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186 Xuan Tian Taoist: Is your lineage all so stable?

“Senior brother!”

master! Xuan Xin shouted in surprise when he saw fa Kong. He turned into a rainbow and flew toward fa Kong.

From afar, Xuan Xin saw Taoist Xuan Tian standing beside fa Kong. A hint of vigilance flashed in the depths of his eyes as he asked in a deep voice, ” “Senior brother, who is this?”

Although Xuan Xin couldn’t sense Taoist Xuan Tian’s true cultivation, he could vaguely sense the dangerous Qi coming from him. It was even stronger than the Dao severing stage expert from the tyrant spear Holy Land that he had just killed.

Xuan Xin couldn’t help but be on his guard. is senior fa Kong being controlled by someone? ”

Upon hearing Xuan Xin’s question, fa Kong’s face was filled with pride. He winked and said, ” “Heh, Junior Brother, you definitely won’t be able to guess this!”


Taoist Xuan Tian patted fa Kong’s bright forehead and scolded, ” “This is not the place to talk, let’s go!”

With that, an illusionary starry sky spread out from Taoist Xuan Tian’s body and enveloped fa Kong and Xuan Xin. He disappeared quietly.

Seeing that Xuan Xin and his group had left, cultivators in different attires appeared from the void in the distance. These were all experts from various forces. They had sensed the battle between Xuan Xin and the Dao severing stage expert from the tyrant spear Holy Land and were hiding in the void far away to watch.

Looking at the direction where Xuan Xin had disappeared, many of the spectators were shocked, and they began to discuss among themselves.

sakra just killed a supremacy from the tyrant spear Holy Land. It’s really unbelievable that he has such terrifying battle power at the Almighty realm!

“That monk is the senior brother of sakra? Could he also be an overwhelming prodigy? What kind of power was the Heaven’s Gate? Why is there a monk here? Who is that old Daoist beside him?”

does our xuanhuang world have such an unparalleled prodigy? ”

fire xuzi from the eternal fire Territory, han Lingyan from the extreme cold ice territory, Feng Wushang from the freedom Holy Land, the descendants of the Ouyang family and the Xiling family, and so on. They are all unparalleled prodigies of the xuanhuang world. If they go all out, I’m afraid they might not be weaker than him!

“I heard that some of the heaven’s chosen have already stepped onto the ancient path of stars and are heading to other worlds to temper themselves. The Dao runes of each world are different. If you have the ability to travel to each world to train and interact with the heaven’s favorites, you will definitely be able to create even more brilliant sparks!”

“In the past, it was rare for an overwhelming prodigy like him to appear! In the golden era, all of them appeared. For them, I don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing.”

the golden age has given birth to many overwhelming prodigies. The competition and exchanges between these overwhelming prodigies will also promote the prosperity of the golden age. Whether they can become emperors or Immortals, for all cultivators, their lives have not been in vain!


While the crowd was discussing, Taoist Xuan Tian had already brought fa Kong and Xuan Xin thousands of miles away.

“Sage?” Xuan Xin’s eyes were filled with shock.

Even though Taoist Xuan Tian had not used the power of rules of saintly way, Xuan Xin’s sharp senses had sensed the difference. It was impossible for an ordinary Dao-cutting realm venerable to see space as if it was nothing and travel ten thousand miles in an instant.

Taoist Xuan Tian sighed,”I’ve wasted ten thousand years, it’s not worth mentioning.”

Xuan Xin’s gaze turned to fa Kong and secretly gave him a thumbs up. Not bad, the third senior brother could actually find a Saint as a backer, it was really admirable!

Fa Kong looked at Xuan Xin with a smug look and said, ” I knew you wouldn’t be able to guess the identity of this senior. Let me tell you, this is the ancestor of our xuantian sacred land, the true owner of the black Heaven Bell, Daoist xuantian!

Xuan Xin’s pupils suddenly contracted, and his eyes were filled with disbelief. He couldn’t help but exclaim, ancestral master?!

Fa Kong nodded his head slightly and sighed, ” that’s right. I happened to encounter a big crack in the void outside the black Yellow great world, which was full of the aura of Quietus. I fished out this ancestor from it. I was also very surprised when he told me his name just now. I really didn’t expect that I would actually fish out the founding master. Hahaha!” i𝐧𝓃𝒓𝒆𝑎𝙙. 𝘤𝘰𝚖

As he finished speaking, fa Kong himself could not help but laugh out loud proudly, like a smug villain.

There was still some vigilance in Xuan Xin’s eyes as he muttered,”Could this Grandmaster be a fake?”

After all, the xuantian sacred land’s ancestor had been missing for nearly 10000 years. It was simply too outrageous for fa Kong to suddenly bring the ancestor to him.

“I’m sure!” Taoist Xuan Tian said in a muffled voice. He raised his hand and pointed at the void. The current situation of the xuantian sacred land appeared in the void.

There was an ancient divine Bell in the xuantian sacred land that was gently rotating, and it was emitting a holy light. More than 100 Main peaks were shining with magnificent light. However, the blue cloud Peak’s location was dim and not eye-catching on the map. However, there was a Dao rhythm that Xuan Xin was familiar with.

This was what Taoist Xuan Tian had seen with the help of his Natal divine weapon, the black Heaven Bell. No other Saint could have done this!

“Junior Brother, there’s no need to doubt the founder’s identity,” fa Kong said with a smile. He didn’t know that I came from the ancient barren world. I only had my suspicions after he told me his name. After much verification, I’m sure that he’s our xuantian sacred land’s founder! The founding master wanted to return to the xuantian Holy Land as soon as possible, but he came to help you when he learned that you wanted to find your Natal weapon in the black Yellow great world!”

“Mysterious sky Holy Land’s junior disciple Di Shi Tian pays his respects to the ancestral master!” Xuan Xin no longer had any doubts and bowed to Taoist Xuan Tian respectfully.

Taoist Xuan Tian’s face darkened. He said in a muffled voice, ” your lineage is really stable. You didn’t even tell your real name when you saw your ancestor. I really want to slap your master and send him into confinement now.

Fa Kong glanced at Taoist Xuan Tian and mumbled, ” “Then you have to be able to beat my master first!”

Taoist Xuan Tian was slightly stunned. He looked at fa Kong suspiciously, ” “Your master is that powerful?”

Fa Kong raised his head in satisfaction. “That’s right! In my heart, master is one of a kind!”

“Hmph! You’re really blindly confident! When I return to the profound heavenly sacred land, I’ll find your master and try my hand!” Taoist Xuan Tian shook his head slightly. He did not believe what fa Kong said at all.

All those below the Saint realm were ants. This was not just a saying.

Fa Kong shifted his gaze to Xuan Xin and asked, ” “Fourth brother, where did you lose your Natal weapon?”

With Taoist Xuan Tian holding the fort, fa Kong was especially proud.

“The eternal fire Territory!” Xuan Xin softly spat out a few words.

Fa Kong had no idea what kind of power these words represented. He asked with interest, ” “It seems that this force is not small. You haven’t brought out your Natal weapon yet?”

Taoist Xuan Tian glared at fa Kong and said, ” “The eternal fire Territory is an Emperor-level inheritance, and a true Emperor once appeared. Its Foundation is unfathomable, and it has at least a living saint, or even a Saint King, in charge! How do you want him to bring it out? Should I force my way in?”

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