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193 Xiao Yixian: Which blind Saint had come to test the sword?

The myriad swords Saint son’s question was also what many legendary figures were confused about.

“The ancestral master has disappeared for ten thousand years. Perhaps he’s cultivating in seclusion in some secret realm, and he’s probably already cultivated to the peak of the Saint realm and is preparing for the Saint King tribulation! After all, the black Heaven Bell can only become a saint King weapon if it undergoes the heavenly Tribulation with the ancestor!” Xiao Yi Xian replied nonchalantly.

When Xiao Yixian said this, all the legendary figures in the guest hall were slightly moved.

Previously, they had only thought that ancestor Xuan Tian’s lifespan might be nearing its end or that he might be in some kind of danger. They had subconsciously ignored this possibility!

The myriad Sword Saint son’s eyes narrowed, but he didn’t think so.

The Saint King tribulation was not that easy to resist, not to mention that ancestor Xuan Tian might not necessarily be going through the Saint King tribulation!

Of course, the myriad swords Saint son didn’t say this out loud. Otherwise, he would curse the ancestor and wouldn’t stop until he was dead.

I hope patriarch xuantian can successfully break through!

The myriad swords Saint son gave his blessings insincerely, then changed the topic and said, ” by the way, I’ve heard that there’s an invincible Saint in the xuantian sacred land who killed demon saint Cang man of the ancient demon race. We’ve admired this senior for a long time. May I go and pay him a visit? ”

“Yeah, he killed the demon saint with one sword strike. We all admire him and hope to pay our respects to him!”

even in the golden age, it’s rare to see someone who can kill a Saint with one strike. If we can see it, we’ll be deeply impressed!

this senior is too low-key. Such an elegant demeanor should naturally enjoy the admiration of the masses. We can’t let senior be buried by loneliness!


Many of the legendary figures from the East barren echoed, and many of the Holy Sons also turned their eyes to Xiao Yixian. They wanted to pay their respects to the unrivaled Saint of the xuantian Holy Land.


Xiao Yixian’s body suddenly bloomed with a vast aura. Stars were born out of thin air, turning the entire reception hall into a deep starry sky, exuding endless mystery. The great Dao was blocked and concealed by the deep starry sky, making it impossible to tell where one was.

The crowd fell silent, their eyes filled with shock.

The strength that Xiao Yi Xian had casually displayed was already comparable to that of the Dao master!

If he went all out, it would be even more unimaginable!

Back then, Xiao Yixian had resisted the heavenly Tribulation and entered the Almighty realm. After that, he had gone silent. All these years, he had not been famous in the East barren. No one had expected him to have cultivated to such a level!

The nine firmament Saint son, the Zifu saintess, and the others all had complicated looks in their eyes. Back then, they were all heaven’s favorites with similar abilities. However, they had used external objects to cross their tribulation and become an Almighty. Xiao Yixian, on the other hand, had crossed his Heavenly Tribulation and become an Almighty. The gap between them had been wide, and it was getting wider and wider!

I was too excited and couldn’t control the power in my body. I’m really sorry to have frightened you all!

Xiao Yixian’s starry sky phenomenon was immediately withdrawn. He smiled apologetically at everyone and said, ” Sage, the divine Dragon can’t be seen from head to tail. How can you see it just because you want to? ”

“I wonder if fellow Daoist Xiao has seen this Sage before?” The young master of the wind-listening tower, Yun qingying, suddenly asked. The heavenly secrets were flowing around her, and her Dao aura was naturally formed, as if she could see through people’s hearts.

The wind-listening tower was famous for its intelligence, and Yun qingying would not miss this opportunity to gather information.

Not only her, but Zi Fengtian, the myriad swords Saint son, the Zifu saintess, and the others all had strange QI activities circulating around them. They all secretly used some secret techniques to tell the truth from the lies. They wanted to see what the mysterious sky Saint son would say.

Xiao Yixian met Yun qingying’s eyes and said, ” “No, I didn’t! Back then, I only saw you ye’s sword appear out of thin air and kill demon saint Cang man. I’ve always wanted to see that senior but I couldn’t! However, I can clearly sense that the profound sky sacred land’s luck is growing rapidly. That’s enough!”

Even the mysterious sky Saint son had never seen the legendary unrivaled Saint?

Everyone’s eyes flickered with a thoughtful look.

At the same time, Xiao Yi Xian’s calmness surprised everyone. Xiao Yi Xian’s confidence was too strong, and they were uncertain.

Yun qingying slightly nodded, and her eyes were filled with light. Her red lips slightly opened, revealing her Crystal White teeth, and her voice was as pleasant as an Oriole’s, ” Daoist Xiao is really magnanimous. I believe that even if the profound heaven sacred land doesn’t have an invincible Saint, it has a Foundation that’s comparable to one. I don’t dare to disturb you. I hope you can forgive me for my offense!

“There’s no need for that.” Xiao Yi Xian waved his hand.

The myriad swords Saint son’s eyes flickered with sword light, and his sword hummed faintly. His voice was as cold as frost.”According to fellow Daoist Xiao’s words, it’s still impossible to determine the existence of this legendary invincible Saint?”

Xiao Yixian looked at the myriad swords Saint son and said with a fake smile, ” “If the profound heavenly sacred land is in a life-and-death situation again, perhaps you’ll be able to see that senior’s glory! Heh, let’s see which blind Saint dares to come and test the sword!”


you want to take advantage of the time when the dark sky Bell is gone to attack the dark sky sacred land?

If you have the guts, come!

The prerequisite was that a Saint had to come and test the sword!

Ordinary old fogeys were not worthy of that senior’s help!

The myriad Sword Saint son fell silent. No matter how sure he was that the mysterious sky Holy Land didn’t have a Saint, he wouldn’t dare to send a Saint ancestor to his death. Moreover, the slumbering Saint of the myriad sword Holy Land hadn’t awakened yet!

I can’t afford to gamble!

Zi Fengtian, the first Prince of the Zi Wei Empire, took a step forward. A faint Dragon’s Roar was heard, forcing the surrounding people to submit. He smiled gently and said, ” “Every sacred land’s Foundation is unfathomable. The profound heaven sacred land once killed a demon saint. How can it be so easy to encounter a life-and-death crisis? Since the profound heavenly sacred land is fine, there’s no need for you to worry too much.”

After this test, Zi Fengtian had some understanding of the xuantian Holy Land’s Foundation. Let’s not talk about whether the patriarch was in danger or preparing for a breakthrough. At least after the xuantian Bell had escaped, the xuantian Holy Land was still very confident!

Zi Fengtian was certain that the mysterious heavenly Holy Land had other means of support!

thank you for your kindness, ” ye mo said. we can solve the xuantian sacred land’s problems ourselves. There’s no need for you to worry. Xiao Yi Xian cupped his hands at the crowd with a smile on his face. His tone was normal, but he had already expressed his intention to send the guests off.

At this moment, Zi Fengtian suddenly said, ” “Daoist Xiao, my younger sister, Zi Menghan, once cultivated at the blue cloud Peak in your esteemed land. Her transformation was astonishing, and we were deeply shocked. This time, I’ve specially come in hopes of paying my respects at the blue cloud Peak. I hope that Dao friend Xiao can make things convenient for me. ”

Xiao Yixian’s gaze was slightly startled, and he revealed a helpless expression. He shook his head and said,”The blue cloud Peak’s situation is a bit special. It’s always been sealed off and doesn’t receive any guests. If the first Prince must pay his respects, I’ll send martial uncle ye a Jade slip. When martial uncle ye comes out of seclusion, he might meet you.”

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