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194 The Great Tribulation of thousands of mountains and rivers


Zi Fengtian was stunned, and the other East barren talents were also surprised.

Sealing off the mountain for closed-door cultivation didn’t even give the mysterious sky Saint son any face. Was the blue cloud Peak Master like this?

The myriad swords Saint son stepped forward, and sharp sword Qi surrounded him. He looked like a godly sword that had just been unsheathed, and his voice was like a sword cry.”Blue cloud Peak? Li Qingzhou is from the blue cloud Peak, and it’s time for me to settle our grudges. I’m here today to have a chat.”


Before the myriad swords Saint son could finish, he looked into the void deep in the xuantian sacred land and blurted out, ” “Who is going to undergo the Tribulation?”

The other legendary figures also sensed it and their eyes were filled with shock.

Everyone’s eyes were filled with curiosity. They could feel the rolling heaven’s might quickly gathering in a large secret realm. The heaven’s might was so mighty that they could feel it clearly even from a secret realm away. It was more powerful than most Dao master tribulations.

Could it be that the profound heavenly sacred land was going to have another Dao master?

Xiao Yixian’s body was surrounded by immortal Qi, and the Starlight was misty. His entire person was like a deep starry sky, and his voice was as gentle as Jade. it’s the saintess who’s undergoing her tribulation. She’s been preparing for this since before everyone arrived.

Xiao Yi Xian’s voice was also filled with unconcealable surprise.

“Holy maiden? Xuewei?”

I heard that the xuantian saintess has been accumulating her strength and hasn’t entered the Almighty realm yet. She’s going to go through the Almighty tribulation!

the power of the heavenly Tribulation is related to the potential of the Tribulation Transcender. If the Tribulation of a Supreme Being is already so powerful, does the xuantian saintess, who has always kept a low profile, also have such great potential? ”

it’s rare to see such a powerful tribulation. Even though the golden age has been open for nearly 20 years, only one in 10000 heaven’s favorites can trigger such a powerful tribulation!

“The profound heavenly sacred land’s Foundation is that strong?”

The ancient sword Saint son, nine firmament Saint son, and the others were all shocked. Most of them couldn’t even compare to the xuantian saintess’s power when they went through the heavenly Tribulation!

Not to mention the others, even Xiao Yi Xian was a little surprised.

Holy maiden Xue Wei had such potential?

Xiao Yixian knew that the saintess Xue Wei was about to undergo the Almighty tribulation, but he did not take it to heart. He thought that the secret realm was enough to isolate the heavenly might. However, the heavenly Tribulation that the saintess Xue Wei had triggered was far beyond his expectations!

“Fellow Daoist Xiao, I wonder if we can have the honor of attending the ceremony?” The Zifu saintess Lu Yao’s voice rang out. It was like a clear spring flowing on Jade, containing an extraordinary Dao rhythm.

The power of the heaven test that the xuantian saintess had triggered couldn’t be hidden by the large secret realm. If the heaven test came, many legendary figures in the East continent would sense it and attract many legendary figures to investigate.

Many old fogeys had come out of seclusion to watch sacred Lord dark sky’s tribulation.

At this time, even the myriad Sword Saint son wasn’t in a hurry to send a letter of challenge to li Qingzhou. He wanted to go and see saintess Xue Wei’s tribulation to have a deeper understanding of the xuantian Holy Land.

However, some people didn’t mind others watching their tribulation, while others didn’t want others to affect their tribulation. If they wanted to watch the Tribulation, they had to get the permission of the host.

Everyone’s eyes were focused on Xiao Yixian. A hint of embarrassment flashed in Xiao Yixian’s eyes. After all, he had just been asked to leave!

Immediately, Xiao Yixian’s expression returned to normal. He looked at the crowd with a smile.”Since everyone is here, then please observe the ceremony here. It’s better not to enter the secret realm, so as not to affect the Holy maiden’s tribulation.”

Immediately after, Xiao Yixian raised his hand and shot out a beam of dazzling Starlight, which connected to the formation of the mystic realm where the xuantian saintess was undergoing her tribulation. It clearly reflected the situation in the mystic realm.

Xiao Yixian knew that these famous figures had all come here with different intentions. The myriad Sword Saint son was especially hostile to the xuantian Holy Land, so he didn’t bring them into the secret realm and just let them watch the ceremony here.

Many legendary figures and paragons understood this and did not insist on entering the mystic realm. Instead, they focused their eyes on the void in front of them.

The void reflected the situation of the secret realm.

This was a large secret realm with a radius of 10000 miles. The entire secret realm was a boundless wasteland, and there were traces of the heavenly Tribulation bombarding it everywhere. There were ravines everywhere, and it was unknown how many seniors and ancestors had gone through the heavenly Tribulation in this secret realm. The endless land had long been tempered by the power of the heavenly Tribulation to be as strong as divine gold.

From a distance, people saw the xuantian saintess Xue Wei standing in the air. She was slender and her white dress fluttered in the wind. She looked like a goddess of Guanghan who was about to return with the wind.

Above his head, there was a purple tribulation cloud that covered thousands of miles. It was as thick as a mountain and blocked out the sun. There were lightning snakes flashing inside, and it sprinkled down a terrifying pressure as vast as the sea.

Sacred Lord Xuan Tian and a few Dao Lord realm seniors stood in the distance, avoiding the Tribulation clouds and protecting the Xuan Tian saintess.

Many of the legendary figures were in disbelief when they saw the situation in the mystic realm.

“Eh? There were no mountain and river formations in this secret realm, and there were no traces of formations on the ground! Is the xuantian saintess going to resist the heavenly Tribulation?”

“Resist the heavenly Tribulation? The failure rate was too high! The xuantian saintess has such courage?”

looking at the Tribulation cloud, I don’t think I can avoid it even if I use other means of defense, let alone resist the heavenly Tribulation!

the golden age has been open for nearly 20 years. It’s impossible that the xuantian saintess didn’t know the danger of facing the heavenly Tribulation head-on. She still chose to face it head-on. I guess she’s confident that she can pass it? ” someone said.

the xuantian saintess has been in the primordial soul realm for many years. Is she going to soar now? ”


Xiao Yixian’s face was filled with shock. Saint Xue Wei had not only triggered such a terrifying Heavenly Tribulation, but she was also planning to face it head-on like him?

“Boom boom boom!”

The rolling Thunder fell from the sky, covering the xuantian saintess in a sea of Thunder. The terrifying power could be felt even across the void.

As time went by, the xuantian saintess’s Thunder tribulation became more and more terrifying. The rolling Thunder condensed into thousands of divine mountains, each of which exuded destructive divine power. There were also heavenly rivers formed by the Thunder in the divine mountains, which smashed toward the xuantian saintess with infinite heavenly power.

“A Great Tribulation of thousands of mountains and rivers!” Zi Fengtian blurted out. His eyes were bright and filled with unconcealable shock.

Even the xuantian saintess could attract such a terrifying tribulation?

The profound heavenly Holy Land’s heritage was far deeper than he had imagined!

The outstanding talents of Imperial College all looked at each other in dismay. They prided themselves as heaven’s pride, but the heavenly Tribulation of the vast majority of people was far from being comparable to the xuantian saintess ‘Heavenly Tribulation, let alone forcefully resisting!

How could a mere Holy Land have such a strong foundation?

The all-swords Saint son was shocked. The xuantian saintess’s tribulation was no weaker than his.

The xuantian saintess was still resisting the heavenly Tribulation. If she could pass it, she would become an overwhelming prodigy like him.

Xiao Yi Xian blinked his eyes, the shock in his heart was no less than the others.

When did Saint Xue Wei become so powerful?

The other legendary figures were shocked beyond words. They would not be able to survive a Heavenly Tribulation of this level even if they were to use all their means, let alone resist it!

Not long after, the heavenly Tribulation dispersed. Xuantian saintess Xue Wei reappeared in the world. Beautiful mountains and rivers appeared around her. There were thousands of mountains and valleys. Clouds floated. The mountains were like dragons. The rivers were running. The aura from her body was bright enough to see the sun and the moon.

The xuantian saintess had successfully resisted the heavenly Tribulation!

What kind of secret was the profound heavenly sacred land hiding?

Many legendary figures could not help but have this thought, and their hearts could not calm down for a long time.

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