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199 The might of a Saint King


Many legendary figures came to the square outside the guest hall and couldn’t help but gasp when they heard this. They looked at sacred Lord dark sky with fear.

Sacred Lord dark sky really dared to attack!

With the power of the xuantian sacred land’s Mountain-protecting formation, he had instantly killed a senior powerhouse at the peak of the Almighty realm, making everyone afraid to act rashly.

The young master of the wind-listening tower, Yun qingying, stood out with a smile on her face and a pair of wandering eyes. She said calmly, ” “Fellow Daoists, there’s no need to panic. The profound heavenly sacred land’s inheritance is more important to the profound heavenly sacred land than anyone else. If he really encounters a powerful enemy, he won’t let the Holy Sons, holy virgins, and many core disciples die in vain! Sacred Lord dark sky didn’t panic when a sacred king attacked, so he must have a way to deal with the sacred king!”

The eyes of many legendary figures and proud sons of heaven brightened. They felt that what the young master of the wind listening tower said made sense, and the anxiety in their hearts was somewhat alleviated.

That’s right, the great sun demon race’s Saint King was coming for the profound sky Holy Land, and sacred Lord profound sky was the one who was at the forefront. If sacred Lord profound sky didn’t panic, what was there to worry about?

After all, it was said that there was an unrivaled Saint in the xuantian sacred land. With the help of the mountain-protecting formation, they might be able to stop this Saint King!

Even if they couldn’t, the dark sky Saint Lord wouldn’t just watch the talented Saint sons and saintesses die Here. He must have already arranged another way out. They could leave with the dark sky Saint son and the others!

The myriad Sword Saint son and many other legendary figures who wanted to escape felt embarrassed. They stopped shouting and just stood behind to watch.

The shadow of a Dragon circled around Zi Fengtian’s body. He looked at the demonic sun that was rapidly approaching from a distance. Could the profound heavenly sacred land really stop a Saint King?

The profound heavenly Saint Lord looked at Yun qingying in surprise. this young master of the wind listening tower has a different way of thinking, ” she thought.

In fact, Saint Lord profound sky didn’t have the slightest confidence in facing a Saint King, but he was confident in ye chen!

When the demonic world invaded, ye chen had killed demon saint cangman with his Almighty realm cultivation.

Two years ago, the pressure of a Heavenly Tribulation that was comparable to a Saint tribulation in the profound sky sacred land had disappeared without a trace. The profound sky sacred Lord speculated that it was most likely ye Chen’s Dao master tribulation.

Even if he wasn’t, Saint Lord profound sky still believed that ye chen could handle this incoming Saint King!

The Saint King was extremely fast. In the blink of an eye, the demonic sun was a thousand miles away from the profound sky sacred land.

The demonic sun hung high in the sky, burning with black flames. Terrifying demonic might filled the entire world, and the vast saintly way pressure made thousands of living beings in the distance tremble. Many of the saintly way rules in the xuantian sacred land seemed to be on the verge of collapse.


The vast demonic sun suddenly turned into a middle-aged man in a feather robe. He had a tall and sturdy figure, and his eyes were terrifying. Black flames were burning around him, making it impossible to see his true appearance. The surrounding void was collapsing in large areas. The speed of the void’s self-recovery could not catch up with the speed of the collapse, and it had completely turned into a collapsed void.

In the void behind the middle-aged man, the illusionary images of three-legged demon crows appeared. Some of them were killing giant Dragons, some were slaughtering divine Tigers, some were destroying the world, and so on. Every image seemed to affect a part of the world.


Suddenly, a few Almighty realm legendary figures let out miserable shrieks. A Black Flame was burning between their brows. In the blink of an eye, their physical bodies and divine souls were burned to ashes, drifting in the air.

Sacred Lord dark sky’s expression changed slightly, and he yelled, ” “Don’t look directly at this person!”

The elders and disciples of the profound heavenly sacred land all looked away, their hearts filled with shock.

Was this the power of a Saint King?

He didn’t need to take action personally. As long as he took a second look, he might die and his soul might be destroyed!

If not for the protection of the xuantian sacred land’s Mountain-shielding formation, countless elders and disciples would have died here!

Many of the legendary figures had extremely ugly expressions. Only now did they deeply feel the terror of this Saint King. If this Saint King wanted to kill them, he didn’t even need to move. A single thought was enough to turn them into ashes!

They didn’t have the protection of the xuantian sacred land’s Mountain-protecting array, so they were in much more danger than the elders and disciples of the xuantian sacred land!

“A Holy Land that doesn’t even have a Saint weapon can cultivate a disciple that can kill the ninth Prince? Why would I, Saint King Ming ze, come personally to such a trashy sacred land?” The Saint King frowned and muttered to himself, his tone full of doubt.

Seeing the situation in the profound heavenly sacred land, even sacred king Ming ze couldn’t help but wonder if he had found the wrong place.

Hearing Saint King Ming ze’s words, the expressions of the many legendary figures outside the guest hall changed. Their hearts sank, and many of them couldn’t help but shout.

“What? The profound heavenly sacred land didn’t have any other Saint weapons? Doesn’t that mean the profound heavenly sacred land doesn’t have a Saint?”

the Saint King’s senses can’t be wrong. The xuantian sacred land doesn’t even have a Saint weapon. Where did a Saint Come from? ”

“We’ve been tricked by the profound heavenly Saint sovereign! He’s trying to make us all die with the profound heavenly sacred land!”

“The profound heavenly Saint Lord is despicable! Let’s fight it out with him!”

I’ve killed the xuantian Saint son and the xuantian saintess. I’ll die after them!


Six or seven legendary figures and elites collapsed on the spot. They didn’t dare to attack sacred king Ming ze, so they vented their anger on sacred Lord dark sky, the Saint sons, and the Saint daughters. They wanted to take someone down with them before they died. They threw all kinds of divine powers and spiritual treasures at sacred Lord dark sky and the others.


Hmph! sacred Lord dark sky harrumphed coldly, and bolts of lightning descended from the sky, killing those who had lost their minds. Their attacks didn’t hurt anyone at all.

The myriad swords Saint son and the others felt their scalps go numb. They couldn’t leave the mysterious sky sacred land and couldn’t fight against sacred king Ming ze. They were all dead.

At this moment, even the young master of the wind-listening tower, Yun qingying, couldn’t help but frown. Did I guess wrong?

senior, I’m a descendant of the thousand Blade House, not from the xuantian Holy Land. I just happened to be here. I hope you can spare my life! The thousand blade mansion’s descendant shouted at sacred king Ming ze, begging him to let him go.

As soon as this person spoke, a few other legendary paragons followed suit.

“I’m a disciple of the cloudbillow mountain. I have nothing to do with the xuantian sacred land. Please spare my life, senior!”

“I am the Grand Elder of the snow Wolf Valley. Please spare my life, senior!”

“I’m a disciple of the Jade Cloud Mountain, please spare my life, senior!”


Everyone was in a hurry to get away from the profound sky sacred land, hoping that sacred king Ming ze would let them go.

“Do you think an ant is worthy of talking to me? You’re really noisy!”

Hmph! Saint King Ming ze snorted. He didn’t do anything, but demonic flames appeared uncontrollably in the bodies of the thousand blade mansion’s successor, the disciples of cloudbillow mountain, and the Grand Elder of Snow Wolf Valley. They were all burned into nothingness in the blink of an eye.

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