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202 Killing a Saint King with a sword

Blue cloud Peak.

Ye chen and Yu Ling stood in the air, emitting the unique aura of Almighty realm experts. They were not eye-catching at all among the many peak Masters and elders in the sky.

The other peak Masters and elders had all shown up. If ye Chen’s group stayed in the blue cloud Peak, it would attract even more attention.

Especially since the Holy King’s words were directed at li Qingzhou.

“Master, this Saint King from the great day demon race seems to be here for second senior?” Yu Ling asked with a slight frown.

Yu Ling was like the first blooming of a Divine Lotus. Her black hair fluttered in the wind, and her skin was crystal clear. Although she had sealed the Qi activity of her innate Dao embryo with the Dao suppressing Bell, it could not hide her otherworldly temperament.

Ye chen slightly nodded and sighed, ” “That’s right, your second senior brother is good at causing trouble. Although he used an alias in the demon world, his sword Dao Supreme bone can’t be hidden from people. It’s expected that people will find him in the profound heaven sacred land.”

Yu Ling was extremely surprised. Her second senior brother was really not someone to be trifled with. He actually dared to kill the ninth Prince of the great day demon race. Now, even a Saint King was provoked. He was really courting death.

Yu Ling looked at sacred king Ming ze outside the mysterious heavenly sacred land and said, ” the strength of a Saint King is too strong. If master can’t handle it, I can turn all my cultivation into a Dao fruit. I hope master’s cultivation can reach a higher level to deal with this great enemy!

Yu Ling had seen ye Chen’s puppet kill a Saint before, but today, it was a Saint King, far beyond the ordinary saints. Even if the profound sky sacred land’s Mountain-protecting formation was powerful, it would be hard to withstand the next attack. She really didn’t know if her master could handle it.

Ye chen waved his hand and said, ” your Dao fruit is useless to me. Remember, you don’t need to sacrifice yourself at any time. Don’t ever have such thoughts again. Don’t worry, if I can’t handle it, I’ll run away at once.”

Hearing this, Yu Ling was slightly stunned. She was touched, but her eyes revealed a look of anticipation.

Master doesn’t even fear Saint Kings?

He really didn’t know what level his master had cultivated to!

In the sky above the xuantian sacred land, sacred king Ming ze looked away and lowered his head to look at the xuantian sacred land. His voice, which contained the might of the saintly way, reverberated in the sky.”To be able to block my casual attack, this mountain-protecting formation is indeed not bad! But it’s impossible to stop me! The profound heavenly sacred land should disappear!”

As soon as Saint King Ming ze finished speaking, he opened his mouth and sprayed ink-black demonic Spears. Three-legged demonic crows were imprinted on the spear, and the tip of the spear was extremely sharp. Rolling Saint might filled every corner of the world, and even through the mountain-protecting formation, the thousands of creatures in the profound heavenly sacred land felt their souls tremble.

Saint King weapons were far more powerful than ordinary Saint weapons!

“Boom boom boom!”

The demonic spear came to life and turned into a three-legged demonic Crow. It pounced toward the xuantian sacred land’s Mountain-protecting formation. Wherever it passed, the void collapsed, and heaven and earth crumbled. It was as if it could shatter this world.

The countless beings of the profound sky sacred land couldn’t help but despair. Sacred king Ming ze’s attack was more than ten times stronger than the previous one. The defensive power of the profound sky sacred land’s Mountain-shielding formation couldn’t block this attack!

In the end, he still couldn’t contend against this Saint King?


Just as the three-legged demonic Crow was about to crash into the xuantian sacred land’s Mountain-protecting formation, a vast spatial fluctuation suddenly came from the void in front of the three-legged demonic Crow. The three-legged demonic Crow instantly disappeared without a trace.

The hollow Willow could collect billions of treasures. It was ye chen who had secretly made a move!

Many elders, disciples, and renowned figures from the xuantian Holy Land were waiting for Saint King Ming ze’s attack. Zi Fengtian and the others were already prepared to run for their lives. However, the expected collision did not happen. The three-legged demonic Crow transformed from the demonic spear disappeared into thin air. It was beyond everyone’s expectations.

Everyone looked at each other. Where was the magic spear?

What was this Saint King of the great day demon race doing?

Everyone looked at Saint King Ming ze and saw that he was also shocked. His body emitted a terrifying Saint might that swept through the surroundings. His eyes were bright and he roared, ” “Who’s hiding in the dark? do you dare to show yourself for a battle?”

Although Saint King Ming ze’s aura was very strong, his words were filled with shock and uncertainty.

Everyone from the profound heavenly Holy Land widened their eyes in shock. Was sacred king Ming ze trying to be mysterious? his Natal weapon had been taken away?

The profound heavenly sacred land had such an expert?

Could it be that the legendary invincible Saint had made his move?


As soon as sacred king Ming ze finished speaking, a brilliant sword light shot out from the depths of the profound heavenly sacred land and suddenly appeared before him.

The sword-light was surrounded by the vague images of thousands of large worlds. It was as if the power of countless large worlds was pressing down on Saint King Ming ze, imprisoning him in the void.

Primordial chaos sword of fortune!

The demonic essence in Saint King Ming ze’s body exploded, and his Saint might was as vast as the ocean. A black three-legged demonic Crow formed between his eyebrows. He wanted to use some secret technique.

However, it was too late!


With a deafening boom, as if a planet had exploded, the primordial fate sword easily shattered the three-legged demonic Crow between Saint King Ming ze’s eyebrows. It went straight into his forehead, and the sword Qi shattered his soul into nothing.

The light in Saint King Ming ze’s eyes quickly dimmed, and his life force disappeared. His body turned into a three-legged demonic Crow that covered the sky. He fell from the sky and created a giant pit. Cracks spread out like a spider web.

Saint King Ming ze was dead!

Ye chen had specifically left Saint King Ming ze’s body behind, which could be controlled by the death soul seal to protect the profound heavenly sacred land. It was equivalent to having a Saint King realm Guardian beast out of thin air, which would further increase the profound heavenly sacred land’s Foundation.

Although ye chen was still controlling the corpse, he did not use it.

The corpse of the Holy King of light might not be able to defeat this Holy King Ming ze. Even if it could defeat him, it would not be able to keep him alive. It was best to use the primordial chaos sword to perform the extreme sword slash.

Killing a Saint King with a single sword!

All of the creatures from the profound heavenly sacred land were stunned. The sword had been too stunning, and it had stunned everyone. They were unable to recover from their shock for a long time.

“We won!”

“The ancestor is mighty!”

“Haha, the person in charge of the profound heavenly sacred land isn’t an unrivaled Saint, but an unrivaled Saint King! That’s great!”

killing Saint Kings is like slaughtering dogs. Perhaps he’s a Supreme Saint!

“He could also be an Emperor-to-be! Hahaha!”

“In my heart, the sword ancestor is invincible! Any strong enemy will have to kneel!”


The elders and disciples of the profound heavenly sacred land regained their senses and roared to vent their suppressed emotions.

Outside the reception hall, many legendary figures swallowed their saliva subconsciously, their eyes filled with shock.

The profound heavenly sacred land had at least one invincible sacred king!

Not long ago, they had wanted to plot against the profound heavenly sacred land. Now, just thinking about it made their scalps tingle.

The myriad swords Saint son’s face was as black as the bottom of a pot. The star brilliance venerable he had summoned had been killed, and the Red Lotus Saint Sword had been taken away. The mysterious sky Holy Land had killed that Saint King. This comparison made his heart ache even more.

Right, Red Lotus Sacred Sword!

Sacred king Ming ze had taken their Red Lotus Sacred Sword, so it should be on the body. He couldn’t search the body in front of the xuantian sacred land, but he could ask the xuantian sacred land to return the Red Lotus Sacred Sword!

Thinking of this, the myriad Sword Saint son’s eyes flickered as he pondered how to ask for it.

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