now he still dares to ask for the holy sword, he’s really shameless!

“A man without skin is invincible!”

“Bah! Why isn’t this guy leaving?”


Many elders and disciples of the mysterious sky Holy Land couldn’t help but curse. They all knew that the star brilliance venerable had brought the Red Lotus Saint Sword here to take advantage of the situation, but the myriad Sword Saint son was still shamelessly asking for the Saint Sword, which made them all angry.

The ten thousand swords Saint son’s face turned red and green, but he still looked at the dark sky Saint Lord.

After all, the Red Lotus Saint Sword was too important to the ten thousand sword sanctuary. Although the ten thousand sword sanctuary still had other Saint weapons, they had to get the Red Lotus Saint Sword back!

The dark sky Saint Lord looked at the ten thousand swords Saint son and said, ” “You can ask whoever took your holy sword! What does it have to do with the profound heavenly sacred land?”

The myriad Sword Saint son’s face turned livid and he said in a deep voice, ” sacred Lord Xuan Tian, the Red Lotus Sacred Sword was taken away by sacred king Ming ze, who was killed by your ancestor. The Red Lotus Sacred Sword naturally fell into your hands. I hope you can return it to its owner! 𝚒𝒏𝓃𝓻e𝑎𝙙. 𝙘o𝑚

sacred king Ming ze was killed when he invaded our sacred land, ” sacred Lord dark sky said calmly. everything he left behind is our spoils of war. What does it have to do with the ten thousand sword sacred land? ”

profound sky Saint Lord, you can’t do this! the ten thousand Sword Saint son was furious.

“Get lost!”

shut up! sacred Lord dark sky coldly interrupted the ten thousand swords Saint son.

You still want the Red Lotus Sacred Sword?

In your dreams!


The myriad swords Saint son snorted and flew toward where Saint King Ming ze’s body had fallen. He wanted to retrieve the Red Lotus Saint Sword himself, but the three-legged demonic crow’s body had disappeared, and he couldn’t sense the Red Lotus Saint sword’s aura at all.

The myriad swords Saint son was furious. He knew that he couldn’t get the Red Lotus Saint Sword back from the xuantian Holy Land, so he turned into a sword light and disappeared into the sky while the elders and disciples of the xuantian Holy Land laughed.

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