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190 The ‘wise’ myriad Sword Saint son

Hearing the myriad Sword Saint son’s aggressive words, the first Prince of the Ziwei Empire thought quickly.

This guy didn’t know that the sword God Ximen chuixue, who had caused an uproar in the devil realm, was actually li Qingzhou?

The first Prince quickly understood the reason.

Although the devil World and the eastern barren territory were slowly merging, the territory of the devil World was boundless. Countless major events happened every day. Without a complete intelligence organization in the devil World, one would not know much about the major events.

The Holy Land of ten thousand swords had a strong background in the East continent, but their infiltration into the devil World was limited. They probably only had a rough understanding of what happened in the devil World, but they couldn’t deduce that the God of swords, Ximen chuixue, was li Qingzhou!

In comparison, the Zi Wei Empire had been in the demon Realm for many years, and had a deeper understanding of the demon Realm. They knew many major events that happened in the demon Realm like the back of their hands, and their intelligence was far from comparable to the ten thousand sword sanctum.

Thinking of this, the first Prince lightly waved his hand. Dragon shadows circled around him, and his voice was as gentle as Jade. “No, I’m not interested in interfering in the matter between you and Li Qingzhou. I just happened to be there. The dark sky sacred land is like the sun in the sky in the East continent. Now that the dark sky Bell has left, I believe many outstanding people will be interested in this matter. Can’t I go and join in the fun?”

The myriad Sword Saint son looked at the first Prince and nodded. “If that’s the case, let’s go to the profound heavenly sacred land together! As long as the first Prince doesn’t stop me from taking my revenge, I’m naturally willing to befriend the first Prince!”

don’t worry, ” the Crown Prince said with a smile. you can settle your own grudges. I promise I won’t interfere.

“Actually, li Qingzhou ...”

One of the first Prince’s followers said. He couldn’t help but want to tell them that li Qingzhou was in the devil realm.

Old tie, don’t go to the mysterious heaven Holy Land. Your enemy is in the devil World!


The first Prince swept his gaze over.

The first Prince had come to the xuantian sacred land to pay his respects because he had been provoked by Zi Menghan.

A crippled connate being was even stronger than an unparalleled prodigy like him, and he had mastered several unparalleled divine powers. He even had his own Natal divine weapon at the Almighty realm. All of this indicated that the profound heavenly sacred land was hiding some secrets that no one knew about.

&Nbsp; the first Prince’s trip was to uncover the profound heaven sacred land’s hidden secrets.

Now that the dark sky Bell had left, and the myriad swords Saint son wanted to go to the xuantian Holy Land to take revenge on li Qingzhou, he could use the myriad swords Saint son to test the strength of the xuantian Holy Land, and he could adapt to the situation.

This follower immediately stopped talking. His mind turned quickly and he quickly said, ” “In fact, li Qingzhou is also a proud Son of Heaven. With the Supreme bone of sword Dao in his body, I’m afraid he has already stepped into the Almighty realm! It won’t be easy to deal with him!”

The myriad Sword Saint son stood with his hands behind his back, his eyes terrifying. He said coldly, ” “Li Qingzhou has the bone of sword supremacy and the inheritance of sword devil Dugu Qiubai, but he still hasn’t made a name for himself in the East continent. Even if he had already stepped into the Almighty realm, what was there to worry about? I can kill him easily!”

The myriad swords Saint son had resisted the heavenly Tribulation and stepped into the Almighty realm not long after the golden era had started. He had gained a lot from the heavenly Tribulation and was one of the top heavenly talents in the East barren. He was as famous as Qin wudao of the ancient Qin family, the descendant of the Chen family of the ancients, and the deity of the thousand demon dynasty of the South Mountains. He was confident!

The first Prince’s followers all had strange expressions.

Li Qingzhou had changed his name to the God of sword, Ximen chuixue. He had a Natal weapon at the primordial soul realm and destroyed the silver-blood demons ‘lair as soon as he passed the Almighty tribulation. He had killed the ninth Prince of the great sun demon clan and made a name for himself in the demon world.

What was there to mention about such a character?

Was he bragging to the heavens?

However, they all understood the first Prince’s plan, so no one said anything.

“Then I wish fellow Daoist a victory!”

The first Prince smiled and changed the topic, ” by the way, I heard that there’s an unrivaled Saint in the xuantian sacred land who once killed demon saint Cang man of the ancient demon race. Is that true? ”

The myriad Sword Saint son snorted and said, ” this so-called invincible Saint has never appeared in front of anyone. He didn’t even show up when the higher-ups of the East continent were negotiating with the demon world. No one has ever seen this invincible Saint. In addition, I’ve received news that the ancient records of the profound heavenly sacred land have no records of this person. In my opinion, this so-called invincible Saint doesn’t exist!”

“Oh? If it doesn’t exist, how did demon saint Cang man die?”

The first Prince’s brows rose slightly, a look of confusion in his eyes.

He really didn’t know much about this kind of information.

The myriad swords Saint son’s eyes flickered with sword light. He was like an unsheathed godly sword, and his voice was like a sword cry.”Killing demon saint cangman with one strike is something that even ancestor Xuan Tian can’t do!

The reason the profound heaven Holy Land had achieved such a result was perhaps because of a sword intent sealed by a Saint King, or a sword strike that had been nurtured by a peerless sword formation for countless years.

Both the myriad sword sanctum and the Zi Wei Empire have methods like this, but they’re all consumables. Once they’re used, they disappear and can’t be used again!

When the ancient demons attacked the profound heaven sacred land, they used such a method. This means that the profound heaven sacred land was on the verge of death. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have used such a trump card!”

Hearing the myriad Sword Saint son’s analysis, the first Prince and the other proud sons of heaven in Imperial College actually felt that it made sense.

“Fellow Daoist’s analysis is logical and well-founded, I’m deeply impressed!” The first Prince clapped his hands lightly and praised.

In fact, the first Prince didn’t even believe what the myriad swords Saint son had said.

Most importantly, Zi Menghan and Li Qingzhou’s performances were too outstanding. Even ordinary saints would find it difficult to teach such disciples!

The first Prince was still feeling uncertain. He guessed that the xuantian sacred land might really have an unrivaled Saint!

The myriad swords Saint son glanced at the first Prince and the others. He thought, ” I’m not sure if there are any Saints in the xuantian sacred land. I’ll let the first Prince and the others lower their guard first. When the time comes, I’ll let the first Prince of the Ziwei Empire test them!

The myriad Sword Saint son nodded to the first Prince and said, ” “Of course, the first Prince’s reminder is reasonable. Those old guys in the xuantian sacred land will never agree to kill li Qingzhou in the xuantian sacred land. To play it safe, I’ll ask li Qingzhou to choose another place outside the profound heaven Holy Land for the final battle so that we won’t be disturbed by others!”


A streak of light streaked across the sky, heading toward the profound heaven sacred land.

other experts have gone to the profound heaven sacred land. Let’s go as well.

The first Prince was surrounded by Imperial Dragon Qi. He raised his hand and took out a purple jade ship. In the blink of an eye, it grew to a thousand feet in size. Golden dragons of different shapes were carved on it. They were bright and colorful, and auspicious clouds were dense. They exuded the unique pressure of a superior-grade spirit treasure.

This was only a spiritual treasure used for traveling, but it was actually a superior-grade spiritual treasure. It was enough to show that the first Prince’s family was rich.


The first Prince extended an invitation to the myriad Sword Saint son and his followers.

The myriad Sword Saint son was bold and skillful. He landed on the bow deck of the purple jade Dragon Ship.

Seeing this, his followers all followed suit and flew onto the purple jade Dragon Ship, following the myriad Sword Saint son at a moderate distance.

The first Prince also led the geniuses of Imperial College to board the ship. The entire purple jade Dragon Ship turned into a purple stream of light and quickly disappeared into the horizon.

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