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188 The black sky Bell has escaped?

Seeing the shocked expression on Taoist Xuan Tian’s face, fa Kong felt at ease. He patted Taoist Xuan Tian’s shoulder and laughed slyly, ” “Grand Master, isn’t it just a few roots of spiritual roots of chaos? Not to that extent! I don’t think so!”

Taoist Xuan Tian sent fa Kong flying with a slap and said angrily, ” “This is a chaos item! It could help one comprehend Dao, heal Dao injuries, extend one’s lifespan, and increase one’s potential. It was far more precious than one could imagine, and most Saints would not even have one in their entire lives! Kid, you swallowed three of them like a cow chewing on a peony when you were only in the primordial soul realm?”

Fa Kong flew back with a grimace and snorted, ” “No matter how precious a treasure is, isn’t it still for people to use? If I were to die, wouldn’t that be letting others have it easy?”


Taoist Xuan Tian reached out and patted fa Kong’s head. He was still angry, ” “What a waste of heavenly resources! What a waste of heavenly resources!”

Xuan Xin coughed lightly and said,”Grandmaster, please calm down.” As senior brother said, no matter how precious a treasure is, it’s still for people to use. Patriarch, you should use it as soon as possible and heal your Dao injury first.”

Taoist Xuan Tian took a deep breath and said seriously, ” “This treasure is indeed useful for the Dao injury in my body, so I won’t refuse! I only need a single root to heal my Dao injuries, extend my lifespan, and rebuild my Dao Foundation! You can keep the remaining two! At a critical moment, it can save lives!”

With that, Taoist Xuan Tian took away one of the roots, leaving the other two.

“Alright! If a chaos root can’t cure the Grand ancestor’s Dao injury, I’ll always be ready for him!” Xuan Xin nodded.

Immediately after, Xuan Xin’s gaze swept over to fa Kong. He flicked his finger and one of the roots floated over to fa Kong. He said softly, senior brother, you’ve used up your chaos roots. I’ll give you one to save your life.

“I’m so embarrassed!” Fa Kong rubbed his hands.

“If senior brother doesn’t need it, then I’ll take it back,” Xuan Xin said with a smile.

“Don’t! Since you’ve already given it out, there’s no reason to take it back!” Fa Kong was quick to react. He kept the chaos root in front of him with a smile.

Fa Kong felt that he was very poor now. He had used up all three chaos roots that his master had given him. He had also used his master’s puppet incarnation. He had very few trump cards. He could not bear to reject Xuan Xin’s gift.

Taoist Xuan Tian looked at Xuan Xin and said, ” “The value of a chaos Wondrous Item is unimaginable. It’s difficult for me to take out a treasure of equal value to thank you, but I can’t not show my gratitude. I’ve comprehended the Dao for ten thousand years and created three great divine arts, each with different effects. I can see that your body is strong and your life essence is as vast as the ocean, so I’ll teach you a great Divine Art that uses life essence to power it. You can comprehend it on your own.”

After saying that, Taoist Xuan Tian stretched out his hand and touched the space between Xuan Xin’s eyebrows, imprinting a great super power in the depths of Xuan Xin’s mind.

The world-ending tyrant fist!

The world-ending tyrant fist was completely different from the heaven and earth millstone that Daoist Xuan Tian had taught fa Kong. This divine power required the user to mobilize all the life essence in the body to perform a violent Qi circulation in the body in an instant. The power would be gathered in the fists and the fists would hurt people. It was extremely powerful and overbearing, destroying the world.

With every additional circulation, the explosive power of the world-annihilating fist would double, and it had an extremely high demand on the body.

If one’s physical body was not strong enough but had to forcefully complete multiple Qi circulations, the violent life essence in the body would go out of control. In the worst-case scenario, one would be seriously injured, and in the worst-case scenario, one’s body and soul would be destroyed!

Of course, if the tyrannical world-annihilating fist could be cultivated to a high level, its power would definitely be terrifying. It would be no problem for it to hammer a Saint to death!

Xuan Xin was the reincarnation of the divine beast Black Tortoise, and his life essence was as vast as the sea. He had also cultivated the indestructible Mystic technique, so his physical strength was beyond imagination. This kind of world-ending tyrant fist was indeed very suitable for him.

“Thank you for bestowing the technique, ancestral master!” Xuan Xin expressed his thanks.

“Compared to chaos magic, this divine power is nothing.” Taoist Xuan Tian waved his hand. I’ve already summoned the black Heaven Bell back. We can use this time to recuperate in seclusion. When the black Heaven Bell returns, we’ll make a trip to the eternal fire Territory!”

Taoist Xuan Tian’s words were full of confidence. With such a chaos magic item, he was confident that he could recover to his peak state in a short time, and even improve his cultivation!

The xuantian sacred land, Eastern barren, ancient barren world.

“Clang! Clang! Clang!” 𝘪𝑛𝒏r𝘦𝚊𝐝. 𝒄o𝐦

The profound heaven Bell suddenly chimed. The sound reverberated through the air and cleansed the soul, clearing the minds of every disciple in the profound heaven sacred land.

In the sky, the black Heaven Bell shone with infinite divine light. A bright sun and a clear moon were reflected on the ancient Bell, and countless stars filled the sky, surging with the vast power of the stars.


Sacred Lord dark sky’s figure appeared out of thin air. He looked at the black Heaven Bell in the sky with shock.

The black Heaven Bell rang without anyone controlling it, completely cutting off his connection to the black Heaven Bell. Even when he used the black Heaven Dao art to control the black Heaven Bell, there was no reaction. He had never encountered such a situation before!

Someone wanted to take the black Heaven Bell by force?

Sacred Lord dark sky’s expression was serious as the divine power in his body surged. The moon and stars lit up around him as he tried his best to take control of the black Heaven Bell.

At the same time, the peak Lords and elders of the profound heavenly sacred land all flew into the air and stood near the profound heavenly sacred land. They poured their divine power into the black sky Bell in an attempt to help the profound heavenly sacred land control it.

At this moment, he heard a blurry mental energy fluctuation from the black Heaven Bell.”I’m tao Wu, Taoist Xuan Tian.”

“The ancestor?” Many peak Masters and elders in the air exclaimed in shock.

The ancestor was still alive?

“Saint Lord, is this really the ancestor?” Some people couldn’t help but have doubts.

After all, the founder had disappeared for almost 10000 years and had yet to appear. Yet, he had taken control of the black Heaven Bell, which made them suspicious.

Sacred Lord dark sky was stunned for a moment, but he soon became overjoyed. He gave up on the black Heaven Bell and said excitedly, ” “There’s no mistaking this aura. It’s the ancestor! Furthermore, to be able to communicate so perfectly with the God within the black Heaven Bell and forcefully cut off my connection with the black Heaven Bell, other than the founder, no one else in the world can do it!”

Hearing this, everyone’s hearts calmed down, and they couldn’t contain their excitement.

The Grandmaster was still alive!

This was like a calming pill for anyone in the mysterious sky Holy Land. It made them feel a stronger sense of belonging to the mysterious sky Holy Land. It was as if they could clearly see the glorious future of the mysterious sky Holy Land!

eh, if the ancestor isn’t in the sacred land, then who was the one who killed demon saint Cang man? ” Someone asked the question in his heart.

Sacred Lord dark sky shook his head and smiled. “The ancestral master’s Natal divine artifact is the black Heaven Bell. The one who attacked last time was a sword user, so it’s naturally not the same person! As for that person’s background, the heavens must not reveal it!”

“In other words, the profound heavenly sacred land might have two saints?” Someone shouted in surprise.

Hearing this, everyone’s hearts were filled with excitement and confidence for the future.


The black Heaven Bell disappeared into the depths of the void and turned into a terrifying spatial fluctuation.

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