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184 Sakra is your Junior Brother?

there are many hidden places in the universe. Even the great emperor at his peak couldn’t find out all the secrets. Only those who have experienced it personally know the dangers.

Taoist Xuan Tian looked into the distance and said, ” “For example, the extinct land. If I didn’t enter it myself, I wouldn’t have believed that such a place existed in the world.”

As they spoke, the two of them arrived at the place where Xuan Xin and the tyrant spear Saint son were fighting.

It was a scene of chaos.

Everything within a thousand-mile radius was in ruins. Mountains had collapsed, rivers had dried up, and canyons and cracks that stretched as far as the eye could see were filled with a dilapidated aura.

Fa Kong looked around and realized that the place was filled with the destruction left behind by the sky shaking Bell. There were also remnants of the aura left behind by the Dao burial and the six paths of reincarnation. He concluded that Xuan Xin had fought someone here.

Fa Kong gestured to the ruins around him and said, ” “Junior Brother once fought with someone here. I can clearly sense where he went after carefully sensing it.”

Just as fa Kong was about to close his eyes to sense it, he saw a sneaky-looking old man flying over and standing still in the distance. He sent a voice transmission from afar,”fellow Daoists, do you want the memory crystal? This memory crystal of mine has clearly recorded the exciting footage of the pinnacle battle between Heaven’s Gate sakra, tyrant spear Saint child, and the Xue family descendant. You only need one Almighty realm pill!”

“Heaven’s Gate, sakra?” Fa Kong could not help but blink his eyes.

Taoist Xuan Tian looked at fa Kong with a strange look, and a thought came to his mind.

Could this so-called sakra be the junior Brother of the little monk Shenxiu?

Most of the marks left by the battle were half-Saint weapons and Supreme-grade spirit treasures. The battle power they had displayed had already surpassed that of ordinary Dao Masters. Were all the young people these days so valiant?

Fa Kong flicked his finger lightly and an Almighty realm cultivation pill flew towards the old man. He said in a frivolous tone, ” “This is a heavenly essence pill. It can help a higher being’s cultivation level advance. If I find out that you dare to lie to me, you should know what will happen to you.”

The old man was slightly stunned. He had asked for an Almighty realm elixir for an outrageous price. He did not expect this person to take out the elixir so readily. It was really unexpected.

However, the old man was not someone who was blind. He knew that people like this were not to be trifled with. He quickly threw the memory crystal in his hand at fa Kong and cupped his fists.”Fellow Daoist, you’re so straightforward! This memory crystal was left behind by a Dao Lord realm expert, and it clearly records the beginning and end of the battle. Most of the divine arts, paths, and skills of the two sides can be seen very clearly, and it’s far from comparable to the records of some Almighty beings. Fellow Daoist, you didn’t spend this pill in vain!”

Fa Kong waved his hand and dismissed the old man. His spiritual will landed on the memory crystal, and the scene of Xuan Xin fighting the tyrant spear Saint son and Xue feichen appeared in his mind.

Although many parts of the image were very unclear, it was considered complete. It basically recorded everyone’s divine arts, paths, skills, and techniques. It was just that some core areas were completely replaced by strong light, and the real situation could not be seen clearly.

Fa Kong had just finished reading when he heard Taoist Xuan Tian clicking his tongue. “Is this your Junior Brother? You have a half-holy weapon at the Almighty realm. Your family is really rich! Although he didn’t kill the overlord spear Saint son himself, if the battle continued, the one who would die would definitely be the Overlord spear Saint son! As for that Xue family descendant, he’s not even worth mentioning!”

While fa Kong was watching, Taoist Xuan Tian had already finished reading the records inside and had a clearer understanding of Xuan Xin’s combat strength.

In addition, fa Kong had casually taken out nearly a hundred ten-thousand-year-old spiritual herbs, and Xuan Xin had even used a half-Saint weapon. The fact that two guys of the Almighty realm actually had such financial resources left Taoist Xuan Tian somewhat speechless.

Fa Kong shook his head gently. Junior brother’s strength is far greater than before. It’s his first time entering the black Yellow great world, so he hasn’t revealed his true strength yet. Otherwise, the tyrant spear Saint son would have died long ago!

Fa Kong was right. At least, Xuan Xin had not been forced to reveal his true form. Not even a trace of his demonic aura had been revealed. The strength he had displayed was only a part of his strength.

After watching the images in the memory crystal, fa Kong’s divine will spread out. He understood the whole story from the conversations of many geniuses. He was a little depressed.

Heaven’s Gate, sakra came out of nowhere, stepping on the corpses of the Overlord spear Saint son and the Xue family descendant to gain fame. How cool was that!

The world knows of my legend, but no one knows who I am!

It was a pity that he had arrived a few days too late, and the limelight had been stolen by Xuan Xin!

Taoist Xuan Tian’s divine thoughts spread out more, so he knew more about Xuan Xin. He said awkwardly,”Your Junior Brother is currently being pursued by the Overlord spear Holy Land and the Xue family, aren’t you worried?”

“What’s there to worry about?” fa Kong asked, unconcerned. As long as a Saint didn’t appear, even a peak Dao severing expert might not be able to stop him! Don’t forget, he has a half-Saint weapon. If he can’t win, can’t he just run?”

Taoist Xuan Tian was speechless. He sighed with emotion.”The waves behind surpass the waves in front! What are your plans? Are you going to find your Junior Brother now or are you going to stay here and comprehend?”

Before he entered the land of desolation, his Daoist powers were in decline. Dao severing experts were extremely rare in the ancient barren world. They could protect a Holy Land for thousands of years. Now, his disciples had grown to the point where they could fight Dao severing experts!

although there are many inheritances left in this Dao transformation mountain range, they’re not suitable for me. Let’s find my Junior Brother first. Fa Kong was not very interested in the Dao transformation mountain range. He wanted to find Xuan Xin first.

Fa Kong sat cross-legged in mid-air as tribulation runes flowed under his skin. He was sensing the aura fluctuations of the myriad tribulation indestructible seal on Xuan Xin’s body.

Very quickly, fa Kong opened his eyes again and looked towards the South.”In the South!”

“Since you don’t want to stay here any longer, then let’s go.” A wisp of mysterious aura exuded from Taoist Xuan Tian’s body and enveloped fa Kong. The two of them disappeared without a sound.

After a few days, the two of them were 80 million miles to the South.

From afar, fa Kong could clearly sense Xuan Xin’s aura.

“Your Junior Brother seems to be in trouble!” Taoist Xuan Tian’s eyes shone with two rays of light. He lifted his hand to tear the void and entered with fa Kong. They went far away quickly in the depths of the void.

In the next quarter of an hour, the two of them reappeared in the void, which was nearly a million miles away.

An unprecedented battle was taking place in front of them.

In the void, there was a Dao severing middle-aged man attacking. He had a tall and sturdy figure, and his eyes were terrifying. He held a tyrannical purple spear in his hand. The spear was like a dragon, smashing the void and forming a purple spear domain that trapped a young man within.

The young man’s Black hair fluttered in the wind as he stood proudly in the air. The silver Sky shaking Bell floated above his head and released terrifying Bell waves that clashed with the purple spear domain around him, creating world-shaking rumbles.

This young man was none other than Xuan Xin!

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