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195 The sword God Ximen chuixue is li Qingzhou?

In the main hall of the dark Heaven peak.

Xiao Yi Xian waved his hand gently and removed the projection in the air.

it’s my great fortune to be able to witness the xuantian saintess ‘breakthrough!

“The profound heavenly sacred land is being blessed by the heavenly Dao far too much! First, the dark sky Saint Lord became a Dao Lord, then the dark sky Saint son became an Almighty, and now, even the dark sky Saint daughter became an Almighty. They’re all rare prodigies, so envious!”

with the opening of the golden era, the mysterious sky Holy Land is now standing at the forefront of the storm. Its luck is like a raging fire. I really don’t know how far the mysterious sky Holy Land can go in the future!

“The profound heavenly sacred land is terrifying!”


The crowd chimed in, their feelings complicated.

They had all come to the profound sky sacred land because the profound sky Bell had escaped. Everyone had thought that the profound sky sacred land’s luck would be greatly reduced and its Foundation would be unstable.

However, the truth was completely beyond everyone’s expectations.

The profound sky Saint son didn’t care about the bell at all, but the profound sky saintess was going through the heavenly Tribulation and entering the Almighty realm. Not only was she unaffected, but she also made the profound sky sacred land’s luck even better.

Furthermore, the escape of the black Heaven Bell did not necessarily mean that patriarch xuantian was in danger. It could even mean that patriarch xuantian was about to overcome the Tribulation and become a saint King!

The profound heavenly sacred land’s speed of development was terrifying even for the legendary figures of the East continent!

The Zifu saintess, the heavenly Yan saintess, the nine firmament Saint son, and the others couldn’t help but think. If they hadn’t been in a hurry to break through and had been building their foundations until now, would they have had the chance to resist the heavenly Tribulation?

They were only thinking about it. The failure rate of resisting the heavenly Tribulation was too high. Even if their respective Holy Lands had deep foundations, they didn’t dare to gamble!

“I’m sorry that I didn’t have the time to welcome all of you to the profound heavenly sacred land. I hope you can forgive me!”

With a cold and ethereal voice, the xuantian saintess Xue Wei appeared in the reception hall. She was surrounded by Dao runes, and there were thousands of mountains and rivers as if she was carrying them with her.

Xue Wei received a voice transmission from Xiao Yixian after her tribulation and found out about the situation in the guest hall. After a brief conversation with sacred Lord Xuan Tian and the others, she went to the guest hall to meet many legendary figures and geniuses.

“Congratulations! Congratulations!”

congratulations to fellow cultivator Xue Wei for breaking through to the Almighty realm. You’ve added another unparalleled talent to the East barren!

“We’ve personally witnessed fellow Daoist’s grace in resisting the heavenly Tribulation. This trip was not in vain!”

“The xuantian sacred land should be greatly prosperous with such Holy Sons and holy virgins!”


Many legendary figures and heaven’s favorites congratulated Xue Wei. However, no one knew how many of them were sincere.

“I was just lucky, you’re all too kind!” Xue Wei shook her head humbly and sighed. She was not arrogant.

Only she knew that she had been comprehending Dao on the blue cloud Peak for many years, and had consolidated her Foundation step by step, so that she had the capital to resist the heavenly Tribulation.

If it wasn’t for the blue cloud Peak, she would never have her current achievements!

“We’re all very happy that the xuantian saintess has become an Almighty! However, the enmity between li Qingzhou and I can’t be reconciled, and I have to put an end to it!” The myriad swords Saint son stood with his hands behind his back. Sword intent lingered in his hair, and his eyes emitted a cold light.

Xue Wei’s brows furrowed slightly as a beautiful image of mountains and rivers appeared around her. Her aura was rising rapidly as she said coldly, ” is the myriad Sword Saint son here to provoke us? ”

Xue Wei had a good relationship with the blue cloud Peak disciples. Seeing that the myriad Sword Saint son was here for li Qingzhou, she couldn’t help but want to attack him.

The myriad swords Saint son raised his head slightly, his eyes shining and his voice like a sword, ” “You’ve just undergone a tribulation, so you’re not my match! Besides, I’m looking for li Qingzhou. I don’t want to fight you!”

Xue Wei took a step forward and was about to say something when she heard Xiao Yixian’s voice transmission. “Li Qingzhou’s strength is stronger than yours and mine. Don’t worry. Let him settle his grudge with the myriad Sword Saint son.”

that’s right! Xue Wei suddenly realized. Li Qingzhou was an unparalleled genius with the sword Dao Supreme bone, and he had been cultivating with ye chen, a hidden Big Shot. His strength was much stronger than hers, and he really didn’t need her to help him.

After all, she had just passed the heavenly Tribulation. If she fought with the myriad swords Saint son, who had passed the heavenly Tribulation for many years, her chances of winning weren’t high. If she lost, it would bring shame to the xuantian sacred land.

Xiao Yixian appeared in front of Xue Wei. He looked at the myriad Sword Saint son with a smile and said gently, ” Li Qingzhou isn’t in the xuantian sacred land. If you want to challenge him, you’d better wait until he returns.

“Li Qingzhou isn’t in the profound heaven sacred land? The blue cloud Peak was sealed off, so how could he not be in the profound heaven sacred land? Don’t tell me you’re going to use this as an excuse to reject my challenge?” The ten thousand swords Saint son snorted, his tone aggressive.

Xiao Yi Xian waved his hand and said, ” “No, li Qingzhou isn’t someone who is afraid of battle! A year ago, li Qingzhou had entered the devil World and had never returned. I don’t know where he is now.”

Before Xiao Yixian went through the Almighty tribulation, he had specially challenged li Qingzhou to a match, but he was unfortunately defeated by li Qingzhou.

He knew clearly that if li Qingzhou broke through to the Almighty realm, he would not be weaker than him!

However, the profound heaven Holy Land’s infiltration into the demon world was very limited, so Xiao Yixian really didn’t know li Qingzhou’s current situation.

“Li Qingzhou went to the devil World?”

The young master of the wind-listening tower, Yun qingying’s eyes suddenly lit up, and a thoughtful look appeared on her delicate face.

Zi Fengtian, the first Prince of the Ziwei Empire, raised his eyebrows slightly. He thought to himself, ” it seems that the tingfeng house also knows what li Qingzhou did in the devil realm. I’m afraid what li Qingzhou did in the devil realm can’t be kept a secret.

However, he had already gained some information from using the myriad swords Saint son to investigate the secret of the xuantian Holy Land. It didn’t matter to him whether li Qingzhou was exposed or not.

“Oh? Young lord Yun, are you interested in this matter as well?” Xiao Yixian’s eyes turned to Yun qingying.

Yun qingying smiled and said slowly, ” a year ago, I heard that there was a human heaven’s favorite who was undergoing a tribulation in the demon Realm. That human heaven’s favorite also had the bone of sword supremacy.

“Li Qingzhou!” The thousand swords Saint son’s eyes emitted two beams of sharp sword Qi. He was sure that it was li Qingzhou.

After all, it was extremely difficult for someone with a aptitude like the sword Dao Supreme bone to appear even after several generations. It was almost impossible for there to be a second sword Dao Supreme bone!

The myriad swords Saint son’s former follower, Lin Yuqing, also had a sword Supreme Being bone, but it was taken from li Qingzhou and didn’t belong to her, so it didn’t count.

The heaven’s favorite with the Supreme bone of sword Dao in the devil World could only be li Qingzhou!

The myriad Sword Saint son stared at Yun qingying and said in a deep voice, ” “Young lord Yun, the wind-listening tower’s Information Network is really good! I’m willing to pay a high price for li Qingzhou’s specific location. I’ll go to the devil World and fight him personally!”

Yun qingying’s eyes flickered as she said with great interest, ” “I really don’t know li Qingzhou’s exact location. However, I can give you some additional information.”

“I’m all ears!” The myriad Sword Saint son said.

Xiao Yixian, Xue Wei, and many other legendary heaven’s favorites all looked at Yun qingying. They also wanted to know about li Qingzhou.

The outstanding talents of Imperial College had some understanding of li Qingzhou’s matter, but they didn’t say anything at this time. They all pretended to be ignorant and waited for Yun qingying to speak.

Yun qingying smiled and said in an ethereal voice, ” “A year ago, a prodigy of the human race entered the ancestral land of the silver-blood demons in the demonic realm to undergo tribulation. He claimed to be the God of swords, Ximen chuixue. This person had a Natal weapon formed from the Supreme bone of the sword Dao. He killed the Almighty experts of the heavenly Tribulation realm and exterminated the silver blood demons, who had four demon lords. Tens of thousands of demons, not a single one survived!”


“How is this possible?”

“He can even kill the demon Lord? And he even killed four in a row. Is he that powerful?”

“A lifeblood weapon! He has just entered the Almighty realm, and his sword Dao Supreme bone can already transform into a Natal weapon?”

“The God of swords, Ximen chuixue? This makes me think of the sword devil, Dugu Qiubai!”


Many of the legendary figures exclaimed. After all, such a battle record was too shocking. Even a Dao master with such a battle record was already heaven-defying, let alone the human race’s genius who had just stepped into the Almighty realm!

Xiao Yixian and Xue Wei looked at each other. Their eyes were also filled with shock.

Was that really li Qingzhou?

So brutal?

Yun qingying glanced at the crowd and continued, ” “It’s not over yet. When that human heaven’s favorite exterminated the silver-blood demons, he was hit by the great sun demon’s demonic Sun Soul seal. It’s equivalent to being on the great sun demon’s must-kill list, and the great sun demon can grasp his specific location at any time.

However, the human did not return to the ancient barren world. Instead, he went deeper into the demonic world, crushing all the demonic talents. He fought hundreds of battles, big and small, and was never defeated!

The ninth Prince of the great day demon race led nine heaven’s favorites to kill him but was killed by him instead! That’s right, the ninth Prince had resisted the heavenly Tribulation and entered the demon Lord realm. He had countless divine powers, paths, and skills, but he had still been killed by him!

After that, the great day demon clan sent several unrivaled demon Venerables to kill this person, and they all died under his sword, making a name for themselves in the demon world!”

Everyone’s eyes couldn’t help but stare. He was really a ruthless man!

In the face of danger, not only did he not escape, but he also pushed into the depths of the demon race. He pushed himself to the brink of death and was reborn. Such courage was worthy of respect!

The great sun demon race was a true imperial territory, and their ninth Prince’s combat power at the demon Lord realm was comparable to a Dao severing expert. Coupled with many powerful treasures protecting his body, it was difficult for him to die even if he wanted to. However, he was still killed. How brutal!

The great day demon race’s unrivaled demon Venerables were all invincible existences below the Saint stage, yet they all died at the hands of this person. This was simply unbelievable!

Yun qingying sighed. it seems like the legendary sword God Ximen chuixue is most likely li Qingzhou! she said.

Many people secretly looked at the myriad Sword Saint son, as if they were asking him if he was sure he wanted to fight with such a tough guy.

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