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201 The myriad Sword Saint son set up his own forefather!

“Eh? Without a holy weapon to suppress it, the formation can actually block my casual attack. Interesting!”

Saint King Ming ze was dazed, but he didn’t take it to heart. A three-legged demonic Crow appeared behind him. It gave off terrifying Saint might, making all the DAOs in the world cry. It was about to attack again.


At that moment, Saint King Ming ze looked into the distance as if he sensed something. His eyes shone with Two Bright Lights as he snorted.”You’re sneaky, you must be killed!”

After that, Saint King Ming ze raised his hand and slapped into the distance. The three-legged demonic Crow behind him instantly disappeared, and an extremely terrifying energy ripple quickly left from the depths of space.


A deafening boom erupted in the distance. A Saint Sword that glowed with red light protected a swordsman in Azure with gray hair. It was blasted out of the void, and red lotuses of sword Qi bloomed around it, shattering the entire space.

Above his head, a three-legged demonic Crow that covered the sky appeared out of thin air. Its holy aura was as vast as the sea, and its huge body filled the entire heaven and earth. It was as if the entire heaven and earth had merged with the three-legged demonic Crow. The swordsman in cyan was as small as an ant in front of it.

Seeing this, many of the legendary figures and paragons outside the guest hall exclaimed.

“A Dao severing realm sovereign!”

“Ten thousand sword sanctuary’s Red Lotus Saint Sword!”

“That seems to be the star brilliance venerable who fought with the founder of the blood demon church three thousand years ago! The ten thousand sword sanctum has even sent out their sovereigns, what do they want?”

star brilliance Knight is being targeted by this demon saint King. I wonder if he can escape? ”

even the xuantian sacred land’s Mountain-protecting formation blocked a Saint King’s attack just now. Star brilliance venerable is a Dao-severing realm sword cultivator. Sword cultivators are fierce in their attacks. It’s rumored that star brilliance venerable had fought with a Saint before. Now that he has a Saint weapon protecting him, it shouldn’t be difficult for him to just escape, right? ”


Everyone’s eyes were focused on star brilliance venerable, and many of them looked at the myriad Sword Saint son with interest.

The profound sky Bell escaped, and star brilliance Knight brought his Saint weapon to the profound sky sacred land. His scheme was self-evident.

Unfortunately, star brilliance Knight had run into Saint King Ming ze, who had come to seek revenge. He could only say that he was unlucky to be targeted by Saint King Ming ze.

The thousand swords Saint son’s eyes glowed with sword light. He wasn’t calm.

This star brilliance venerable was just summoned by him!

After Zi Fengtian mentioned that Zi Menghan also had a Natal weapon, the myriad swords Saint son sent a message to the myriad swords Holy Land, requesting an ancestor to come with a Saint weapon to force the xuantian Holy Land. Who would have thought that the xuantian Holy Land would be attacked by a Saint King not long after the message was sent out? the mountain-protecting formation was activated to its maximum, so he couldn’t send any more messages.

That star brilliance venerable had been tricked by him.

“I’m just passing by, please spare my life, fellow Daoist!”

sword Qi! star brilliance Knight exclaimed. The sword Qi around him turned into a Star Domain, and a dazzling sword Qi rushed out of his head, crazily pouring into the red Lotus Sacred Sword above his head. The Red Lotus Sacred Sword bloomed with sword Qi red lotuses, and each of them was surging with a deep saintly might, forming layers of Lotus defense.

Saint King Ming ze’s eyes were cold. His expression didn’t change at all. He clenched his hand.


The three-legged demonic Crow let out a cry that shook the entire world. It lowered its head and pecked at star brilliance Knight, causing the surrounding heaven and earth to collapse towards the three-legged demonic crow’s beak. The Holy might was vast and mighty. The heaven and earth collapsed, and all kinds of great DAOs rumbled.

The sword Qi red lotuses only managed to hold on for a moment before they crumbled in the void. The surging sword light around star brilliance venerable entered his body along with the collapsed void and the three-legged demon Crow that had fused with the world. The entire world seemed to have stopped for a moment.

“Bu Tianya Kasaya.”

Star brilliance Knight let out an angry roar as his body exploded, shaking the entire area into a destructive void. All kinds of violent energy churned, and a terrifying crack in the void spread out like a spider web.


The Red Lotus Saint Sword trembled in the void and tried to escape, but it was trapped in the void by some kind of power.


Sacred king Ming ze waved his hand in the direction the Red Lotus Saint Sword had gone. The space in the distance rumbled for a moment. The Red Lotus Saint Sword was summoned back uncontrollably. It landed in sacred king Ming ze’s hand obediently like a grandson.

Outside the reception hall, all the legendary figures turned to the myriad swords Saint son with strange expressions.

Star brilliance venerable actually called out bu Tianya’s name at the last moment of life and death. It was obvious that he had a great resentment towards bu Tianya, which made everyone laugh, and many people were gloating at his misfortune.

The myriad Sword Saint son clenched his fists. His eyes looked like they were about to devour someone. His face was livid, and he was full of regret.

If he didn’t want to hit the mysterious sky Holy Land when it was down, how could he have killed venerable star brilliance?

This was a Dao severing realm venerable, one of the ten thousand sword Holy Land’s trump cards, an existence that they would never use easily. But he was killed by him in such a sullen way, which was a serious blow to the ten thousand sword Holy Land.

Moreover, he had lost the Red Lotus Sacred Sword. This was not just a serious injury. He had lost half of his life!

The mysterious sky Saint Lord glanced at the ten thousand swords Saint son and said indifferently, ” “Trying to steal a chicken only to end up losing the rice!”

The star brilliance sovereign had obviously been summoned by bu Tianya, and the profound sky sacred Lord wouldn’t let him off so easily.

The myriad Sword Saint son gritted his teeth, and the blue veins on his forehead throbbed. He shouted, ” Saint Lord profound sky, the Starlight ancestor of the ten thousand sword Holy Land is here to help. Not only did the profound sky Holy Land not help him, but you’re also making sarcastic remarks. It’s too disappointing!

He had to stand on the side of justice, or else he would become the laughingstock of the entire East continent.


Why did he say again?

Thinking of this, the myriad Sword Saint son’s face turned darker.

The dark sky Saint Lord looked into the distance and didn’t even look at the ten thousand swords Saint son.

Xiao Yi Xian did not allow him to distort the truth here and laughed, ” “If star brilliance venerable knew that the Saint King of the great sun demon race was coming, would he have come to die? Do you think star brilliance venerable is an idiot to fight a Saint King with a Dao severing stage cultivation base? Moreover, since he was here to help, why did the star brilliance venerable call out your name before he died? Right and wrong, black and white, everyone knows, how can you confuse them with just a few words?”

“Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz ...”

At this moment, a loud buzzing sound came from the void outside the xuantian sacred land. Saint weapons began to manifest in the distance.

Heavenly treasure glazed Pagoda, void splitting demon chisel, Azure Frost Sword, extreme Yin Holy flag, Zifu Yuan mirror, Taiyi heavenly blade Suan ni

One after another, Saint weapons materialized in the air, and terrifying Saint might filled the sky.

Sacred king Ming ze was dazed. Was the profound heavenly sacred land so popular?

So many Holy Lands had sent their Saint weapons to help?

Before Saint King Ming ze could finish his thought, he saw the Saint weapons Enter the Void one after another, disappearing without a trace.

Sacred king Ming ze was confused. What did he mean?

Why did he leave as soon as he showed up?

Outside the reception hall, many legendary figures were stunned. The Zifu saintess, the ancient-Sword Saint son, and the others all looked scared.

Great, most of the Holy Lands in the East continent had used their Saint weapons, thinking that they could take advantage of the situation. Who would have thought that they would encounter Saint King Ming ze, the God of killing? only star brilliance Knight was the fastest and was the first to be killed.

When the other Holy Lands saw this scene, how could they still dare to approach? they fled at the first moment.

At this thought, everyone looked at the myriad Sword Saint son with sympathy.

The myriad swords Saint son was too pitiful!

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